Chapter 2

Yuki didn’t end up calling Graham that night.  He checked his phone frequently throughout the evening as he traveled around his neighborhood foraging, looking for fossils and crystals and searching for new frogs, but he didn’t receive any messages from Yuki or anyone else.

The next morning, Graham was out for his morning jog.


He waved at the young man running toward him.  Graham had seen this guy every morning since arriving.  They seemed to have a similar morning routine.

“Hey Bro!” the man called.

“Hi there!” Graham slowed down.

“So, are you one of the Land Grant recipients?” the guy raised an eyebrow.

“Yes!” Graham said proudly. “I’m going to help rebuild this area.”


“Cool story.  I’m Paulo by the way, nice to meet you!” Paulo offered his hand.  Graham shook the other man’s hand heartily.

“I was hoping to get to know more of my neighbors.” Graham explained.  “I’m Graham Whittaker.  I was hoping to maybe get out and meet … well anyone!” he finished with a bit of a laugh.

“Well, I’m part of a rockin club in Windenburg.  It’s called Parti-haus.  Our leader, Jade, she’s throwing a party tonight at the Mansion.  You should come.  We have the best DJ spinning tonight.”

“Is her name Candy by chance?” Graham asked with a smile.


“Yep! You know her?” Paulo asked.

“No, but I met her sister Yuki yesterday.  She said Candy is the best.”

“Well, she’s right.  Candy is the best.  Jade was really glad we got Candy for this party.”

“I’d love to come then.  Well, I’m glad to have met you Paulo.  I hope to see you soon.” Graham said.

“Likewise, ask anyone, they’ll know where the Mansion in Windenburg is!  See you tonight!”  Paulo took off running in the opposite direction from Graham.

“Excellent! Party tonight.  Perfect!” His thoughts kept time with his running shoes hitting the concrete.  Graham was excited about the rest of his day and getting to the mansion tonight for the party.


Graham felt a little silly not knowing where the ‘mansion’ was, but he eventually found his way.  It was actually the Von Haunt Estate in the Northern end of Windenburg.

He followed a few people around back outside the mansion and as they walked into the cool night air, Graham could not only hear the music, but he could feel it too!

Graham grabbed a drink and stood near where people were dancing.  He saw a beautiful girl with platinum blonde and pink hair behind the DJ booth with a headphone up to one ear.  That must be Candy.

Paulo came up and fist bumped him.

“Glad you could make it bro!”

“Wouldn’t have missed it!”  Graham replied excitedly.  He noticed a cute lady walking toward him.  Her outfit looked a bit old fashioned for this scene but he thought she was cute.

“Hey there handsome! I’m Maaike, feel like a dance?”

“Sure!”  Graham followed her out on the dance floor.  It didn’t take long to pick up the steps.


Graham danced nearly all night.  He also got a chance to introduce himself and talk to Candy between her sets.  He talked to Paulo alot and got to know him better.  Graham and Maaike danced a lot too.  He constantly felt like someone was pressing a drink into his hand anytime he’d leave the dance floor.  He was having the time of his life.

As the hours passed and Graham became more impaired he remembered getting someone’s number.  He just couldn’t remember whose it was.


Graham woke with the sun shining and gravel stuck to the side of his face.  Apparently he’d passed out from all the drinks at some point during the party.


“Hey you…welcome back to the land of the living.” a warm voice said softly.

Graham blinked his eyes and peered up into the sun.  He saw a halo of platinum and pink.  “Hi Candy,” Graham moaned as he wiped stones from his cheek.  “Sorry, I’m a bit of a mess right now.”

“No worries, I guess you were out of practice.  Paulo told me you’ve taken one of those plots of land in Oasis Springs.  Hey, let’s get out of here, I’ll let you buy me breakfast.”

As Graham talked with Candy over pancakes, he found she was quite funny and very interesting.  He found out she DJ’d as more of a hobby but really wanted to be a comedian. Candy and Yuki lived alone in the house their Grandmother had left them.

“…and then Grandma died, and it’s just been me and Yuki for the past year.” the woman finished.


Graham nodded sadly.  “I”m sorry for your loss.”

Candy shook her head, “No no, I didn’t tell you that to make you sad.  Grandma was sick for a long time, we miss her of course, but she left Yuki and I enough to get by and she’s in a better place now.”  Candy smiled.  “Hey, do you like basketball?” she asked trying to change the subject.  “We should play sometime.  There is a great sky course in San Myshuno.  I can get us in for half price.”

“Sure! I like to think of myself as pretty good!  I played a bit in high school.”

“Excellent.  I’ll text you soon.  I have to get home and shower.  I have a lunch shift at the comedy club.  I’ll be in touch.”  With that the young woman blew a flirty kiss at Graham and bounded down to the curb to hail a cab.

“So many interesting people!” he thought smiling as he paid the bill.



A/N: I had saved the 1K Simoleans to have the cash on hand before any travel.  The timing in the story is just a few days, but this was probably at least a sim week minimum of collectibles, harvesting and saving money.


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  1. At least he finally got to meet Candy. Maybe it wasn’t the way he wanted to but he did. Its nice to see him get out there and meet people, I do wonder whose phone number he has though.

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