Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 15 – Catch Up (Pt 1)

“Sophie, grab my wallet from my room on your way down,” Victoria called up the stairs.

Victoria was in a hurry to going. The family was going out to dinner to celebrate her promotion at the gallery and everyone was hungry.

“Sure thing Tori!  I’ll be right down.”

Sophie stooped down near Victoria’s bed to grab the wallet when something under the edge of the bed caught her eye.


“What’s this?” she asked aloud as she ran her fingers across a dusty old journal.

She flipped to the first page and read, “Dear Mom, Sophie and I are doing ok. I’m making sure she’s getting her homework done every night.”



Sophie read the final words that were all smudged and surrounded by puckered paper as if Victoria’s tears had rained on the page,  “Why do I have to do all of this all by myself?”

The young woman sighed softly and picked up a pen.


Dear Mom,

So I guess I’ll take over since Tori hasn’t written in this book in like…well over five years if my math is right.  (Which of course it is!) I guess she sorta gave up writing to you to let you know how we’re doing after everything that happened with Wolfgang and the trial.

Oh Mom, I have so few memories of you now. I’m so grateful Tori took that picture of you before we left Willow Creek all those years ago.  I can barely remember our time there.  It feels in someways like we’ve always lived in Windenburg.08-21-16_12-52-28-am

I’m ashamed to say but I really may have forgotten what you look like if she hadn’t thought to grab that picture that night we left. Tori has been my Mom these past years. Big sister, best friend and parent all rolled into one.

So let me try to catch you up on the last several years since Tori stopped writing. This may take a while because I have a lot of years to cover! But…hey, it’s not like you’re going anywhere right? Bad taste? Probably! Sorry!


I suppose it had been a while after the last entry in this journal, Tori was enormously pregnant then.  The three of us were just hanging out when Tori mentioned the baby was really kicking and moving around. I asked her if I could feel the baby.


After I did, Tori invited Josef to feel too and he was nervous. He asked her if it hurt her and she assured him that it didn’t it just felt strange. He was thrilled he could feel the baby. It really was very strange and cool.


Ok, so the very next evening I was doing my homework and Tori was just eating a grilled cheese sandwich after she got home from work when she went into labor.


I immediately went into crisis management (Cause I’m awesome and cool headed) and called a taxi. Josef and I helped her into the car and Tori called her doctor on our way, Dr. Goth assured us she would meet us at the hospital.


The doctor had called ahead so they were ready to go not long after we arrived. They got Tori prepped for delivery while Josef and I waited in the maternity waiting area.


Josef was so sad about the whole process. Poor kid isn’t as bad these days, but back when he was younger he was so glum sometimes from losing his Momma to disease all those years ago.

Anyway, Tori had little Rickard around two am. We were so excited.


I’ll be honest, I could do without the nasty diapers and the spitting up, that stuff was so gross I couldn’t stomach it. The one time he spit up on my new blouse and I about puked! ‘Forever unclean!’ It reminded me of back in the early days here in Windenburg when we didn’t have any money and Tori fed us fish she caught in the nearby stream almost every night!  I would see those icky scales and glassy eyes and nearly lost it!

But anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, Rickard.  Most of the time though I was in heaven to play “Momma” to our new little Ric.


Not long after Ric was born we celebrated Josef becoming a teen. We celebrated with just the family here at home.


Tori had strict rules again regarding people coming over. She didn’t want it to get back to the Munch family about Ric. It was almost like we were in the beginning when we first came to town.

Noone could come over, don’t talk to anyone, watch what you say and who you talk to!  All those rules, and with Tori trying to hide Ric from the Munch family, it was almost as bad again!  (Though at least we don’t eat fish for every meal yay!)  It was especially hard for Josef because Lucas was his best friend and he really had to be extra careful around him.  Josef stopped hanging out with Lucas outside of school and I was watching him like a hawk when we were on the bus and at school.

So, having a party with people here at our house and having baby Rickard here would be hard to explain. I can just see Lucas telling his Mom, then Mrs. Munch telling Wolfgang about his baby. Ugh, fireworks for sure. Nope, Tori wasn’t taking any chances.

