LUC: House 001.23

Life went on pretty normally for the Whittaker’s.  The kids continued to go to school and do homework.


Graham continued to paint and travel the neighborhood for collectibles as he’d done nearly the last 20 years.


Siobhan continued to climb the corporate ladder.


Try as they might, Graham and Siobhan couldn’t conceive.  Test after test showed up negative.  Siobhan decided to change her diet after talking to Jack.  He followed a nearly all vegetarian diet.


She also started exercising in the evenings when she got home from work.


Graham did his part too.  He researched medicine online that could help with trouble conceiving.


They remained optimistic and continued to try whenever the opportunity presented itself.


Graham’s birthday was quickly approaching and Siobhan was making plans.  Trying to text everyone she knew her husband would want to help him celebrate.  Paulo was on the list of course, as well as long time friend Candy and of course Morgan was invited.


Siobhan hired a caterer too and bought Graham a special gift.  The gift was actually for her to wear.  She had even blushed a bit when the negligee had arrived but she figured if it helped their cause, it was a good present for him.  She had that hidden though for later.

Saturday arrived, and the party got underway.  It wasn’t a surprise, so Graham was there entertaining and joking with friends.  He and Paulo of course did their “bro” dance routine.

Everyone was mingling and having a great time when Siobhan noticed Candy flirting with Graham.


She knew from their youth back at all those Ruins parties that Candy had a thing for Graham.  Siobhan was never one to feel jealous.  But something about the current situation really bothered her.


Graham didn’t seem to think anything of it, but Siobhan couldn’t let it go.

“Paulo, did you see Candy flirting with Graham?”

“I can guarantee you Siobhan, Graham has never had eyes for anyone but you these last 20 or so years.  Graham’s never so much looked at another woman.” Paulo tried to reassure Siobhan.


“I would advise you it’s harmless.  Candy’s always had a bit of a thing for Graham, but you’ve known that.  My bro is firmly yours Shiv, don’t sweat it.”

Siobhan attempted to follow Paulo’s advice and proceeded with the party.

“Gather round everyone!” Siobhan called out.  “Graham honey, come blow out your candles.”


“Wow! Thanks everyone!  This is such a great party!  Thank you to my gorgeous wife for throwing such a party for me!”  He drew Siobhan close and kissed her.  Their friends and family whistled and cheered a bit.

“Daddy!  Come play the new game Uncle Paulo got you!” Emilee begged.

“Ok, but only if Jack plays too!  You know I’m still trying to best him from the last time we played!” Graham laughed and went to pop in the new video game.


As the party began to wind down, the guests were leaving and Morgan approached Siobhan.

“Sis, can I speak to you privately for a moment?”

“Of course, let’s step outside.”

“What’s up Morgan?” Siobhan asked when they were outside away from the remaining party folks.


“Well, you know Hugo and I broke up last year,” Morgan began.  “We’ve decided to give things another try.”

“Oh wow! That’s great Morgan! I’m so happy for you!”


“Well, there is another thing,” Morgan hesitated a beat then blurted out, “I’m pregnant and Hugo doesn’t know.”

“What do you mean he doesn’t know?” Siobhan immediately felt a tiny stab of jealousy, but shoved that down.

“Well,” her sister gulped. “I’m not positive the baby is Hugo’s.  I was with someone else not long before Hugo and I got back together.”


“Morgan! You are an adult now.  You cannot lead Hugo into this relationship again and possibly be carrying someone else’s child.  It’s just wrong!”

Morgan started to cry, “I know.  I love Hugo though, I just cannot stand the thought of losing him and the baby could be his!  It’s absolutely possible!”


“Well, you know Graham and I are here for you Morgan, whatever you decide.  Even if you just want to spend some time here until you figure things out.  You really have to talk to Hugo though.  He will understand if you tell him there is a chance the baby may not be his, but it was outside of your reconciliation.”  Siobhan reached for her sister and hugged her.

“I love you Morgan, you always have a place with us.”






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