LUC: House 001.11

Time seemed to be moving very quickly for the Whittaker family.  Graham still spent his days painting, and occasionally took little Jack out strapped to his chest in the baby carrier.  He didn’t do that too often though because he didn’t want Jack to get sunburned.

He spent a lot of time feeding, holding and changing diapers though.  But he wouldn’t have it any other way.  He kept Jack’s bassinet near the easel too so that he could be near if the Nooboo cried.


“You’re spoiling our son you know,” Siobhan would say after a hard days work.  She would always smile at her two ‘men’ fondly though.

Only a few months after Jack was born, Siobhan was finally offered a promotion to an Assistant Manager.  She had told Graham that night while out tending their little garden behind their house.

“Honey I got promoted to Assistant Manager!”


“What?  Oh my gosh Shiv, that’s fantastic news!  You’ve been working so hard and absolutely deserve that promotion too.  I knew they’d see your value and reward you!” Graham couldn’t stop gushing.

“I absolutely love that you’re so happy for me about this!” Siobhan said.  “It will mean some longer hours of course.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all love, me and Jack will be here when you get home each night.”

Time passed even more quickly with Siobhan’s new hours.  It seemed like her work weeks were completely full.

Graham took care of the house when things broke and he cleaned up the house when it needed it as well.  He knew being a stay at home Dad was an important job.  He also could make trips around the neighborhood sometimes and continue his collections.


Graham made a lot of the decisions about the house without Siobhan.  He tried originally to keep her abreast of some of the changes, at first he’d asked her opinion about paint samples or flooring, but she often came home so tired, she’d spend time taking a shower, reading a bit to Jack then falling asleep pouring over her daily reports.

Graham added a new bedroom for Jack as well as started working on the second floor of the house.  Before long, Jack celebrated his birthday.  He grew into a handsome boy and Graham and Siobhan were so proud.


“Jack is so smart!” Graham was telling Siobhan when she returned from work one afternoon.  “His teacher sent a note home that he’s a B student!”

“Of course he’s smart Graham, he’s our son!” Siobhan said with a laugh.

“Hi Momma!” Jack greeted his mother.

“Hi sweetie!  Daddy was just telling me how proud he is of you!  I am too!” Siobhan pulled her son into a warm hug.


“Thanks Momma,” The boy said muffled in the hug.

“Now, go get washed up for dinner.  I think Dad made some Spaghetti!”

“Oh yay!  I love ‘pasketti!” the happy boy ran off for the bathroom.

Graham’s paintings really began to sell to Art Galleries and collectors.  People seemed to be very interested in this artist that was helping to rebuild Oasis Springs.


He also had a lot more time to scour his neighborhood and resume his collecting now that Jack was in school.  He found a lot more of the MySim dolls that he collected as well as rare fossils, crystals and minerals.


With Siobhan’s promotion, Graham’s paintings selling very well and all the collectibles he was able to sell, the house was coming along very well.  They added new living room furniture, and now Graham and Siobhan had their own retreat with en suite bath on the second floor.  They also built up a large outdoor deck space off the back of the house.  Graham and Jack spent many evenings playing chess together up there!


Graham went for a run one evening.  As he returned he saw the warm lights of his home ahead.  He was very proud of what he and Siobhan had built.  There seemed to be something still missing though.


“Shiv, I’ve been thinking.  Now that you’ve settled into your new position pretty well and aren’t working as long of hours.  Jack is also in grade school.  What do you think of maybe considering another Nooboo?” Graham asked Siobhan one night after dinner.

Siobhan smiled warmly and whispered in his ear.  “I love that idea…”






20 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.11

    • I agree. Siobhan is a gorgeous premade and I’m so fortunate she lent her genetics to me for my challenge!! Jack is a sweetie and he’s a geek too (don’t think I mentioned that) so I love him even more!

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