BtB: 07 – Not much Longer

“Liz, I’m off to school!” Brooke called up the stairs.

“Ok, learn lots!” Elizabeth called down.  “See you this afternoon!”

03-17-17_11-55-30 AM

“See you later,” Hudson looked at Brooke with a smile and an intensity that made Brooke’s stomach flutter.

“‘kay.  See ya.” the teen smiled shyly and then looked down at her shoes while leaving.  The sun didn’t hurt her yet.  It wasn’t until she became an adult vampire that she had to worry about the sun burning her.  Brooke was glad because the sun was warm and inviting on her pale skin as she walked to the bus stop.

03-17-17_12-01-47 PM

She was going to miss the warmth in a few weeks when she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sun anymore.

Elizabeth bounced down the stairs into the family room in time to see the door closing softly. She noticed Hudson staring out the window as Brooke walked down the sidewalk.

03-17-17_11-59-06 AM

The two youngest of her coven had arrived nearly three weeks ago.  Things had transitioned relatively smoothly and they were preparing for the arrival of two more any day now.

Elizabeth moved to the new sofa, style courtesy of Vladislaus.  She patted the cushion near her and motioned for the young vampire to take a seat near her.

“I’m glad you and Brooke brought all of that extra jewelry Hudson.  Being able to discreetly pawn it has helped out wonders around this place as well as making improvements over at the stable.”

03-17-17_12-03-42 PM

Hudson glanced at Elizabeth and nodded vaguely.  “Yeah, ol’ Gabriel will never miss those things that Brooke and I stole.  I’m pretty sure Stanley and Daisy are bringing even more!” Hudson said with a hearty deep laugh.

03-17-17_12-10-44 PM

“I need to write Gwen again.  She cannot bring anymore of those jewels when she, Duane and Spencer come.  Stanley and Daisy have to bring the last of it.  Gabriel will begin to notice!”

“Relax Liz, I doubt he even knows we’re gone!”

03-17-17_12-05-54 PM

“I hope you’re right about that.  However it’s not going to be too long that he notices eight of his coven have gone!  I can only hope he dislikes me enough to not bother coming looking for us!”

Elizabeth turned from the young man.  “You and Brooke did a great job of helping me clean up this place.  I’m surprised you were even able to repair the bigger of the holes in the walls.”

“YouTube.  You can learn just about anything,” Hudson shrugged.  “This place was a dump when we arrived Liz!”

03-17-17_12-04-24 PM

Elizabeth had the grace to look embarrassed.  “Well, I didn’t have a lot of time to be researching things did I?  What with preparing the house and getting our food supply in place.  I’m just glad my art is really starting to sell and we can continue to make these improvements.”

Hudson held up his hands, “Hey hey now, I wasn’t complaining! I am glad to be here.  I know Brooke is too!”

03-17-17_12-03-58 PM

Elizabeth heard the slightly possessive way the young man said Brooke’s name.

“Oh, I am glad about that new young women and the two young men you and Brooke have gotten to join the stable.  I appreciate you both being discreet about things too.”

“Well, those plasma packs are disgusting,” Hudson wrinkled his nose.  “Anything to help improve our chances of fresh human blood.”

“Yeah, I agree.  I have no clue how these vampires around here do it.  Including my Godfather.  Caleb won’t feed from humans at all.  He exists almost completely on those vile little bags.”

03-17-17_12-04-51 PM

Elizabeth looked over at Hudson and narrowed her brows.  “I’m going to need to start choosing humans to turn to join our coven.  I want them trustworthy though.  I want really good additions.  Start keeping an eye on that ok?”

Hudson nodded without really paying attention.  He had a far away look in his eyes.

03-17-17_12-08-12 PM

“Also, Hudson, I mentioned this to Brooke, but rotate who you feed on at the stable, and don’t let them get too attached to you. Ok?”

“Hmm?” Hudson shook himself a bit.

