BtB: 04 -Within the Rules

“You know Liz, Caleb told me about your little indiscretion here in the neighborhood last night.  Vlad isn’t going to like that,” Lilith told her.

‘She sounds as if she genuinely cares if I am able to remain in Forgotten Hollow.’ Elizabeth thought.


“You’re right Lilith,” Elizabeth cast her eyes downward.  “I’ll do better to follow the rules.”

“Good girl!  We’d hate to have ol’ Vlad send you packing.  Besides, I think my brother may have a crush on you!” Lilith winked conspiratorially.

If Elizabeth were human she may have actually blushed.  “Well, the feeling may be returned, at least a little,” Elizabeth caught herself giggling.  ‘What am I 13 and not nearly 130 years old?’

Elizabeth couldn’t help thinking of Lilith’s words when Caleb came over later that night for her training session as he had promised the night before.  Caleb may be interested in her romantically?  Why hadn’t he taken advantage of the situation last night then when she was so obviously wanting to progress.

“Now, this one allows you to befuddle and mesmerize your target, even cause them to see hallucinations.  We’ve worked on this before.” a greenish haze appeared from his hands as he chanted.


“Caleb, do you find me attractive?” Elizabeth said in her silkiest low tone.

“What?” he actually flew back from her a few feet.


“You heard me, do you find me attractive?”

“I’d have to be blind to not think so.”

“So why didn’t you want to come back here to my place last night?  We could have had a little night cap and everything.” Elizabeth pouted a bit.

“Liz, listen.  Humans are people.  I don’t agree with feeding on them at all.  I know Lilith and Vladislaus do, but not me.  I consider myself a vegetarian.  I drink plasma packs or I survive on animals if the thirst becomes too great and I need something richer.”

“So seeing me in a heightened state after feeding actually turned you off?” Elizabeth mused.  That was a new one!

“Yes.” he said quietly.  “Now, let’s continue,”  All business once again.

Later that evening Elizabeth went back in the Willow Creek Library.  It was almost closing time, but she’d used her power of persuasion to get the head librarian to remain open a bit longer for her.  She made up excuses about being far from home and having long work days and no computer at home.  When he was starting to become a bit annoying about closing, she made sure no one was around to see her and she used the mesmerize power on him as Caleb had taught her.



“Why thank you! I’d love a cup of tea!  Tea?  Sounds delightful! Thank you!”

“Dear Gwen,

I’m ready.  I’m getting stronger and more knowledgeable by the day.  The time is approaching that I’ll soon have you all with me.  I realize that you and Duane are my lieutenants, but we cannot trust Stanley to be left alone with Gabriel’s coven too long.  You know I don’t trust Stanley any further than I can throw him, the large lump! 

I really want you and Duane here to help me continue, learn, train, ready the plans, build our food supply and just make ready for the rest, but I need you and Duane to keep a close eye on Stanley.  You two will have to be the last ones now I think.  Send Brooke and Hudson first as planned.  The poor guy will be loathe to be without her, and she probably misses me so just send them first.”  Victoria smiled softly for just a moment while thinking of her little ‘sister’.

“Who’s Gwen?” a voice said over her shoulder.  Victoria’s smile vanished into a thin line and she snapped her head around and saw the librarian peering over her shoulder.  She quickly minimized the email window.

“My friend from back home.  She’s coming to visit soon.”  Elizabeth worked to keep the irritation from her voice.

“Lucky friend,” The librarian looked her up and down dragging his eyes slowly across her breasts.

It took everything Elizabeth had not to roll her eyes.  Instead she invited him to sit next to her on a nearby bench.  “Hey, I’m Liz.  I’d love to know all about you and maybe have a drink sometime,” she smiled seductively.


“Oh that’d be great, I’m Alfred.  Give me your number!” he said as he pulled out his phone.  She gave him her phone number in her low intoxicating voice.

She decided that meeting him wasn’t a total loss and she could probably use him in her plans.  Besides, she was feeling thirsty.  She wasn’t in Forgotten Hollow and there was no one else around.


Alfred was honestly one of the best tasting humans she’d had recently, maybe ever.  She couldn’t get enough.  His thick sweet blood rolled over her tongue and down her throat in waves.  She held him firmly but oh so gently.  She had drank from many humans and knew that it could be a pleasant experience for the person.  Elizabeth felt Alfred’s hands flail against her sides.  He was a kitten struggling with a doberman.

The feeling of his struggle, combined with the sweet intoxication of his blood excited her to the core and she drank even more deeply.  He moaned, the sound was low and sultry in Elizabeth’s ears.  His hands stopped struggling and actually gripped her backside and pulled her more tightly against him.  Alfred was no longer trying to push her away.  She could feel his arousal on the front of her body as they pressed together.


His blood rushed through her system as she felt herself climbing toward a frenzied peak. Too soon she felt his heart slowing and she knew her time was nearly done with him.  It was a struggle for her to push herself away from him, the only thing that enabled her to show restraint and pull her fangs from his neck was the idea that if she drained him, she would never taste his blood again.  As she gently led him to the ground she whispered, “You, Alfred, were truly delicious.  Thanks for that drink.”  She brushed his hair into place with her fingertips and sealed the wounds on his neck.  His cheeks were pale, but there was a silly grin on his face.

Elizabeth’s cheeks by comparison were glowing pink as she walked slowly back to the computer and resumed her email.


“Send Stanley next.  Just have him bring Daisy with him and then you and Duane bring Spencer in a few more weeks.  I’ll be ready for the whole group then.

Gwen my dear friend, I cannot wait to see you soon.  You’re going to love the buffet here.


Elizabeth clicked send on the email as she wiped a small drop of blood from the edge of her mouth and peered over at the librarian lying peacefully on the floor.


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28 thoughts on “BtB: 04 -Within the Rules

  1. The coven grows! (Soon!) Liz doesn’t mess around. Well, she does, but in a good way. >:) She seemed to have a nice, fun meal with that librarian…! That was an awesome drinking scene. She’s so much fun to read about.

    And now I ship her and Caleb. Turn him to the awesome side, Elizabeth!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eee, great chapter! Liz is so ballsy, I love her and her wickedness >:)
    I’m right up there on the deck of the Liz/Caleb (Calebeth?) ship with our Lady L
    Can’t wait to meet the rest of the coven as they trickle in 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I loved this so much. “If Elizabeth were human she may have actually blushed.” I never really thought about them not having the blood to flush their cheeks lol. Nice touch!
    Gosh, that librarian looks so much like John Jones LOL. Oh wait, sorry…I forgot you haven’t embarked upon the KUWTJ crazy train yet. When you do, you’ll laugh!
    I can’t imagine having the blood drained from being a pleasant experience, but if she says so LOL. I’m totally curious about all these people she keeps requesting. Somebody’s up to no good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm no good? Maybe not (yet) but my coven page (linked on the index) will give you an idea of the characters who are coming. Basically the backstory is she was in a patriarchal coven and has defected to Forgotten Hollow to start a new life and she’s convinced 7 others to come with her. 🙂 I’m so grateful you’re reading. You’re always going to tell me what you like and what seems like drama for drama sake. *wink*

      Liked by 1 person

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