Chapter 5

“Hmmm this is odd,” Graham looked at the doll that he’d extracted from one of his dig sites while looking for fossils.  “There is a pin in it! I wonder if I could use it to voodoo curse Sergio?” he laughed while shoving the doll in his bag.


One of the novelty stores may be interested in purchasing it later.

His phone buzzed.

“Hey bro, let’s go to lunch.” Paulo’s cheerful voice boomed over the phone.

“Sure! I’ll meet you there!”

The two quickly got a seat at what was becoming their regular table.  Through the weeks since moving to Oasis Springs Graham had become good friends with Paulo.   He knew the young man worked at the gym in Windenburg.  It was a great job for him because he was also in the Powerhouse club and the whole club got a discount on their membership thanks to Paulo’s employee discount.


“I’m just not sure what else to do Paulo!” Graham said with an edge of frustration in his voice.  “I’ve texted her and she texts back, we’ve talked on the phone a few times.  I saw her at another one of those Ruins parties.  I just cannot figure out how to get through the ‘Friend zone’.”


“Dude, you’re messed up!” Paulo laughed at his friend.  “You’ve got two other chicks hot for you and your stuck on the one who won’t give you more than a passing glance.”

“Yeah, well I’m not sure about Maaike, but Candy actually tried to ‘talk‘ to me the other night.  She said she wanted to explore a bit more of a relationship with me.  She even kissed me.  I must admit, it was nice.  But I just didn’t feel the same level of heat that I felt when I kissed Siobhan.”


“Hey guys,” the waitress said.  “Ready to order?”

“Hey Alice,” the men said together.

“BLT and a wrench for me,” Graham said.

“Tough day at noon Graham?” Alice asked with a laugh.


“My man has lady troubles Alice.  He’ll be fine!” Paulo joked.


“Just bring us both the same Alice please,” Paulo finished the order and the waitress left to put their order in with the kitchen.


“Here’s to my bro, Graham, the guy with the problem almost everyone would envy!” Paulo laughed as the two raised their glasses.

The men continued chatting over lunch.  They were considering dessert when Graham moaned and said, “There’s that jerk Sergio!  What does she even see in him?”

“Relax bro, he’s not awful to look at and he probably has money.” Paulo reasoned.


“Hey honey, anything as sweet as  you on this menu?” Graham heard Sergio speaking to Alice.

Alice handed Sergio a menu.  “The specials are in the front.  I’ll be back,” she said dryly.


“Listen, can I get your number?” Sergio continued flirting.

“It’s really not appropriate for me to give my number to a customer.” Alice said awkwardly.  Sergio’s friend attempted to place his order to cover the encounter.

“Looks like Sergio is getting shot down!” Paulo said softly.


Graham just nodded and felt extremely irritated that Sergio was flirting with another woman when Siobhan was so amazing.

“Hey bro, just have Candy talk to Siobhan’s dad for you.  Aren’t they both in the Spin Masters?”

“I’ll consider it.”  Graham was distracted while paying for his lunch.




20 thoughts on “Chapter 5

    • Haha I know looking at all the relationships people are either in clubs or related to people in clubs! It’s honestly been so much fun playing these relationships and clubs because I wasn’t in the community when Get Together launched so this really is the first time I’ve been playing them.

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  1. I knew Sergio was gonna be a jerk. He’s not Graham’s biggest problem though; he’ll be easy to remove lol. Siobhan is the tough cookie, and he should work on convincing her life with him would be great. Good luck with that, G! LOL 😛

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  2. Well I can’t fault Sergio for flirting with the waitress as Siobbhan said in the last chapter that she was on just friends basis with him. To be honest that should be good news for Graham as Sergio doesn’t seem to be that interested in Siobbhan either. Graham should be working on changing her mind about him and forget Sergio.

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