LUC: House 001.10

The newly weds couldn’t keep their hands off one another.  When they were both in the small house, they would find a way to meet one another beneath the covers.


No matter how careful they tried to be, it wasn’t too long until Siobhan started feeling her work clothing feel a bit tighter.  She started to suspect a little one may be on the way.  She knew Graham would be thrilled, but was at least slightly concerned with how her performance at work may suffer.  She was very ambitious and just felt she was very close to a promotion.

She knew she couldn’t ignore the signs any longer though and she had to check and get to the doctor for pre-natal vitamins if necessary.  She took a home pregnancy test and found it to be positive.


The young couple knew they needed to start planning for the Nooboo’s arrival.  Their house was looking better and things were beginning to shape up.  They actually had a kitchen space now.  Siobhan knew that she and Graham as well as the baby would need their own bedroom.  The baby bassinet could remain in their room at least for a short time, but before long, the child would need his or her own room.

Graham was wonderful during the pregnancy.

“Oooh, Graham honey rub my back please.  The baby has decided that he or she is going to run a marathon today.  It’s causing a lot of pressure in my shoulders and low back!”


“Sure thing Babe, how’s this?”

“Mmmm better already,” Siobhan moaned a bit as he hit a particularly deep knot.  “Keep it up!”

“Oooh Graham come here!  Give me your hand!” Siobhan grabbed her husband’s hand and put it on her belly low and on her left side.  “Do you feel the baby?”


Graham’s eyes widened.  “Is that the Nooboo?”

Siobhan nodded with a soft smile, she knew her husband would be able to feel the baby moving now.  She was getting very close to her due date.

“There you are, Daddy’s little Nooboo!  Your Mamma and I cannot wait to meet you!”


“Graham!  It’s time!” Siobhan called one night after the couple had gone to bed.

“What? It’s time!  Now?” Graham panicked while looking at Siobhan.

“Yes, grab the bag,” she stated calmly.  “The baby is coming, but there is time!  I’ll get a cab here to pick us up!”

“Daddy loves his little Nooboo!”


“Graham, let little Jack sleep!  I promise he’ll still be here in the morning!” an exhausted yet completely fulfilled Siobhan called from their bed.  “Come to bed love.” she called with a smile.

“I’ll be right there Shiv, just let me give our little man one more snuggle!”




A/N: I couldn’t believe it but I didn’t take ANY screenshots before the birth, so I don’t actually have Graham’s pre-nooboo panic!!  But anyway…Welcome to Jack Whittaker, first born and heir to Drifter House 002!  Finally, as much as I know they are all the same other than skin tone, I cannot help but just fall in love with all the babies in my game and little Jack was no exception!


20 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.10

  1. Awwwww, welcome to the world, little Jack!! Congrats on the nooboo!!

    I actually seen that picture of Graham feeling Siobhan’s stomach before! If I recall correctly, it was on your animated sig banner on the forums before you changed it. That’s where I got the thought about Siobhan being Graham’s spouse.

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