LUC: House 001.21

“Jack can I talk to you for a minute?”

“I guess.” was the short reply.

“Son, your Mom and I lost a friend last night and someone who Aunt Morgan was really close with.  His name was Marcel.  Anyway, I just wanted to say son, I was wrong.  I was stupid and should have talked to you sooner.  Life is far too short to spend it angry at the people we love.  I will work to try and find a solution to this contract issue.  I promise.”

“Thanks Dad.  I’m sorry too.  I’m also very sorry your friend died.  I’ve heard Aunt Morgan speak of him. I promise I’ll try to be more open minded too if you cannot find a way out of this.  I’ll do what I have to do to keep you out of jail.”

“Thanks Son, I love you.”


“I love you too Dad,” Jack choked back tears as he held onto his father.

About a month later,  Jack went to the computer.  His sister always teased him for being such a geek, but he didn’t care.  If he wasn’t working out, he enjoyed computer games.


He started playing Blicblock but couldn’t help but notice his Dad’s email open on the task bar at the bottom of the monitor.  The email subject of Land Grant Contract Status drew his eye and he couldn’t help but scan his Dad’s email.  He understood quickly his Dad was looking for a way to reason with the Government office and get them to rescind their claims on Graham’s heirs.


Click the image to read the email chain.

He quickly read through the response:

Mr. Whittaker,

Thank you for your time writing the Government Property Rebuilding Organization.  We take your request very seriously.  However, as you know, the Land Grants were given free with the expectation that any changes to the contract would be honored.  You were given the parcel of land with the expectation that you would help rebuild the towns.  We fulfilled our end of the bargain.  We even agreed to only change the contract once per generation.  
Pray we don’t alter the agreement any further.  At the current time, your request for the contract to be changed is denied.  The project for rebuilding the towns hadn’t taken off as we had hoped, now it’s up to the current land holders to motivate their children to carry the torch.
Have a pleasant day.
Mrs. C. S. Haner

Jack sat there in shock.  He closed the browser, but strangely the teen felt grateful and proud of his Dad for trying.  It was obvious the organization his Dad was facing was not one to be reasoned with, at least not at this time.  Jack wondered if perhaps, rather than changing the contract he could change the Government.


Later that evening Graham asked Jack to talk.  The two sat side by side on the couch.

“What’s up Dad?”


“Son, I’ve honestly been trying with this contract issue.  I’ve contacted a lawyer, I’ve contacted the Government agency personally.  I’m afraid I don’t have any good news yet.” Graham began hesitantly.  He hated to break this bad news to his Son, especially when they’d been getting along so well.

“Dad, I’m going to take on the next requirement for the Land Contract.  I’m going to fulfill your obligation.  But while I do it, I’m going to be working the political system to try and change the Government from within!”


“What?  You’re going to accept the contract?” Graham was astonished.

“Yes, but I will work every day to get the legacy part revoked.  Dad, I’ve traveled this neighborhood, the same as you and I see that you’ve done good here helping to rebuild.  I’m proud of what you have accomplished out here.  I’m willing to do my part.  But I am going into this with eyes open.  I’m not going to let it continue to any future children I may have.”


“Son, I’m very proud of you.  I know you can change things!  I know you can make the difference.  I can see it now…you’re a big politician and making all the laws.  Heck, maybe President Jack Whittaker some day!”


“Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves Dad.  I still have to complete whatever tasks the Land Grant requires of me, in addition to what I guess is going to be my big political career!”




13 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.21

  1. Gosh, that C.S. Haner woman is such a b**** XD LOL j/k 😛 I’m glad Jack has come around. I fear he may not be able to accomplish what he wants, but then again, I’m very excited to see how he plans to do this!

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  2. I’m glad to see that Graham and Jack have worked out their differences. Jack had the perfect solution to fulfill his father’s obligation and work in politics to try and change the law. Maybe he can convince C.S. Haner to soften up a little bit on them.

    Liked by 1 person

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