Chapter 7

“Dude, you’re hilarious.  You’re in an artsy book club and a fashion barbie club!”  Paulo punched his friend’s arm playfully.  “You need to get in the gym and work off some of that sexual tension between you and Siobhan!”


Graham laughed.  “The tension is not very sexual in nature my friend.  I’m still firmly in the friend zone.  But I can absolutely see that she and Sergio have a bit more of a casual dating friendship.  She doesn’t seem phased at all when he flirts with other girls or even mentions taking someone to the movies.”


“Not sexual … yet!” Paulo said.  “Seriously bro, come join the Powerhouse.  It will do you good!”

Graham stretched a bit.  “You’re probably right.”


Graham showed up at the gym and was introduced to Marcus and Clara.  Paulo also introduced him to a few other people that he said were also club initiates.  One was Luna’s brother Max and the other was a lady who’s name he didn’t quite catch.


Graham really enjoyed his workout and felt better than he had in a while.  He’d always been so active in his youth, but all that he had to do around his property and all the collecting and gardening he’d had to do left little time for much other than his daily jogs.

That night, while he was out on his evening jog, he found himself thinking of Siobhan.


They’d become such good friends over these past months.  He decided it was now or never.  He showered when he got back home.  Then he took a deep breath and invited her over.

“I’ll be right over,” she replied.

When she arrived, he pulled her into a warm embrace.  To his surprise, she relaxed into it and even squeezed him a bit tighter.


He glanced over at the pictures of the two of them he’d framed and put on the wall and knew that his mind was made up.

He didn’t hesitate, and for the second time ever, he kissed Siobhan.  He heard her squeak a bit with surprise, but felt her melt toward him and deepen their kiss.


It was as if they were kissing for the first time.


“Siobhan Fyres, will you be my girlfriend.  I don’t mean the relationship you have with Sergio where you are free to date other people.  I want you to be mine alone.  I have so much fun with you Siobhan.  I enjoy your humor, you obviously laugh at my jokes.  You don’t mind that I doodle on place mats and collect kids stuff like MySims dolls.  I admire your ambition and how confident you are.  I know being with you will make me a better person.”

“Shut up and kiss me again…boyfriend,” she said leaning in and pulling him toward her again.




22 thoughts on “Chapter 7

    • I know!!! Little behind the curtain reveal here. Graham and I liked Siobhan way more than she liked him at first. But it finally worked out. ❤


  1. Weeeee! They’re going to have drop dead gorgeous children lol. I’m glad she liked him already though because I’d be a little freaked out if I walked into a man’s house and saw pictures of me on his walls LOL XD

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