03-17-17_12-09-15 PM

“I said, I don’t want the humans getting too attached so rotate who you feed on, male and female alike ok?  You know the attachments that can form by frequent feeding.”  She looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, got it Liz.  No problem.” the young man said with his usual deep laugh.

03-17-17_12-10-44 PM

“Good, I’m going to see Naoki at the library I need an inventory of what the Stable needs for my next order.  Ugh, Alfred may be there too.  I need to talk to him soon.  He keeps wanting me to turn him.”  Elizabeth wiped at the corner of her mouth without thought.  Almost as if she had begun salivating just thinking of Alfred.

Hudson didn’t appear to be paying attention again.  Elizabeth sighed and dropped it.  “I’ll be home before Brooke returns from school.  I think Stanley and Daisy are arriving tonight or maybe tomorrow.  We need more humans in the stable.  They seem to need a day or two to recover after a feeding and we don’t want to use them too often.”  She stood up and headed for the front door.  “Hey Hudson?  Maybe look for a job today ok?”

“Hmmm?  Ok Liz.” he waved halfheartedly as she walked out the front door.

03-17-17_12-15-26 PM

After Elizabeth left.  Hudson made his way downstairs to the corridor of bedrooms Elizabeth had made ready for their arrival.

03-17-17_12-18-21 PM03-17-17_12-19-07 PM

He and Brooke had helped her put finishing touches on everything.  Most of the doors were locked, waiting for their new occupants.  All of the rooms would be filled before too much longer.  Two more rooms would probably be filled tonight.

He gravitated to Brooke’s room, opened the door and flicked on the light.

03-17-17_12-20-14 PM

It was a teenager’s space for certain and she’d already put all her favorite posters on the walls as well as decorated in her favorite colors.  He picked up a sweater she’d left laying on the chair near her desk and held the cloth to his nose.

03-17-17_12-28-07 PM

He felt her scent wash over him and felt the saliva pool in his mouth.  She still smelled so good to him.  He felt a firmness in the front of his jeans and tossed the sweater back on the chair.

He spread himself across her bed and buried his face in her pillow.  He stuck his tongue out and touched the tip to her cool cotton pillow case.  His tongue seemed electrified with her scent.  He couldn’t help it, he knew he was obsessed.

03-17-17_12-32-26 PM

He was only a few years older than her though even in vampire years he wasn’t much older than the girl.  It was becoming so hard for him to play it cool with her.  She was so shy and soft, even in her burgeoning vampire strength.  Hudson had enjoyed watching her grow and change these last few weeks since they had joined Elizabeth in Forgotten Hollow.  Brooke had always been so bashful in their old home within Gabriel’s coven.  She had found adjusting to this new life as a vampire so difficult at first.

Hudson had noticed that Brooke had only fed from the humans in the stable a few times since coming here.  He noticed nearly everything about her.  She didn’t seem to have the same reservations as he and Elizabeth did about the plasma packs.

03-17-17_11-42-39 AM

“It’s sorta like a juice box!” Brooke had laughed when Hudson asked her how she could drink the packs.  “I used to take juice boxes every day in my lunch to school!”

03-17-17_11-41-47 AM03-17-17_11-41-35 AM

Hudson just smiled.  He enjoyed seeing Brooke happy.  He had of course seen her a few times after feeding from humans and recognized the same longing for fulfillment after feeding.  He could see the pink stain in her cheeks and the brightness in her eyes.  She wanted something…more.  He knew what her body was craving.  It was always there for him, sometimes even while feeding but the longing increased when he’d finished.

03-17-17_12-37-23 PM

He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he could show Brooke everything and give her what she was craving.

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26 thoughts on “BtB: 07 – Not much Longer

  1. I LOVED this chapter! So glad to see the coven grow, and you were smart to introduce them a couple at a time. Already I’m invested in Brooke and Hudson’s relationship (or maybe one-sided obsession is a better term for it?). I’ll BET he’d like to give her what she’s craving, LOL. Liz is going to have her hands full with young vampires in the house! And there are still so many other vamps on the way.

