LUC: House 001.24

Through the next several months Graham and Siobhan started to face the heavy truth that another child may not be in their future.

“I’m just worried with me an elder now Shiv, that I may not live to see our child grow up.  I know this is incredibly disappointing to both of us…” he Graham trailed off.


“I know Graham, we both wanted this so much.  It’s almost a shame that Morgan was the one blessed with a child at a time when she doesn’t really want one.”

“Has Morgan talked to Hugo?” Graham raised an eyebrow.

“Not that she’s confided in me.”

“Well, regardless, the trying for a baby certainly has been fun hasn’t it love?” Graham leaned in suggestively.


Siobhan giggled softly and nodded.  “And there’s no saying we still won’t be successful, I just think managing my expectations is the big part now,” Siobhan said as Graham slid his hand up her back and pulled her close.


A few months after Graham and Siobhan stopped really trying for a baby, their current baby, their youngest, Emilee had her teen birthday!  It was a quiet affair at home with just a few gifts and just the immediate family.


“Make a wish!” Graham called as he readied his camera.

“I wish for a phone of my own!” the girl cried as she blew out the candles and spun into a lovely teen.  She had her Father’s thicker brow but her Mother’s slightly fuller cheeks and lovely full lips.


“Awesome!” Emilee cried as she opened her brand new cell phone!


“Happy birthday sweet Angel,” Siobhan said to her beautiful daughter.


“No excuses now young lady.  No being late from a friend’s house or after school commitments and not texting your Mother and I.”


“I know Daddy!”


“Here, hand it over, let’s see what kind of pictures this new phone can take!” Graham reached across as his daughter jumped up for a picture.


Emilee grew into a creative and somewhat artsy teen.  She also was active like her Dad and began joining him on his evening runs most nights.

She was pretty sure she wanted to be a bartender.  Her Aunt Morgan’s stories of their favorite bartender Marcel always got her thinking.  She spent lots of time online researching different concoctions and how to blend flavors.


“Em, come here.  You’ve GOT to see this!” Jack gestured to his phone screen where a video was playing.


“Oh my gosh! Is that Dad?” Emilee could hardly help laughing.


“Yep, I couldn’t help but record it when I saw him like that,” Jack cracked up laughing.  “Now, you know where your marvelous dance skills come from little Sis.”

“Oh please! I’m a much better dancer than I was when I was a kid!” Emilee laughed along with her brother.

“So what’s this I hear about a dance video of me going viral?” Graham asked his kids with a smirk on his face.


“Wha??” Jack stammered and glared at his sister then looked at his Father, “I’m sorry Dad, I thought it was super funny and mostly wanted to tease Em!”

“What?” Emilee looked innocent.  “I didn’t tell him!  And tease me for nothin!” Emilee said.  “I dance gooooood!”


“Haha Jack, I can see the humor, just know that I have parental permissions on your social media and your YouTube channel so I saw it!  Also, yeah.  As your sister so perfectly said, ‘I dance goooood!” Graham laughed.






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