Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 12 – Falling Apart

Dear Mom,

It’s been a few weeks now since my whole life fell apart. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, I can barely concentrate on my new job at the Art Gallery, and my painting has been crap.


I have constant headaches and stomach aches, and as much as I love them, honestly I can barely stand Sophie and Josef being around me.

I know that I was not to blame for Bradley being beaten up that night after the birthday party, but I cannot help but feel that it somehow had something to do with me. I feel like Bradley being there that night was because he wanted to lash out at me for falling in with the Renegades and Wolfgang specifically.


Camille said that her mother had given permission for her to spend the night at our house with Sophie, but Bradley showed up anyway with the excuse of taking her home.

If Bradley hadn’t been there that night, half wild with anger, perhaps what happened to him may not have happened at all. I cannot know what would have happened Mom, only wish that it didn’t happen and try to move through what is happening.


What is happening is that my boyfriend is being brought to trial on something he didn’t do and it’s killing me.

I am doing my best to keep my spirits up when I’m around Wolfgang, I visit him daily but I’m only allowed a 30 minute visit. The latest news from Wolfgang’s public defender is that the DA is attempting to prosecute for Attempted Murder. Murder!


Mom, this means a possible life in prison but could mean a mandatory minimum of ten years! Ten years of Wolfgang’s life gone. Ten years, maybe his entire life. I just can’t think about losing him for ten or more years. I can barely eat anything I’m so nervous. All this stress and not having an appetite is making me nauseous all the time too.

<tears smudge the ink on the page>

The good news is, Wolfgang’s attorney is going to press for assault and battery. I say good news, even though in reality it is still awful because I know Wolfgang is innocent. Even though I know he didn’t do this, I guess I have to admit that assault and battery is better overall because it would mean only 8 months to 1 year in jail. Not prison. He’d remain in jail here in Windenburg where I could continue to visit him regularly through the sentence.


If he goes to prison, that’s nearly three hours away and I would only be able to make a few trips a month depending on my work schedule because it would require a 6 hour round trip bus ride. I need to believe that this much lesser charge will be the outcome. That’s if a miracle doesn’t happen before the trial to dismiss the charges against Wolfgang all together of course. We have plenty of time though, the case probably won’t even see a trial for at least six months.

Wolfgang is falling into a depression, he’s seeing his attorney overworked and underpaid and doesn’t have a lot of faith that the lawyer can pull this off.


I cannot get him to smile these days for anything.


I am doing my best to fake it around him, but honestly as soon as I leave him the tears fall and won’t stop.

Sophie said Camille has been updating her on Bradley’s status. He’s healing well and will be released from the hospital soon. Which of course is great for him. I’m having a hard time being charitable though because I feel certain somehow Bradley put his friend Gregor up to accusing Wolfgang.


This is why I cannot help but feel responsible for all of this. If Bradley hadn’t been so angry with me and hadn’t come up to the Bluffs in a rage, maybe my dear Wolfgang wouldn’t be facing a life in prison.

I wish I knew what to do…



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8 thoughts on “Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 12 – Falling Apart

  1. Victoria, I know how hard your situation is at the moment. The only thing I want to say is that your dear Wolfgang will either found innocent or subjected to a less severe sentence. The important thing to prepare for a court trail obviously is evidence and witnesses. I hope Victoria has been finding some evidence to prove Wolfgang innocent and/or finding witnesses who knows for sure he didn’t do it.

    I have a feeling Gregor has the hidden evil trait. That last scene where he crossed his arms and did an evil smile, he was like, “MUAHAHA. I did it. I did it! I caused damaged to Wolfgang and his girlfriend’s relationship!” I mean look at how evil he is! Another theory I think is possible is that Bradley asked Gregor to beat him up and he told him to tell the police it was Wolfgang who did.

    Let’s hope the real person who did this to Bradley step up and confess to the crime.

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    • Yeah, our girl is really hurting right now. She feels lost, as having been a teen responsible for her sister and Josef for so many years, she really doesn’t have any clue how to navigate in this scary world of politics and the legal system.

      As for Gregor, try to keep in mind those final shots of him are what Victoria thinks (notice the blurring etc) so what her thoughts and opinions are may not necessarily be the real story! This is a journal entry chapter strictly from her PoV only.

      You absolutely have some very interesting ideas about Gregor and even Bradley speculation. I will neither confirm nor deny any of your theories. We’ll have to see soon. Thank you as always for reading!

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  2. Victoria is feeling a bit guilty it seems and is blaming herself for everything. In tough situations like this where you feel helpless that usually happens. Victoria is not to blame for either Wolfgang being in jail or Bradley in the hospital. There seems to be a lot more to this story than any of us knows at this point and hopefully it will all come out before Wolfgang’s trial.

    I still think she is pregnant. She is nauseous all the time and she lost her appetite.

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    • Yes, Victoria is taking the blame on a lot of things she really has no control of at all. You are correct. As for Victoria’s nerves vs pregnancy. I will only say either option is viable really. I guess one way or another we’ll know soon huh? 🙂 Thank you for reading!!


  3. Wow, this is getting heavy. In a good way! I love the drama and the intrigue of this, and this chapter was so emotional too! Victoria and Wolfgang really are in a stressful and scary situation. You did a great job with getting that across!

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