LUC: House 001.14

Not long after little Emilee was born, Siobhan’s birthday was quickly approaching.  Graham was out for a jog after the house quieted down.  He decided he wanted everything to be perfect so he planned on hiring a caterer and would invite family and Siobhan’s friends!


“Shiv, I was considering making this a surprise, but I know you’d want to make sure you looked your best so I decided to talk to you about it instead.”

“What’s up hon?” Siobhan looked at Graham. “Oh, is that the new Pho recipe that vendor gave you?”


Graham nodded and talked around a mouthful of noodles.  “I’d like to throw a big party for your birthday on Saturday!”

“Oh! That sounds fun.  Yes, I’m glad you asked hon, you know I’m still waddling around here in my stretchy maternity pants, I’d want to look great for a party!”

“What stretchy?  You look amazing as always love!” Graham looked at her seriously and pulled her close for a kiss.

Saturday arrived and Siobhan put on one of her party dresses that was a bit more forgiving but still made her look amazing.


The caterer arrived early and began preparing food for the guests.  Graham and Jack had a great time decorating the house for the party.

The guests arrived including Luna, Joaquin, Paulo and Siobhan’s family, Dominic, Moira and Morgan were all there too.

Graham and Paulo were working on a new ‘bro’ routine that included dancing and hip bumps.


Siobhan was not happy with the attention Jack seemed to be giving to Luna and figured she’d have to say something to her small son later.

The big moment arrived and the guests gathered around to sing happy birthday to Siobhan.  She blew out her candles and everyone helped her celebrate.


“Dad, I just don’t know about you and Mom moving so far away!” Siobhan chatted with her Dad.

“Well Shiv, your Mom and I just want to move to a warmer climate.  I’m going to hand the DJ business off to Joaquin and Candy so that’s in good hands.  Also, Morgan is a young adult now and has a good job in Windenburg at the Coffee Shop.  I also think she’s been seeing that Hugo Villareal.  She’s not going to want aging parents around cramping her style.” Dominic laughed lightly.

“Well, I’ll certainly miss you being around as often.  But I suppose it’s a vacation spot we can bring the kids to visit.”


Later after the guests left, Graham pulled his wife close, “I love you Siobhan, I love our life, I love our kids and I am so happy you made the decision all those years ago to stick it out here with me.”


Happy Birthday Siobhan!





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