Chapter 6

“Well, at least I have some walls now anyway!” Graham looked around at the drywall in what was now his one room studio apartment.  His new bed, a used refrigerator, and a few refurbished counters he’d found at one the San Myshuno apartment buildings that was remodeling all of their apartments.  They were going to just toss them out so he got a great deal on the counters.  He also had splurged a bit on a non-necessity and purchased an inexpensive art easel.  He’d had enough drywall to create an actual room for his bathroom, but everything was still very rough while he continued to save.

“I’m going to have to spend more evenings around here for a while anyway.  I simply cannot afford all the nights out at parties and dining out!”


He put the finishing touches on a new still life he was painting from memory.  “Maybe the art gallery will be interested in this one.”  So far the gallery kept telling him that he needed to improve a bit more before they would actually buy his art.

He pulled out his phone and texted a picture of his newest creation.  His contact at the gallery told him they would buy the painting.

“It’s no masterpiece, but it’s one of the best I’ve painted yet!” Graham beamed with confidence after finishing such a nice painting.

Graham had been thinking a lot about what Paulo had suggested about talking to Candy into getting information from Siobhan’s father Dominic.  Graham just couldn’t bring himself to ask Candy to get information for him about another woman.  A thought struck him!

Joaquin!  Graham and Joaquin had become good friends over these last few months hanging out at the Ruins and all the parties.  Joaquin was part of the spin masters too and would probably have heard things about Siobhan.

Graham texted Joaquin and he said he’d stop by tonight before the party.


“Dude!” Joaquin said as he arrived.  “Your pad is sweet!”

“You’re just saying that because it doesn’t have rats crawling around like your little shit hole in San Myshuno!” Graham joked with his friend.

“Hey Gus and Jaq are my friends and not just any rats!” Joaquin giggled.

Graham rolled his eyes, “I cannot believe your named them!”

“So, how can I help you handsome?” Joaquin turned serious for a moment.  Graham had been a little uncomfortable with Joaquin’s flirting at first, but he quickly learned that the guy flirted with just about everyone.

“Ok, so Sergio is your roommate.  And you’re in Spin Masters with Dominic.  What can you tell me about Siobhan?”

“Not much that you don’t already know bud,” Joaquin said seriously.  “If your interested, I don’t think she’s that serious with Sergio.  I don’t think they are exclusive either.  He dates other women sometimes and I don’t think he’s secretive about it.  I know she’s ambitious and has plans to move to the city eventually.  That’s about it.”

“That’s at least helpful about them seeing other people,” Graham mused.

The two guys chatted for a bit longer before Joaquin had to run for another party.  “You really should come Graham.”

“Nah man, I can’t afford it right now.  I’m broke after getting these digs together!”

“All right, see ya soon!”

As it turns out, it was sooner than he thought.  Siobhan called him and invited him to the same party at the Ruins that Joaquin was the DJ for that evening.

He was right in the middle of making a fruit salad when she called.


“On my way!” Graham said.  He had a few My Sims collectible dolls sitting around that he could drop by the toy store on his way to the Ruins.  He figured with selling that painting too he would be in good shape.  He hailed a cab and headed to Windenburg.

Siobhan greeted him with a friendly hug then they spent the entire evening together.  They had drinks and danced and even flirted a bit throughout the evening.


Things seemed to be going very well.  Later that evening she asked him if he wanted to join the Paragons.  He had no idea what the club stood for, but agreed on the spot.  She was so delighted she texted the entire club.  His phone started blowing up with texts.


Graham gnashed his teeth as he saw the text come in from Sergio.

“Hey, we’ll be having a club gathering to introduce you tomorrow at Bathe de Rill.  Meet up around 8 pm ok?”

Graham agreed as Siobhan made her way through the party saying good-bye and hugging people as she left.

The following night Graham showed up with his swimsuit at the pool in Windenburg.

“Silly!  We don’t actually swim.  We try on outfits and stuff!” Siobhan, Sophia, and Luna laughed.  Sergio came in carrying a drink holder full of coffee.

“Oooh Graham!” Sophia called, “Try this on!”  She tossed over a pink tshirt and a white fedora.  It was totally not his rugged style but Siobhan was looking at him smiling and he decided what the heck!





18 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. So glad Siobhan invited Graham out! I love how you did the text messages. The picture with the fruit salad was a great capture! He must be in love, if he’s willing to wear that outfit for her lol! Keep up the great story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Siobbhan asking Graham to join a club was a big step for them. Now he can spend more time with her. Sometimes a girl needs to know a guy better before she wants to get romantic. I think he just needs to give her more time.

    BTW I did catch the Cinderella reference with Gus and Jaq. 🙂


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