BtB: 03 – Taste

A week passed and true to his word Count Vladislaus Straud had the little cottage down the road from his home signed over to Elizabeth Stafford.

The home was adorable from the exterior.  Elizabeth couldn’t have been more pleased.


“Home sweet home!” she sang out as she slid the key into the lock and opened the door to her very own home for the first time.


“What the…?  Oh my, how many years of grime are on these floors?  They appear to be covered in mud!”

Elizabeth didn’t feel any better as she inspected the room.  She found cracks and holes in most of the walls.


There were deep scars in the wall paper in most rooms and there were even current occupants of the house who seemed less than impressed with the home’s new mistress.


“Excuse me, pardon my intrusion, but this is my home now.  Kindly see yourself out.” Elizabeth said as she glanced down at the rather large spider who had decided to make a home near what was now her only piece of furniture.  The spider merely continued to wrap a fly in silk.


Later that week, Elizabeth was in the Willow Creek library.  Vladislaus had lent her one of his Vampire tomes, but she had nearly finished it and needed to research more about her heritage.  Now that the information seemed to be so freely available to her, she soaked it in like a sponge.  She couldn’t get enough.


A young man came and sat down near Elizabeth as she was searching for the next tome in the series.

“Vampire Britannica?” the man said.  “What…are you one of those people with weird occult interests?” he laughed lightly to show her he didn’t really care.

Elizabeth’s hand tapped the mouse and quickly shut the browser. “What? No, I heard something odd on the radio.  Some nut was claiming to have seen something supernatural.” the woman laughed heartily and instantly saw potential in this young person.  He had a name tag on that had the library logo and figured he must be on the staff.


“So, Naoki, tell me about yourself,” She smiled warmly.  “I’m Liz by the way.” Elizabeth lowered her voice and let her intoxicating breath wash over the man.

“I’m Naoki as you no doubt deduced from my name tag.  I’m the assistant librarian here at the Willow Creek library,” he began.  His eyes began to daze over a bit as Elizabeth’s breath and appearance dazzled him.  Elizabeth nodded and feigned interest in all the boring details of Naoki’s life for the next half hour or so.


“Clearly someone as intelligent as yourself Naoki wouldn’t believe in Vampires now would you?” Elizabeth was attempting some of the mind control she had learned this week from Vladislaus.

“Oh no, of course not,” he said perfectly agreeable.


“Oh, that’s good news.  I’d hate to have to drain you dry and burn your corpse.” Elizabeth said with a sinister glint in her eye.

“You’re hilarious Liz, I believe we’re going to be great friends.” Naoki said chuckling.


Elizabeth looked at the little plasma pack that Vladislaus had sent over.  A small cache of them had appeared in her mailbox the day after she moved into her new house.  The note had said, ‘To further your education about humans.‘ and been signed with a flourished V.

“Ugh, how is this suppose to compare to the warm, thick, sweet syrup that is fresh blood pumping straight from a human’s jugular?”  Her mouth salivated at the thought.  She had tasted her first plasma pack while living beneath Vladislaus’ roof.  She remembered thinking the liquid was cool, thin, mostly flavorless and what flavor there was reminded her of the smell of fish.  Truly unappetizing.  She held the pack in front of her by a corner, the way someone would hold a used tissue.  She shrugged and tossed the pack back in the box and walked out the door.


Elizabeth knew that Vladislaus and a few of the neighboring vampires would disapprove, but she couldn’t stop herself.  She approached the first human she saw and used her mesmerizing voice and beauty to compel him.  Her fangs flicked out and she settled them into his neck, through the skin and into his jugular with a satisfying pop.


The first drops touched her tongue and she knew it would be a lengthy drink.  His blood was sweet and hot.  It lingered on her tongue while she drank.  The thick warm fluid was life giving to her and her heart raced, even as she started to feel the man’s heart beat slow.  She knew her time with him was nearly done.  She couldn’t drain him dry, there would be too many questions if a man died here right after she moved in the neighborhood.

Regretfully she lowered him to the ground and left him unconscious.  As she wiped her mouth she nicked her thumb on one of her razor sharp fangs and smeared her blood lightly over his punctures to seal the wounds and leave only a slightly visible scar.  With luck he would remember nothing when he woke from his slumber and stumbled home to sleep off the effects.   Her cool cheeks were flushed with human blood in an almost angelic blush.

As she rose from the man laying on the sidewalk, she heard someone clear their throat behind her.

“Oh hi Caleb.  You startled me!” Elizabeth tried to seem nonchalant.


“Liz, you know Vladislaus disapproves of feeding on the humans in Forgotten Hollow.  He’s the Grand Master Vampire in this area and we all agree to abide by his rules.  Besides, humans are much more useful than just to-go meals.”

“Caleb, how can you stand those little plasma packs?  They’re awful.  So thin and watery.” Elizabeth turned her charm on the handsome vampire.  “Would you like to come over to my place for a while?” the blood racing through her body made her desire satisfaction in another way.

“I’ll come over tomorrow evening.  It’s my turn to assist in your training.” Caleb said somewhat disgusted.  “And Liz, for god sake.  They are people.”

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A/N: I downloaded the Vampire Family Home from the Gallery.  Original house design by cnriffe.  Thank you, though I did have to delete all of your lovely furnishings and scar and mark the walls.


18 thoughts on “BtB: 03 – Taste

  1. I enjoyed this so much: “…there were even current occupants of the house who seemed less than impressed with the home’s new mistress.” It made me smile and sounds like something I would say lol. Then I laughed when she actually spoke to the critter.

    GAH! My hands are still numb from hearing that pop and imagining what came next. I’m too squeamish for my own good. I hope I can make it through this story! I didn’t think about my aversion to blood in relation to a vampire story. LOL

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’m so glad that line stood out for you!! I must say I have been attempting to channel you a bit. I just love the language you play with in Discovering Juliana and wanted to make this story more rich that way.

      Eeep!! Yes, there will be blood…and lots of it!! I hope it’s not to big a problem to overcome!


  2. I love how Elizabeth gets so caught up in the excitement of a good meal that she invites Caleb over for “dessert.” 😉 (I can’t blame her!) Sometimes it’s just really, really nice to see a vampire who just rocks those fangs without any guilt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hee hee – yeah, she was born a vampire, so for Elizabeth she doesn’t see the fuss of humans. They are food (similar to how Bianca and Byron feel about humans.) I love your phrase of ‘rockin the fangs. Haha. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Liz’s personality and humor. I also love how rebellious she is, although, I do hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble. lol I was cracking up during her exchange with the assistant librarian. So funny! Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another squeamish person here – from what I did read of certain gross scenes, you write very well and vividly 😁

    I’m really liking this story, and I already love Liz – Caleb may not like her so much right now, but I’m sure she’s going to charm the pants off of everyone eventually (especially Caleb’s pants)


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