LUC: House 001.25

Throughout Morgan’s pregnancy, Siobhan continued to check in on her sister.


Siobhan sighed as she got ready for work.  Her sister was really spiraling downward and entering her third trimester of pregnancy.  Morgan hadn’t even been by the house since Graham’s birthday.  Siobhan worried her sister was falling into a depression.

Graham still liked to make the rounds in the neighborhood and see what he could come up with.  He was still hoping to finish his MySims collection.

“Hey Graham,” a familiar voice called out.

“Holy maternity Morgan!” Graham greeted his sister in law.


“I know,” Morgan said somewhat sadly placing her hands on her belly.

“Siobhan mentioned you still haven’t talked to Hugo huh?” Graham asked sensing his sister-in-law’s mood.

“No.  And I’m not going to until I can determine the baby’s parentage either.  I’m not going to stick Hugo with a kid that isn’t his.”

“Don’t you think he’ll understand that if the baby isn’t his, that you conceived it while you two were broken up?”

“Listen Graham, I appreciate what you’re saying, but…Oooh! Here, gimme your hand!” Morgan snatched Graham’s hand and placed it on her belly.


Graham smiled warmly, but with a small touch of sadness behind his eyes.  “That’s wonderful Morgan, he or she is really active.  Why don’t you come inside for a bit.”

Morgan followed Graham inside the cool house and burst into tears.  “Oh Graham, what am I going to do?  I lost my job and I cannot pay my rent.  I know Shiv has said repeatedly I could stay here with you guys, but I just can’t put you guys out like that!”

“Enough!” Graham barked at his sister-in-law.  Morgan actually jumped back and was startled out of her tears.


“You will move your stuff in here this week.  You will stay here tonight.  You are part of our family Morgan.  You will stay with us until you get back on your feet.  You and the baby.  We aren’t taking no for an answer!”


“Now, we’ll have to do some remodeling of Jack’s room for you and the Nooboo.” Graham continued.  “I know Jack has applied for a political internship in San Myshuno for after he graduates.  It’s in the office near where Siobhan works.  He’ll be moving out soon anyway due to the Land Grant Contract.  Willow Creek is closer to San Myshuno for him anyway,” Graham was sort of just musing aloud at this point.


“Awww Graham thank you so much!” Morgan started crying again as Graham pulled her into a comforting hug.


“Anytime Sis.  Anytime.”

“Now, lay down in here for a bit, at least until Siobhan gets home and we can all talk.  Ugh, I know how this looks.” Graham pushed piles of dirty clothes to the side with his foot and picked up the dishes from the desk.


“It’s fine Graham, thank you again.”

“Oh stop thanking me!” Graham smiled warmly and left Morgan in Jack’s room.  As he closed the door softly he was pretty sure he heard soft sobs.

When the kids arrived home from school Morgan woke up and joined Jack and Graham at the kitchen table.


“…so Aunt Morgan will be taking your room for now son.  I know we’ve talked about you moving out soon as your birthday is in a few weeks.”

“Yep, that’s no problem Dad.  I can just sleep on the couch or crash on Em’s floor.  I’m glad you’re going to stay with us for a while Aunt Morgan!” Jack smiled at his Aunt.

“Me too Jacky, your parents are very kind to let me stay.  And you for giving me your room.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that.  I have to get used to roughing it anyway.  Apparently according to the stupid contract, I have to pay a steep tax for everything I bring.  They want all the purchases bought from the new neighborhood, something about bolstering the economy.” Jack shook his head.

Later, Siobhan came home and she and Emilee helped Morgan into some of the maternity dresses Siobhan still had in the back of her closet.

“Really Morgan,” Siobhan laughed. “You cannot be serious running around with your belly hanging out for the world to see!”


“These shorts and top are pretty much the only thing I could get on lately.” Morgan chuckled.


Morgan changed into the clothing that Siobhan offered, while Siobhan changed out of her work suit.

“I think she looked cool Mom!” Emilee said.  “This dress is really pretty on her too though.”


“I think it looks better with your red hair and fair skin than it ever did on me Morgan.” Siobhan smiled at her Sister wearing one of her dresses.


Graham came in, “Em, run down stairs while I talk to you Mom and Morgan.  Maybe start heating up the garlic noodles for dinner.”

“Ok Dad.”

“Morgan, you’re going to sleep up here with Siobhan tonight.  I’m going to crash over at Paulo’s just for tonight.  Then we’ll get started on remodeling Jack’s room for you and the baby.”

12-03-16_10-13-03 PM.jpg

“Oh, thank you Graham, I hope I’m no trouble.”

“No, it’s no trouble at all Sis, it’s just that Jack has a big test tomorrow.  So we want him to have time to study and get a good night’s rest.” Siobhan explained.

“You are both too kind, I’m so grateful.”

Siobhan just reached over and squeezed her sister’s hand.




14 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.25

    • Hahahaha I know!! That’s one thing I like but also dislike about TS4 compared to TS3 I like that it’s so easy to design wardrobe for pregnancy but with TS3 your sim would immediately change into maternity clothing that was more appropriate!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That was so nice of Graham to open his house and take Morgan and her baby in. And Jack was so sweet giving up his bed to his Aunt. Morgan looked so much better when she got a change of clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha for some reason I absolutely love to dress pregnant Sims!! Their big round bellies just look so sweet in many of the clothes options! I also like to make sure they are always in stuff that looks stretchy or flowy and flat shoes!!


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