Chapter 4

“There we go!  Let’s see what this crazy little seed does!” Graham dusted his hands off as he watered the newest member of his garden.


His phone buzzed in his jacket pocket and he smiled when he saw Candy’s picture on the screen.

“Hey Graham, it’s Candy.  Why don’t you come out to the Ruins this evening around sunset, I’m not working, but it should still be a great party!”

“Sure Candy, I’ll be there!”

“Great party huh?” Candy said as Graham approached.  She offered him a wrench and he declined.

“Too early to start drinking!  I don’t want a repeat of that first party!” the pair laughed.

He noticed Siobhan standing not too far away from Candy and excused himself to go talk to her.


“Hey there, I’m Graham,” he introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Siobhan.”

“Pretty good party huh?”

“I suppose,” she said looking beyond him as if waiting for someone.

“Yeah, cool…” he said uncomfortably.

“Oh look, there’s my friend!” she said as she moved to walk away.

“Hey, I know this is weird and crazy fast, but I saw you the other day at the coffee shop and was wondering if you may want to explore the City with me.  I’m new here.” he rattled off in a rush.

“Huh?” she said somewhat distracted.  “Ummm sure, what’s your number?”


The two exchanged numbers and Siobhan walked over and greeted her girlfriend on the other side of the party.

Graham couldn’t stop smiling.

Graham waited two days before calling Siobhan.  He didn’t want to appear too eager.

“Hey Siobhan.  It’s Graham.”


“The guy from a few nights ago at the ruins?”


“Umm, dark hair, strong jaw, piercing blue eyes?”


“Ummm talked really fast and asked if you wanted to explore the city?”

“OH! Yeah! Hi there.  Sorry, I was terribly distracted that night.  What’s up?”

“Well, I was calling to find out if you wanted to help me explore the city tonight?”

“Oh, sure, I’ll meet you near the fountain in the city center.”

“Ok, great! See you tonight!”

Graham purchased some spring rolls and walked around the food carts looking at all the interesting people.  He found a table with an umbrella near the fountain and waited for Siobhan to arrive.

He waved flirtatiously when he saw her walking up.  She looked as beautiful as he remembered. “Hi Siobhan!”


“Oh hey Grant!” she smiled.

“Umm, it’s Graham,” he laughed.

“Oh, sorry!  I typed Grant in my phone.  Let me correct that!


The pair walked around the city together.  Siobhan actually worked in San Myshuno so she was able to point out some of the landmarks and the local businesses.

They watched a street performer who was attempting to be a living statue.  He wasn’t doing that good of a job unfortunately.  He kept trying to do a running pose, but kept putting his foot down!  The pair laughed and clapped at the statue’s antics.


Graham was having a wonderful time getting to know Siobhan.  She seemed to warm up to him as well.

Toward the end of the evening, the two strolled near some park benches and Graham took Siobhan by the wrist and sat down.

“Listen Siobhan, I’ve really had a great time tonight.”

“Oh, I had fun too!”

Graham took a breath and leaned toward Siobhan and lightly kissed her.  He sighed as she fit perfectly in his arms and her lips were soft and warm.


“WHAT do you think you’re doing!” Siobhan put her hand forcefully on his bicep and pushed him away as she pulled back.


“Umm, I thought we were having a moment!” he stammered. “I’m sorry!”

“We had a lovely evening, I’m also seeing someone!  And you… you cannot just go around kissing people like that!” She looked a bit flustered and her cheeks were pink.

“I’m really sorry I misread the signals!” he apologized again.

“No harm done really.  I’m not really ready for anything serious right now Graham.  Even with Sergio, we are more just friends really.  I’ve got my career to think about.  I plan on moving here to the city when my business career really takes off!”

“I suppose my rebuilding Oasis Springs doesn’t fit in those plans does it,” Graham said a bit sadly.

“No, not really Graham.  I’m sorry.  Look, I better go.” she squeezed his hand before walking quickly to the taxi queue.





20 thoughts on “Chapter 4

    • I agree. I feel like poor Graham may be a bit deflated after that rejection!! Thanks for the compliment on my screenshots!! I think I’m taking a queue from CathyTea! ❤️

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    • Me too!!! Funny how yesterday everyone was commenting about all his options and today it feels like the one person he does want to explore something with may not feel the same! Thanks for reading!


  1. It seems that Siobbhan has caught his eye and he really likes her but she isn’t too interested in him. She is very pretty but he does have so many other options available to him. I do wonder which one he will choose.

    I do have to agree with the others who mentioned this and this was a beautifully written chapter.

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