Very Short Hiatus – 09/25/16 -10/08/16

cshaneraviThis is just a brief update to let you know that I’ll be taking a short hiatus (roughly two weeks) from the Orphan’s story.  It will return, I promise, but I am swamped with stuff real life mostly so I need a quick break to get the story chapters written and screenshotted etc.  I do have the entire rest of the story outlined, so don’t worry that I’m abandoning it, I’m not.  It’s not a ten generation legacy so there is a definitive end in sight and like I said, it’s outlined, I just need to write it.  I will be posting one final chapter this Saturday 09/24/16 and leave you on an interesting note.  It’s a good point to take a swift break.

I cannot tell you how much you each mean to me, you reading my story makes me so happy that people are enjoying what I’m writing.  I thank you all, and thank you for coming back after the break!


2 thoughts on “Very Short Hiatus – 09/25/16 -10/08/16

  1. Don’t worry, I will definitely be here for the girls (and boy) when you get back from your short break!! I just recently had to take one, too. Absolutely everyone understands that real life always come first, so no worries!

    Excited for the update this saturday, thoooo ~

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    • I’m so glad you understand! Like I said, it’s not that I’ve lost interest or anything because I haven’t and the story is basically complete, I just need time to write and screenshot the rest. I hate to be at zero chapters scheduled and want to build up a little cushion before I continue.

      I believe this Saturday’s chapter will be a very interesting one to leave the story for two weeks. Thanks again for reading and commenting!


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