LUC: House 001.12

“Dad can we please watch the new SuperKids movie?  Lucas at school said that the bad guy messes with the Earth’s gravitational pull and everything!” Jack pleaded to his father.


“I think we can probably fit that in this weekend.  We’ll see how Mom’s feeling though ok?  You know with the baby coming she’s been uncomfortable.  You know when you don’t feel good it makes you grouchy right?”  Graham explained.

“Yeah, I hate being sick.  Why does the baby make her sick?” the boy wondered.

“Well, Mom’s not really sick, it’s more that the baby requires a lot of Mom’s energy to grow big and strong.  Mom has to provide everything for the baby right now.” Graham felt he was quickly entering an explanation area he didn’t want to continue.  “I’ll mention it to Mom and maybe we can watch tonight after dinner and homework.  Deal?”

“Ok Dad!” Jack said excitedly.


“Hey honey, Jack wants to watch that new movie SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe tonight.  Are you up for that?”


“I suppose, but I really have to get some final reports done before my maternity leave.  I was hoping to get those done tonight and this weekend.  I told my boss my Maternity leave was going to begin as of end of day Monday.”

“Well, I’ll be very happy to have you around to spoil all day,” Graham smiled at his wife.

“I suppose I can make the time.  It’s been a while since we’ve done a movie night!”

“Great, I’ll tell Jack we can watch the movie.  He’ll be thrilled.”

“Oh my gosh this is the best!” Jack said excitedly as the family gathered on the couch to watch the movie.


“So which one is villain again?” Siobhan asked.  “I forget from the first movie.”

“Momma!  Shhh,” Jack said.  “Just watch!  You’ll see soon enough.”

Siobhan sighed and sat back and pulled out her phone to check her work email.  She would glance up at the movie occasionally but it didn’t keep her interest like it did Graham and Jack.

“So why are the meteor’s striking the Earth now?”

“Shhh, Shiv, it’s because the Earth’s gravity has been increased and the meteors are now feeling that pull.” Graham explained quietly.


“Don’t you DARE shoosh me Graham Whittaker!” Siobhan yelled, having lost her patience with both of them.


“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean to shoosh, I was just trying to watch the movie.” Graham tried to calm Siobhan down.


Graham leaned over and snuggled Jack who wasn’t used to this type of outburst from his mother.  Siobhan looked at her son and felt horrible.


“I think I’m going to have to go and log into my work computer.” Siobhan said.  “I’m really sorry I ruined everyone’s evening,” she said sadly.

“Oh Shiv, you didn’t, please stay and finish the movie,” Graham asked.

“No, I really lost what was going on anyway and I cannot concentrate with all this work stuff looming.  I’m really sorry pumpkin,” She dropped a kiss on top of Jack’s head.

“It’s ok Momma, the baby is probably making you grouchy.” Jack said.

Later that evening, Graham was tucking Jack into bed.

“Was Momma super mad at us Daddy?”

“No son, she’s just very worried about taking time off from her job right now.  She has to with the baby coming, but there is a lot going on and it makes her nervous.  She’s just grouchy because the baby is making her uncomfortable and work is making her nervous.”

“I love you Daddy.  I’m glad you don’t get grouchy too much!”

“I love you too Son, sleep well,” Graham said as he hugged Jack.





15 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.12

      • Yes. I was thinking about something Ripu mentioned, which is that in early childhood education, caregivers and teachers are now encouraged to comfort the aggressor or the one who’s hurt others. And looking at Shiv, she looks like she needs a bit of comforting right there! Graham is really good with her.

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  1. Hmmmm, while this was uber cute, and I love the father-son dynamic, I hope my little Jack Jack doesn’t start favoring Graham and cause tension between him and Siobhan. Jack and Graham are reeeeeeeeally close, and Siobhan is often on the outside. Hopefully it’s just temporary, but with her ambition, I’m thinking not.

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