LUC: House 001.26

It didn’t take long and Jack’s room was remodeled for Morgan.  It was decorated in her favorite colors and she found fitting in to life with the Whittaker’s pretty easy.


“So this is the office building where I’m going to work!” Jack showed a picture of the office he’d been offered an intern position for in San Myshuno.


“That’s fantastic Jack,” Emilee said with a hitch in her voice.

“What’s wrong Em?”

“I’m just sad to see you leaving.  You’ve always been my friend and tormentor ever since we were kids.  You’re my big brother Jack.  I love you!”

“Awww, don’t worry kid, I’ll get my place set up in Willow Creek soon enough and you can come visit!”  He playfully punched his sister on the shoulder.

Graham put the finishing touches on the batter and then gently poured the cake mix into the pan.


Today was Siobhan’s birthday and she had insisted on no frills.  “Chocolate cake isn’t frills.  Even if I did put globs of peanut butter inside like she likes,” Graham said to his MySims dolls.

“Happy Birthday Siobhan!” Graham pushed the plunger on the confetti rocket.


“Oh, this is far too much!” Siobhan cried in delight.

“Make a wish Mom!” Emilee called as she came to sit down.

“Not near enough for the woman of my dreams, the mother of my kids and the love of my life,” Graham said smiling.


“Thank you Graham,” Siobhan whispered huskily as she hugged her husband.

“Umm Mom? I hope you don’t mind, I sorta cut your cake!” Emilee laughed.


Siobhan cleared her throat, “No dear, that’s fine.  That’s just fine.”


Only a short time after Siobhan’s birthday, Morgan went into labor!  Graham was the only one home as Siobhan hadn’t yet retired though she considered it each morning she had to leave their cozy warm bed.

Graham called a taxi and gently helped Morgan into the car.  He called Siobhan from the cab as Morgan practiced her breathing and squeezed the heck out of Graham’s hand.

“Tell her to huuuurrrry!” Morgan gasped as another contraction ripped through her. “I need my sister with me!”

“Shhhh Nooboo, Uncle Graham loves you!  Yes he does!”  Graham offered little Jonathan a warmed bottle.

The baby made little gurgling noises as he suckled happily at the bottle.


“Shhh, let’s have a big burp, good boy, that’s it,” Graham soothed the infant and placed him back in the bassinet.


“You’re the image of your father Jonathan.” Graham could see the classic Villareal chin.  He hoped Morgan wasn’t too hasty in moving out, but he felt the family would likely be reunited before long.


Welcome Jonathan Fyres!

Morgan continued to doze as Graham quietly left the room.




A/N: Just a bit of behind the scenes info.  I had no clue who the baby’s father was until he was born and I could look at his family tree!!  I worked all this about Morgan and Hugo Villareal dating into the story!  Another benefit of play first, write later!  Here is how I even learned about Morgan, Graham really was doing his collection rounds when I was like, “Is that Morgan?” and ran him up to her.  I decided quickly that pregnant, single and unemployed meant she was moving in with her Sister’s family.  (I have MCCC set up so “ask if single” a friendly and not a romantic interaction.)




22 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.26

    • Hee hee!! Actually Simslover, I didn’t make Siobhan over! I should have but alas her time has passed in my current game. She’ll look like this through her time in Jacks generation!! Thank you as always for reading!!

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  1. I love the comment at the beginning of the chapter when Emilee called Jack “her friend and tormentor” that is exactly how siblings act toward each other.

    Graham was so sweet with the baby. I have to admit that I thought it was your plan to have Graham and Siobbhan adopt Morgan’s baby also.

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