    Liked by 5 people

    • I considered an even bigger time jump and just having the entire coven in place in this chapter. But I figured bringing them in 2 or 3 at a time instead would allow for a small amount of character exploration at first. I’d originally planned Hudson and Brooke to be a couple, but … I may be changing my mind. Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot to me. ❤

      Liked by 3 people

      • You don’t have to thank me, silly! ❤ You know I love your story and can't wait to see what GoT-esque stuff you have in store. 😉 I have to say, I enjoy the mature elements!

        And I definitely think the 2 or 3 at a time is perfect. I know that in some stories, when there are a bunch of characters introduced at once (especially after a time jump), I'm like ???????? Who are these people? LOL!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Right?! Yes, all of that…thank you for commenting with what is already in my head (again)…and also I’m looking forward to the seeing the stables (and who is in there!)…I LIKE HOUSE TOURS OK.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Hee hee I was thinking of you when I showed Brooke’s room! We’ll see all the characters rooms as I spent far too much time thinking about their decor and personalities while assembling the rooms.

        We’ll also start to meet the stable humans too. I’ve used several of Munterbacons boredom cuties so they need to be shown off!! ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha G and I were watching scyfy ‘s the Magicians this past week. They are tagging it as Narnia meets GoT. (Which is sorta dumb it’s more Narnia meets HP but whatevs). I told him my story should be tagged Twilight meets GoT. I certainly plan on the story overall getting a little darker in some chapters but I think the level of arousal and a bit of mature implication (firmness in trousers etc) is about as mature as the story will go. However there may be some really tough sections we’ll see how graphic I decide to be with them. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, Hudson/Brooke (Hooke?)…I ship it!
    Even if it *is* a little one sided at this point (as far as we know anyhow); nothing wrong with a mostly one-sided romance right? RIGHT? ( ❤ Darius )
    The house is really starting to come together, and I like the shabby/chic/gothic vampire vibe going on upstairs, tbh; and the basement idea…I'm really curious about the stables too!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hee hee – I’m certain Brooke is at the least flattered by Hudson’s attention, but I would doubt she has any clue how intense he feels about her. I just finished the stable yesterday and we’ll certainly be seeing it. I actually just expanded the starter little shack that comes standard in Forgotten Hollow. The tall thin house next door to the empty lot. I really love what I did with it too so we’ll for sure have some of the vampires spending time there.

      The upstairs of the coven house was a download. The basement was all my creation – mostly I took the premade-rooms in buy mode and plunked them down then changed colors and added clutter and decor that fit the personality of the occupant. Thank you so much for reading!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Okay, I was going to say a lot of the things that are already said now in other comments. 😀 I really enjoyed this read! 🙂 “YouTube. You can learn just about anything…” bwaahaaahaa! Right?! I think I spend most of my time on YouTube. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      • YAY, YouTube! 😀 I’m an R.N. and one time I was starting an IV on a patient and right before I began, the patient, who was a little nervous, asked me if I’d done this before. So, I said (rather cheekily), “No, but I’ve seen the YouTube video!” I half expected the patient to kick me out of the room but she saw I was joking and she started laughing. I assured her at that point that I’d done many, many IV’s and the procedure went without a hitch. 😛 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Goodness…I’d love to see more of Alfred…trying hard to understand Liz’s motivations. I guess she had a falling out with her other coven? I’m shipping her with Caleb…well, I ship any vampire with Caleb. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll be completely honest I don’t have a firm outline yet. I like the idea of Caleb ALOT!! But I also don’t love the idea of a premade being a romantic interest in my story as there are always some preconceived notions of premades. 🙂 I think I’m going to try getting an outline together this week at least for the current arc!!


  5. Oh this was a great chapter! Liz is starting to have minions, but unfortunately said minions have a mind of their own too. It’s hard to tell right now if Hudson’s crush is sweet or dangerous…but with a vampire, can anyone really know for sure? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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