“Tornadoes, freak lightning storms and hurricane level winds are leveling the towns of Oasis Springs, Willow Creek and New Crest!  Residents are attempting to evacuate while some are watching their homes be blown apart.  Others are working with fire officials to put out fires in their houses and help their neighbors.  Will these natural disasters end any time soon?  Days of storms have plagued these communities!  Power outages across the towns are causing some people to question their survival!”



“Vicious lightning storms around Oasis Springs have brought devastation to the area Kurt, Oasis Springs is going to have a tough road ahead trying to repair all the damage that has been done!  This is Robyn Handlebuck live in Oasis Springs,  back to you in the studio.”



“Breaking News from Willow Creek.  We are here with Fire Chief John Abrams on scene of more riot induced fires.  Chief Abrams, what do you think caused all of this mayhem?”

“It’s obviously some of the less savory element responding to the chaos of the natural disasters Kristine.  We can only do our best to keep battling the blazes throughout Willow Creek.  Either man made, or made by Mother Nature!”


Three Years Later…


“Protesters against the Government Issued Land Grants are still outside the government buildings here in Magnolia Promenade Lester.”

“Any word why exactly they are protesting the Land Grants Jen?”

“As close as I can make out Lester…simple jealousy about the free land being offered.  The protesters don’t seem to like the idea that the Government is just offering free land in the devastated ghost towns of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and New Crest!  The towns are just shells of their former selves due to that onslaught of natural disasters three years ago  I’m not sure that the protesters understand that these Grants are being made available to everyone!”

“Jen, seriously, what’s the catch?”

“No catch Lester.  People just have to apply for their Land Grant.  Though I supposed the fact that there is an age stipulation and a property build requirement, could technically be considered a ‘catch’ but basically anyone who is able bodied and up for helping to rebuild the towns are welcome to come apply!”

“Well, perhaps that is why the protesters are out there Jen!  Maybe they don’t qualify!”

“I hadn’t thought of that Lester.  You may be on to something.  Oh, and the neighboring cities of San Myshuno, Windenburg and Magnolia Promenade have all made resources available to those interested in helping the rebuilding cause.  A new  restaurant is being erected as we speak in Oasis Springs.  It is only a Burger Joint, but it’s a start to bring economy and prosperity back to these towns who lost so much three years ago.  Live from Magnolia Promenade, I’m Jen Sharp.  Lester, back to you!”



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    • I hope you enjoy this one as well as you enjoyed my Orphans!! Thanks also for your comment about missing Victoria from my banner!! That means so much to me!


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