LUC: House 001.28 – The House – The End Drifter House 001!

Graham Whittaker set out on an empty lot in Oasis Springs.


In the end, the house looked like this:


Inside the House looked like this:

First Floor – Open Concept – Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen and Office Space.  Jack’s Bedroom and 1/2 bath (toilet & sink only)


View from Dining Area toward Front Door


View from Living Room toward Dining Area and rear of house


View from Dining Area to Kitchen and Office Space


Photo Collage of Graham’s Life (Later added Emilee’s Teen Photo too)


View from Jack’s Bedroom Door (and Photo Collage pictured in previous) toward Office Space


Jack’s Room – this was later redecorated for Morgan and Jonathan – size didn’t change

Upstairs – 2nd Floor – Graham & Siobhan’s room, full bath, Emilee’s room, and an outdoor patio/balcony.


Common Space, top of stairs.  Small balcony ahead


Little Balcony – decorative only – no-one ever went out here


Graham & Siobhan’s room


Photo Collage – Above their bed


Master Bedroom


Family’s full bath (there is an un-pictured 1/2 bath on the first floor near Jack’s room


Outdoor balcony/patio space


Emilee’s Room


Teenage girly stuff

That’s all for the tour!

End of Drifter House 001 – House Value in game $40,712, Gallery $46,827
Cash on Hand – $15,439
Graham Whittaker – Elder 6/10 days
Siobhan (Fyres) Whittaker – Elder 0/10 days
Morgan Fyres – Adult 9/20 days
Jack Whittaker – Young Adult 0/20 days
Emilee Whittaker – Teen 4/13 days
Jonathan Fyres – Baby

I thought you all may like a little preview of our Heir right before he set out for his own adventures:

Here’s a sneak peak of our House 002 Heir – Jack Whittaker as a YA:


PS – These pictures may or may not be coming with Jack to House 002.


Whittaker: House 002

A/N – Thank you all for joining Graham on his journey!  There will be a hiatus of Life Under Construction while I play and then write the story for Jack Whittaker and House 002!  Which unfortunately has taken even longer than originally anticipated as I ended up with a house 002 fail and had to restart.


13 thoughts on “LUC: House 001.28 – The House – The End Drifter House 001!

    • Jack’s journey is going to be something. That’s for sure!! I’m actively working now to set up screenshots staying completely within the rules, but still attempting to portray what I want to write about! Thanks again for the compliment about the house, this is my favorite build to date!

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