LUC: House 001.22


Graham finished reading the chapter and his daughter was already snoozing.  He carefully marked the place a page or two back because he knew she would want him to re-read that part she missed tomorrow night.

He quietly made his way out of the room.  Stopping briefly to put the book back on the crowded book shelf.


The next evening after story time as he left Emilee’s room, Graham noticed Siobhan sitting on the upstairs deck alone in the fading evening light.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked softly.

“Of course not,” she patted the bench beside her.


“Siobhan we have a pretty great life here wouldn’t you say?” Graham began.

“Of course hon, what’s on your mind?”

Graham loved the way she looked at him it drove him wild.


“Turn around, let me rub your shoulders a bit.  You’ve been so stressed due to that recent promotion to Senior Manager.  All the reports you’ve been filing, your neck is in knots!”


“Haha, don’t think I don’t know your tricks Graham Whittaker, what are you up to?  Oooh right there, that’s the spot!” she moaned and leaned back into his hands a bit.

“I never could hide anything from you could I Shiv,” he said a bit huskily.  He stopped massaging her shoulders and pulled her back against his chest letting his hand slip down to cup her breast and massage a bit differently.  He lowered his head to her smooth cocoa skin and started to nibble her neck.  He sighed and then turned her around and kissed her deeply.


“Siobhan what do you think about having another baby?” he asked looking into her eyes as he asked to see if there were any signs of alarm or panic on her part.

Siobhan didn’t have to answer, just pulled him closer and kissed him thoroughly.


“So, your Mom and I have decided to try for another baby!” Graham said to Emilee the next morning.


“Oooh neat!  When will she be here?” Emilee bounded off the couch to go hug her Dad.  “Now I get to be the big sister and not just the little sister anymore!”

“Well, that’s the tricky question, the baby, she or he,” Graham smiled, “hasn’t been made just yet, but we’re working on that part.  Mommy will need to be pregnant first, remember like Miss Summer?”


“How does the baby get in Mommy’s tummy?”  the girl asked.

Graham gulped and looked at Siobhan for help.  Siobhan laughed trying to hide her chuckle behind a cough.  Her eyes said, ‘Oh no mister, you deal with this one alone!’

“Well, here’s what we’ll do honey, we’ll look online for a book and then we’ll talk all about that this weekend ok?”

“Ok Daddy!” Emilee seemed content to wait for the answer.

Graham had a chat with Jack when he arrived home from his student government meeting that evening.

“Jack, your mom and I are trying for another baby.  I just wanted you to know.”

“Ewww! Weird Dad.  Aren’t you guys like old and stuff?”

Graham laughed, “Well, I like to think I’m still pretty virile son!”  There wasn’t much of the awkwardness there had been with Graham’s youngest, as he and Jack had had the ‘woohoo’ talk a year or so ago after Jack entered his teen years.  Graham and Siobhan wanted Jack to have a family and give them grand babies some day, but they wanted their son to be ready.

“Well, whatevs Dad.  If that’s what you and Mom want!”  Jack reached out to hug his Dad.


“Your support means a lot Son.” Graham felt tears spring to the corner of his eyes.  He’d come so far with his son over this past year.  Jack had gotten involved in student government and would even likely be applying for a position as political intern when he graduated High School.  He had meant what he said all those months ago about changing the government.


“Siobhan,” Graham looked at his wife seductively one evening after dinner.  The couple had been trying regularly for a few months and no luck yet, but they weren’t giving up.





23 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.22

  1. Awww! I love Graham’s eyes in the third picture from the bottom. He looks so devastated yet so compassionate toward his wife.
    SO…my reaction to baby talks: *head jerked back* “Another baby?! NOW??” LOL, they’re so perfect as four person family with one son and daughter. Buuuuuut…bring on the new cute kid if that’s what they want!

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