Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 09 – Party

Author’s Important Note: This chapter contains some sexual references and a small amount of nudity.  There is also strong language.  This chapter is for mature audiences only.

 NC-17 (please be over the age of 17.)

“But just because you’re not inviting Bradley, why can’t I invite Camille?” Sophie asked her older sister.


“I don’t know, I feel it will be awkward I guess.”

“But I didn’t break up with Camille.  She’s still my best friend!”

“Ok, sure sure, invite her then,” Victoria said with a sigh.


“Awesome! I’ll tell her in school tomorrow.  Saturday night is going to be amazing!”


Victoria certainly hoped so.


“Come here birthday girl,” Wolfgang pressed himself against Victoria’s back.  She snuggled back against him.  He drew a deep breath.  “Mmmm you smell amazing,” he whispered.


The gang had had such a wonderful day at the bluffs swimming and playing games and eating the food that everyone had pitched in to bring.


“I probably smell like campfire and pond water,” Victoria laughed and turned to face Wolfgang.  She kissed him lightly and he pulled her closer for more.


He nuzzled her neck and she began to feel his excitement in more than just his hands.  She began to feel her own body responding as he pulled her closer and his kisses became a bit more insistent.


He ran his hands up her back as she leaned into his chest.

Morgan stumbled over to the couple and put cups in each of their hands.  “Drinks!” she slurred.

“Son of a…” Wolfgang cursed under his breath.

“Thanks Morgan,” Victoria said with a laugh as she tilted the cup back and drained the bitter liquid.  Her face was already flushed, but the drink made her warm from her head to the tips of her toes.


“You bet!  Happy Birthday Tori!”

“Yeah, Happy Birthday,” Wolfgang said with that familiar heat in his gaze.  He quickly emptied his cup as well and they all walked back toward the fire.  Morgan stumbled a bit on her way back to the group gathered near the fire.  Everyone was laughing and having a wonderful time.


Victoria found her head spinning a bit and everything seemed a little more funny and she felt a lot more bold.  She and Wolfgang had certainly kissed before and even had some pretty intense make-out sessions in one of the closets at the library.


She was beginning to feel even more bold though and after-all, they were adults now right?

She walked over to where he was seated near the fire and slid her hand down his arm and whispered softly in his ear.  He raised his eyebrows at her questioningly.  She nodded and pulled him into a warm embrace.  He began to kiss her neck but pulled back and took her hand.  She felt as if she were floating on air as she followed him willingly.


He led her to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes.  They laid down together on the grass.


“Are you sure Victoria?  You really want this?” he asked softly.  Concern for what she wanted was at war with the desire in his eyes.  She nodded and began to remove her clothes.


“I have never been more sure,” was her breathless answer as she pulled his head down and her hungry lips met his once more.




“Camille!” shouted an angry voice.  Bradley appeared in the clearing where the group had built a bonfire.  He was marching toward Camille.


“Bradley! I told Mother where I would be!”


“Who do you think sent me to drag my little sister away from this party of punks?” Bradley nearly shouted.  He glared in turn at everyone around the fire.


Victoria and Wolfgang stumbled out of the bushes to see what was going on.


Bradley saw the couple together making their way from the bushes and turned bright red.

Whore!” he spat.

“Whore?” Victoria nearly shrieked.


“You broke up with me Bradley so fuck you!  Did you expect me to just wait around for you and pine over you until you deemed me worthy once more of your affection?”

“I made the right decision that day I left you up here with these criminals.  They can have you.  I don’t need you or want you.  If there was any doubt Victoria, we are through.”

“As far as I’m concerned, the first call or text you didn’t return we were through Bradley.  I said I was sorry.  And these criminals as you call them are some of the best people I’ve known.  They’ve made me feel welcome and never made me feel as if I weren’t good enough.”

Wolfgang stepped up between the two, “Oh, and I’m Victoria’s boyfriend,” he said relishing throwing Bradley’s own words back at him.


“You can have the slut,” Bradley sneered as he walked over to his sister, “You’re coming with me.”

“Like hell I am!  Mother already said I could stay overnight with Sophie and her family.”  She pulled her phone from her pocket to call her mother.


Bradley knocked the phone from her hand, “I said you’re coming with me,” a vein in his forehead was pulsing.  He grabbed Camille’s arm and shoved her toward the path.  She lost her footing on a stone and fell down.

Max stepped up in between Camille and Bradley and raised his fists as if to fight Bradley.  “I think the lady wants to stay with us.”


“You’ll all regret this,” Bradley glowered as he slowly moved away from Max.  Bradley left the same way he came.

Sophie and Victoria ran to help Camille up.


“I’m ok,” Camille said a bit shakily.  “I’m just a bit rattled,” she said reaching for Max’s hand.  “Morgan you have another cup of that stuff?” she attempted a small laugh.


“Coming right up!” Morgan laughed and the entire party walked back to the chairs and the bar and relaxed a bit.  People began joking again and everyone started talking and laughing.

One face in the crowd didn’t relax.



A/N: And on that happy note, I will leave the Orphans for two weeks.  Next Chapter will be posted on 10/08/16.  Thank you all so much for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 09 – Party

  1. Oh boy there was a lot of trouble in this chapter. I know that Victoria is an adult now but I’m afraid of what Bradley might do. If she is reported by some influential people she might lose Solphie and Josef.

    Now on the Renegades, its clear that Victoria didn’t know she was drinking alcohol and I didn’t hear any mention of her and Wolfgang using any protection. It was a party so I can see the drinking for the adults but I’m hoping the minors didn’t have any. I also hope that Victoria doesn’t have any surprise birthday presents that might be on the way in a few months.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As for the alcohol, Victoria definitely knew she was “drinking” and yes, they even were letting the teens drink some too. Not the kids though, I figure because the Renegades are more ‘punk’ types that they wouldn’t care too much about the kids having a few drinks and I read the drinking age in Germany is 16, so I don’t think anyone really thought too much about it.

      Interesting thoughts about Bradley and the possibilities of what his threat could mean!

      This story resumes on October 8. I hope you check it out when it returns.


    • Oh I know!!!! I am so thrilled you caught up! This story is on a two week hiatus just so I can get caught back up. Next chapter is scheduled for 10-08! Hope you come back and see what the party aftermath is!as a note 3 chapters are already written.


  2. I’m loving this story ! So glad I got a chance to catch up before the finale ! And yay for Max! He’s one of my favorites ! I’m kinda sad to see Morgan drinking . .. hope she’s able to take care of herself ok.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay!!!! You truly made my day today stopping over to catch up! Yeah, Max definitely stood up to Bradley here. In game I was actually using the “talk up another Sim” feature to try and get Max and Camille together. It was really fun!! It was my first time doing that!

      As I said in a previous comment to you, this story resumes Saturday this week. So yay for barreling into the final chapters!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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