Anyway, Tori made Josef his favorite chocolate cake and we sang to him.


I think he liked the little party. I couldn’t wait to show him around the high school when we returned to school the next term. He’s always been such a silly boy, but he got really sad though thinking about going to high school and leaving grade school behind.


Since becoming a teen, Josef started thinking more about the type of home he’d like to own someday. We both know Tori does the best she can with her job at the Gallery and all, but Josef wants more in his future than our small house.


He talks about wanting a big house someday. Maybe even a mansion! I look at him and smile.  Growing up so poor hasn’t been easy, and I’m sure it’s because of losing you, never knowing Dad and it being just me and Tori for so long, but for me, it’s always been about family. I feel like if I could just have my family around me. Lots of children and a loving home life. That’s going to make me happy. Well that and being an amazing  programmer and kick ass game designer. Yeah, all of that!


Well, I better go, I’ll write more soon, this was sorta fun!

Your loving daughter Sophie


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12 thoughts on “Orphan Challenge – Harkins Family 15 – Catch Up (Pt 1)

  1. Oh how sweet – and sad! I loved getting to see the baby but it is so so sad that Tori is trying to hide it from Wolfgang. I totally get her reasoning, but it’s really putting a damper on the other two in the household. They can’t have friends over or talk about their sweet new little nooboo!
    I really think Tori needs to take a step back and realize that there isn’t much she can do about the situation she’s in, so hiding from everyone isn’t helping. If anything at all, Sophie and Josef might end up resenting her from trying to put them back into the shadows like they were when they were kids and she HAD to hide their situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely agree that it’s sad that Sophie and Josef have to suffer with the ‘rules’ again because of Victoria’s anger toward Wolfgang and even Mila for siding with Wolfgang about her moving on! Thanks so much for reading!!


  2. This was cute and sad at the same time! Rickard is a beautiful name. I feel bad for Victoria because she had to hide the baby from Wolfgang. I complete understand why she did that, but that just puts Sophie and Josef in misery. That means they can’t have any friends over and talk about the new nooboo. 😦

    Josef aged up very well. I like that he wishesd to have a mansion someday! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you like little Rickard’s name! I was looking for something German sounding but wanted a little American feel as well. I thought Ric was a good compromise between Mom and Dad!

      We’ll see a bit more in the next Chapter on Saturday that Victoria is withdrawing a lot with this depression she’s in so she probably doesn’t even realize how her siblings are being affected by the strict rules again. She’s being a bit selfish now for sure.

      Thanks as always for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s really nice to get some more Sophie! Her narrator-voice is really great and a good balance to Tori’s more melancholic, usually level-headed letters (which I also love). Though there was sadness in Sophie too – understandably. It was especially sad when she lamented that she doesn’t have many memories of her mum. A lot has indeed been happening. Rickard is cute! I’m glad they’re making things work despite all the troubles they have.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes! I try to portray Victoria as a gloomy Sim as that was the first trait I gave her upon creation. In the Orphan challenge you aren’t supposed to pick traits like outdoorsy or whatever that would make the challenge easier. So I figured poor girl just lost her Mom. Yep she’s gloomy! 😉

      I’m glad you like the change to Sophie’s voice. I am sorta portraying her as a good hearted (slightly full of herself geek). She actually doesn’t have the geek trait but she is a genius! I absolutely love her and Im glad the slight change in perspective is ok!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It was really nice to get Sophie POV in this chapter. So much time has past but it seems like they are right back to where they started from. I can’t believe that Wolfgang is still in jail and whoever really attacked Bradley is getting away with his crime. I do feel that Victoria needs to tell Wolfgang and his mother about the baby

    Josef aged up into a handsome young man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Again with missed comments!! I’m sooo sorry. Yes, I agree even with the time that passed, everything had come full circle again. Watch who you talk to, watch what you say, etc. I thought this was a fun way to sorta return to the start of the challenge in a way as well. I totally agree that Josef is a handsome sim!

      Thanks so much for reading.


    • Awww thank you!! This part was actually very game driven. I was trying to show a lot of the ‘challenge’ points and how things were progressing. Thank you for the compliment on the time jump.

      Liked by 1 person

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