LUC: House 001.20

Jack continued to work at his fitness and continued to do well in school.  He had been an A student as a child and had recently raised his high school grades to Bs.  Siobhan and Graham were very proud of their son.


However, Jack and Graham still weren’t speaking.  It had been nearly two months now since their blow up.  Siobhan and Emilee were the go between most of the time.

One night Graham and Siobhan were feeling particularly playful.

“You’re still the most beautiful woman to me Siobhan,” Graham smiled at his wife.

“You’re just saying that because you’re eyes are going old man!” Siobhan teased.


“Oh god, why don’t you two go on a date or something already.” Jack grumped watching his parents gush so romantically.

“Hey! That’s a great idea. What do you think Shiv?”


“It sounds great!  Jack, think you could keep an eye on Emilee for a few hours?  Morgan has invited us out a couple times to the pub where her club gathers.  I could see if she and Hugo want to meet us there.”

“Sure, sure Mom,” Jack muttered while continuing to update his social media.


“Perhaps the night won’t end with the pub,” Graham whispered softly as Siobhan giggled.

“Let me change first,” Siobhan started up the stairs.

“I’m going to grab a sweatshirt.” Graham followed his wife up the stairs.

“Just one sec hon, I’m going to call home and make sure Jack knows that Em needs that medicine before bed.  Her flu is nearly gone, but I don’t want her to relapse,” Siobhan said after they left the cab.


“Hey Siobhan, Hey Graham!” A familiar voice called out.

“Hey Summer! It’s great to see you!” Siobhan called to her co-worker. “Just a sec, I’m calling my kids!”

“Hi Summer, nice to see you again, it’s been a while!  Oh my, how far along are you?” Graham asked.

“I’m just starting my third trimester.  She will be arriving soon!  Wanna feel?”

“Sure if you don’t mind!  I always loved feeling the baby kick when Siobhan was pregnant with Jack and Emilee.”

Graham placed his hands on Summer’s protruding belly.

“Oooh, she’s a strong girl isn’t she?” Graham looked up and smiled.


“…ok, love you too honey,” Siobhan hung up the phone.

“Emilee is already in bed and he did give her the medicine.  I told him we’d only be a few hours.  Summer!  I haven’t seen you since you left for the San Myshuno office!”  Siobhan hugged her friend.

“I know Siobhan, I miss our lunches!”

“Come on, let’s get inside.  I think Morgan said it’s “Knight Night” This should be hilarious.” Siobhan grabbed her friend by the elbow and steered her inside.

“I’ll be in right behind you,” Graham smiled at Siobhan.

He stooped down to tie his shoe and suddenly felt a cold sensation.  It felt as if a cool breeze had  just swept in front if him and followed the ladies inside.


Graham shook off the sensation as he walked through the heavy doors and into the cheerful but dimly lit pub.

The atmosphere was fun and the Knights had gathered and were literally clanking around.

Graham joined Siobhan at the bar.  She already ordered a pint for him.

“Graham, we need to talk about this silence between you and Jack,” Siobhan began.


“I knew this would come up again.  Damn it Shiv, I know it’s wrong.  I just have no idea what to do about it!” Graham sighed.

“Maybe Hugo can help.  I’ll talk to Morgan tonight.  Hugo works in that law firm in San Myshuno now.”

“Well, it certainly can’t hurt.  I cannot figure a way out of this right now though without legal repercussion.”

“I know that Graham.  But we have to start somewhere this is our child’s future and not just his.  Our entire lineage,” Siobhan snapped.


“No, no, I agree.  Let’s talk to Hugo and get his advice.”

“Alright, let’s play with some of these Knights!”

The couple played a few games of Don’t Wake the Llama with the Knights.

“Hey Graham,” he heard his sister in law’s voice in the helmet.

“Hey Morgan.  Is Hugo here tonight?”

“No, he and I are sorta on a break,” Morgan sighed and sat down.


“Oh,” Graham could hardly hide the disappointment in his voice.  “That’s too bad Morgan, I hope you can work things out.”

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens.”

“No, we really liked him.”

“I know, me too.”

Graham suddenly felt that chill again.

“Did you feel that Morgan?  Like a cold chill sweeping by?”

“Wha?  No.  Hey Listen Graham, tell Shiv I said goodbye and hug the kids for me.  I’m going to take off.”

“Ok, take care Morgan.  See you soon.  Call if you need anything.”  Graham squeezed her hands as she turned to leave.

Suddenly there was a scream from the bar.  Knights and other patrons gathered near Marcel, their favorite Bartender.  The Knights almost always gathered during his shifts.  He was getting on in years and knew all the Knights by their helmet plume colors.


Morgan ran over to Siobhan when she realized what was happening and reached out for her sister and held onto her.

“Shhh, I know little sister, I know,” Siobhan soothed her sister and held her as if she were one of her children.  Morgan had a flood of grief inside her at the moment and Marcel’s death just released the flood gates.

The Knights all saluted and more than a few tears were shed as Marcel sparkled and vanished.  He would be missed greatly and remembered fondly.


“To Marcel, one of the greats and the originator of Knight Night here at the Pub.” one of the Knights began.

“To Marcel!”

“Here, here!”

“Marcel!  One of the Greats!”

The voices raised and the glasses followed.


To Marcel – One of the Greats

The evening drew to a somber close as people shared fond memories of their favorite bartender.

Graham and Siobhan made their way home.  As they were getting ready for bed, Graham sat down next to Siobhan.

“Shiv, tonight really put a lot of things into perspective for me.  Morgan and Hugo breaking up, Marcel passing on like that, the Knights and all their stories about their time with Marcel.  Time is short.  Life is short.  I will talk to Jack tomorrow.  We’ll figure something out.”





10 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.20

    • Honestly… anytime Grim shows up on a lot with my Sims on it I get terrified. HAHA…I always figure he’s there for an elder, but sometimes I’ve seen him just come and hang out. Thanks for the comment about the ‘chills’ I was trying to make it see that Graham had a funny feeling, but didn’t really see Grim. This may be important for future generations.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Awww I know. As I mentioned to Misfit, I was trying to make it appear that Graham ‘felt’ something wasn’t quite right, but he couldn’t see Grim. I know, we didn’t really know Marcel, but Morgan and the Knights did, and the idea that life is temporary is the important thing here. Thanks as always for reading.

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  1. Awww. To Marcel! 🙂 I’m looking forward to whatever Graham will say to his son. Hopefully he can inspire him, you know? Like, somehow impart the pride he feels when he sees his house and all that jazz?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah Marcel wasn’t part of the story so I don’t expect the reader to have much affection for him, but he was the bartender every time I was out, so I did feel a bit with his passing!


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