LUC: House 001.13

Siobhan felt terrible for days after the incident with the movie and yelling at her husband and son.  A few days later she found herself alone looking at the new bassinet that her family had brought over.  Dominic, Moira and Morgan didn’t make it this way very often, but it was always nice to see them when they did.

“Ooooh! You’re choosing right now to come?  Graham isn’t even here to go to the hospital with me!” She said in a hoarse whisper as a contraction ripped through her mid section.


Siobhan took a cab to the hospital and called Graham to let him know to meet her there.

Welcome Emilee Whittaker!


My dear daughter, from the moment I felt your first flutter, I knew I couldn’t wait to meet you.  I knew you would be amazing.  A little piece of me and your Dad.  You are so loved and so welcome and I cannot wait to meet the woman you will become.


My darling girl, As I look down at your beautiful brown eyes, so much like your Mother’s eyes, I just wonder what you see.  Do you see a man struggling between wanting you to remain this soft sweet bundle of pink in my arms and seeing the smart and cheerful little girl you grow into?11-19-16_6-49-59-pmcolor

Little Emilee, your Daddy loves you and I promise to protect you every day of your life.  I want you to know the following things.  You are loved by your Mother and I more than you can possibly know.  You are gifted and smart and you can be anything you want to be in this life.11-19-16_10-13-42-amcolor

You have stolen your Daddy’s heart and wrapped it around that tiny little finger.  Welcome to our little family my precious daughter.  You are well loved.





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