Drifter – House 001 – For Fun

Since my PC was out of commission, I decided to try the Drifter Challenge – House 001.  Read the rules by the Fantastic and Creative Vihisha here for House 001.


So there wasn’t going to be a story or anything because I am using my laptop and I wasn’t sure what kind of screenshots I’d get with my cruddy video card.  I basically just decided to use my Simself and a Simself for my husband and see what kind of house I could come up with.  I didn’t take any pictures of the initial build stuff.  The house was pretty much already a shell with bathroom, refrigerator and stove by the time I moved SimG in the house.

So here are the screenshots I did take:


SimCShaner & SimGShaner – First Date after 1K was saved up.

He was a Sim I made and I held off quite a while before I moved him in hoping the game would assign him a career.  It didn’t and finally I decided at like 5 days left of YA status I needed to get started on the heir.


Our “Wedding Photo”


Prep for Delivery


Our Daughter – Lily Shaner


Lily’s childhood trait was Goofball – like her Dad and her aspiration was Whiz Kid.


360 View of the house – 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath – Total cost with furnishings 40K



Master Bedroom – Lily’s Birth Certificate on the wall on your right.  Family Pics on Left


Lily’s Bedroom on Left – Study on Right


Workout Room – Couldn’t fit a treadmill and needed the same equipment to do the “workout together” interaction to get SimHubby to workout!


Bathroom on left and hallway with door to back of house on right


Main Living Space – Kitchen on left, living room on right


Living Room


Life Stages – from Left to Right: Top to bottom: Lily Child, C&G Adult – Lily Teen.  Next Row: C Elder with Teen Lily – Far right G Elder with Teen Lily.  Center is C&G YA, C Adult with Lily and G Adult with Lily at the bottom.


Lily’s Birthday party -just family as Lily has to leave soon.  😦



The Moment Arrives!


Thanks Mom for everything…I’ve loved growing up in this house you built from absolutely nothing!  Now it’s time to go start my own home and family.  In Willow Creek!


6 thoughts on “Drifter – House 001 – For Fun

  1. The house looks great I love the job you did on it. I loved the pictures on the wall. Lily grew up into a very beautiful woman and I wish her luck on the second house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!! I love little Lily though my Drifters are back on hold for a bit since I’m working on my Legacy and my Orphan’s again after my PC Hard Drive problems.


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