LUC: House 001.27

“Dad, there is absolutely no way you can beat me at SimGolf!” Emilee argued with her father.


“I don’t know what to tell you honey, but I’ve been practicing!  Aunt Morgan and I have been playing while you and Jack are at school!”


“I’ll still have to see it to believe it, and there is no way you can beat Jack!  He’s such a nerd! He could play with a fist tied behind his back!” Emilee laughed.


“Bring it on little girl!” Graham laughed with his daughter.

“So, Dad is convinced he can beat us at SimGolf.” Emilee explained the following afternoon.  We have to challenge him and win!”

“Ok, show me that strats site you were looking at,” her brother leaned in to peer at her screen.  “Oh yeah, I read about those tricks.” Jack looked thoughtfully at the phone.


“Think you can do them?”

“We’ll see!” Jack said.

A few nights later, the game was on.  The trio gathered around the TV and put in the SimGolf game.

“What the hell Dad!” Jack complained!


“Just a little ass kicking Son!” Graham laughed.


“Dad, I cannot believe you’ve gotten so awesome at this!  Em and I have beaten you for years! Even when we were kids!”

As the game concluded with Graham’s high score flashing he announced, “Ok kids, hit the books.  Jack, that final exam before Graduation is tomorrow isn’t it?”

“Yes Dad.” Jack tossed his controller down still irritated.

“Well, let’s get at it.  You too Em.” Graham ushered the kids off the console game.


Far too soon and Jack was celebrating his final birthday in the Whittaker home.  He would be given about a week to finalize everything, but soon after his birthday he’d have to move out to Willow Creek and continue the Land Grant project.

“Happy Birthday Son,” Graham smiled warmly at his son and first born.


To be continued…

in Drifter House: 002!

Thank you so much for reading.

Epilogue: Graham and Siobhan grew old together in the house that Graham started, but the two of them worked to build together and raised their children in together.  They never were able to conceive that third child, but they loved and helped to take care of Jonathan as long as Morgan lived with them.

Morgan eventually reconciled and married Hugo Villareal, though he was very unhappy at first that she hidden her pregnancy from him.  He was thrilled to be a father though and doted on his wife and son.

As for Emilee…well, her story will continue a bit with Jack’s in House 002.


Final House Pics



16 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.27

    • Thank you very much for reading! Nope, honestly it’s because even though in the story timeline Siobhan aged to elder about a week from Jack aging to YA, they were literally celebrated in game immediately after. There was no time really because once Jack is YA – I’m done with that house!

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  1. I loved this! I have so much respect for those of you with the patience to make stories out of these challenges. Especially with uncontrollable sims! Good job. Can’t wait for 002 to start and see how Jack does fighting the government.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading Rainy!! It means so much to me to have my Drifter family checking in with my stories. Now that Grahams generation is through I’m going to complete Jack’s story then possibly put my Drifters on hiatus while I start my Coven Challenge!

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