Chapter 9

Graham continued to have lunch occasionally with his friends.  Paulo most often, but occasionally he would have a lunch date with Candy or Maaike.  Candy pretended like she’d never been interested in Graham romantically in the first place, and the two had a pretty comfortable friendship.


Maaike seemed to always have a knowing little grin on her face.  She would occasionally scowl and change the subject though if Graham talked about Siobhan too often.


One day Graham was out to lunch with Paulo and discussing new fitness training they had going on at the gym.

“Bro, you’re so much more buff now that you’ve been coming to the gym with us in the club now!”  Paulo stacked his dirty dishes up in front of him to let Alice know he was finished.

“Thanks Paulo.  It really has been good getting back in shape.”


“So do you and Siobhan have any plans for the weekend?” Paulo asked.

“Not yet, I heard there was a festival in San Myshuno.  Romance something or other.”

“Oh yeah, be careful with that Bro, I heard someone say that was how Clara caught Bjorn!  She took him to the Romance fest last year and he was so taken by the moment that he asked her to marry him on the spot!”

Graham looked up suddenly and smiled.  “Gotta go bud.  Get this one will ya?”

“Uhh sure, I guess,” Paulo looked at his friend dashing off and shrugged.

Graham waited until Saturday afternoon to casually bring up the Romance Festival.

“Hey Shiv, there is a little festival in San Myshuno this weekend.  Why don’t we head over and take a look?”

“Oh sure hon, could be fun.  I saw the artists decorating all the sidewalks with art and workers hauling in benches yesterday while I was at work.  I think it may be the Romance Fest.”

“Oh?” Graham asked casually.  “Well, we’ve got plenty of that,” he smiled as he pulled his girlfriend in for a deep kiss.


The young couple arrived at the festival and looked around at all the sites.  There were foods and teas.  People were tossing rose petals at one another and nearly everyone was flirting!  It was truly a festive atmosphere.

Graham led Siobhan over to a beautifully decorated copse of trees where he took a handlful of petals from his pocket.

“If each of these petals represented my thoughts of you, it wouldn’t be enough.  These petals are only a symbol of the joy you bring me and how much I care for you!  And this only just begins to express the depth of my feelings for you.”


Siobhan smiled warmly at Graham.  “I love you too honey, why the grand gesture?”


“Siobhan Fyres, it was more than a year ago you came into my life.  I remember seeing you in the sun that evening at the Ruins and not knowing what the fluttering in my heart was.  I realize now, that was the beginning of me falling in love with you.”

Graham dropped to one knee and pulled out a tiny diamond.  “Siobhan, my love, will you do the honor of your hand in marriage?”


Siobhan drew back and gasped in surprise.  “Are you sure Graham?  It’s not just the romance of the festival causing you to feel this way?”

“I’m certain Shiv, you are my light and my life, I want us to build our house that we’ll raise our kids in together and eventually grow old together in.  I want you to be my wife, my partner in life and the other half of my soul forever.”  Graham said earnestly.


“Come on girl! Say yes to the man!”

Siobhan swallowed and whispered, “Yes, Graham.  YES!”

He slid the small diamond on her hand where it glittered in the early evening sun.


She lept into his arms and threw her head back and laughed.


“This all feels so romantic!” Siobhan smiled joyfully at her fiance.

“Well, I suppose this is the right place for that after all!” Graham smiled.


The couple looked over at the wedding arch and Graham opened his eyes wide.

“Are you thinking what I am Siobhan?”

“Yes,” She whispered softly.





23 thoughts on “Chapter 9

    • Awww I know! It was fun too because with the Drifter challenge you cannot travel unless you’re invited. I knew as soon as the festival announcement came up that either Candy or Maaike would invite him and that would be the perfect opportunity for our happy couple to get married!

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  1. Aww 🙂 I’m so happy for the couple!! I love the little aside with the woman on the bench! She looks like she was saying that lol! It was funny to see you call Siobhan “Shiv”. When I saw her name, I always tried to pronounce it like it sounds. I actually had to look up how to pronounce it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww I agreed!! I knew as soon as I got the notification that the romance festival was in town that someone would invite him out soon enough and I knew that was where I wanted the wedding!!


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