BtB: 01 – Ingratiate Yourself

Welcome to my new story Blood that Binds!  Updates for this story will be weekly.  Most updates will occur on either Saturday or Sunday morning.


The taxi pulled up to the circular drive and Gothic gate outside of Straud Manor.

“Straud Mansion Lady,” the taxi driver’s eyebrows raised as he looked at her in the rear view mirror.  “You sure you don’t want to go someplace different?  A looker like you could certainly do well in the artsy side of San Myshuno!”


Elizabeth casually tossed the cab fare plus a far too generous tip his direction, not daring to touch his hand.  “Keep the change,” she said her voice low and melodic.  “You dropped me at a highrise apartment in San Myshuno,” she said looking into his eyes.  “I was meeting a friend for lunch then heading back to the airport tonight.”

“Heading back to… Hey Lady, you need a ride to the airport later?”

Elizabeth sighed and grabbed the driver’s hand and pulled him close, her forehead became lumpy and veins appeared all over her beautiful porcelain skin.


You dropped me at a highrise apartment in San Myshuno,” She repeated slowly, her red eyes locked with the frightened man’s.  Her intoxicating breath washed over the helpless driver.  “I was meeting a friend for lunch then heading back to the airport tonight.

The driver looked a bit dazed, “…airport tonight…

The woman smiled and nodded.  She stepped out of the taxi, her features returned to normal and she rushed toward the Manor.  As the taxi drove away, the tires crunched on the gravel and a crow cawed in a nearby tree.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and began to climb the stairs with some caution.  She had to get out of the morning sun, but she was feeling her bravado fading as she approached the imposing front door.


Suddenly the large doors swung open and a very thin stately looking gentleman approached her.

“Elizabeth Stafford?” the man’s deep baritone rattled her a bit.  A man as rail thin as he was had no right to possess that deep and commanding of a voice.

“Yes,” she said with more confidence than she felt.

“I could practically feel that man’s fear as he drove away.  How dare you show your dark form in front of my home?


“I was trying to make certa…”

SILENCE!” he roared as he raised his hands to his forehead and began to concentrate.


“He remembers nothing.  He will return to his taxi dispatch with no knowledge of you or having brought you here.”

“You could do that?  Even though he must be half a mile down the road?”

“Of course I can, you don’t get to be my age without knowing a few things.”


“Now, come inside, I’m certain you had a long trip and need to freshen up.”


“Listen, Count Straud, you have got to teach me those things.  I am a quick learner and I promise I’ll be an excellent student.” Elizabeth pleaded.


“All in good time my dear.  Now, you may call me by my given name Vladislaus.”


“Vladislaus?  That’s such a mouthful, would you mind if I shorten it to Vlad?”

“Yes, I mind.” he replied curtly in that deep voice.  “Now, Miss Stafford your room will be at the top of the stairs.”

Elizabeth climbed the stairs and looked back, “You can call me Liz if you like.  I think I’m going to be Liz here.” she mused.


Liz glanced over the balcony and saw the opulent tapestries lining the walls.  She also saw a pipe organ and a grand piano tucked into an alcove.  “It’s like stepping back in time,” she murmured.  She approached a thick, wooden, double door at the end of the hall.


“Ah ah Miss Stafford,” Vladislaus said clicking his tongue.  “That is my chamber,”  the man gestured to a single wooden door on the right.  “This way if you please.”


“Of course, your chamber.” she muttered as she followed behind.


The room was a bit … purple for her taste.  But it certainly was magnificent.


The bedding looked as opulent as the rest of the manor.  She quite enjoyed the little curtains around the headboard and thought the lamp, even in purple was quite pretty.  It really was more than she deserved coming here and showing up practically a beggar as she had done.  She especially liked the silver designs in the wallpaper that danced and sparkled in the morning light.


“I thought you may enjoy…” Vladislaus gestured to the window.


“Oh my…” she breathed in and took in the beauty of her new neighborhood.

“Welcome to Forgotten Hollow God Daughter.”

BtB: 02 – Weaving

A/N: Welcome to my Coven Challenge – Blood that Binds.


20 thoughts on “BtB: 01 – Ingratiate Yourself

  1. This is great! I can’t wait for the next installment. I love that you’re calling him Vladislaus. 😀 And when I read Elizabeth, I thought of Elizabeth Bathory. lol I laughed at the exchange between the cab driver and Elizabeth. 😀

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