BtB: 09 – Introductions

Warning: NSFW Images

Elizabeth spent the next week getting used to having Stanley and Daisy living so close again.

“She’s not really the sharpest,” Elizabeth said softly to Caleb when he stopped by to meet the new folks and monitor their training.

04-13-17_2-38-39 PM

Caleb smiled in that sexy way Elizabeth loved.  She understood now that there wouldn’t ever be anything between them.  Caleb was just too good and Elizabeth couldn’t be with someone who she knew would always be judging her.  She wasn’t going to hide who she was either.

“Well, she doesn’t have to be smart anyway does she?  Isn’t it better for you if she is easily led?  If she’s as strong as you and Hudson have said, she’ll be a good soldier in your coven as it grows.”

“Yes, she’s sweet, like a loyal dog.”

Caleb winced.  “You really can say the worst things sometimes Liz.”

04-13-17_2-41-17 PM

“It’s called honesty my dear.”

“Whatever,” He said changing the subject.  “How about the other guy.  Stanley?”

“Ugh,” Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Yes, Stanley.  He weaseled his way in here by threatening to tell Gabriel our plans.  Gwen, you’ll meet her next week by the way, said better to bring him along and get settled here rather than risk Gabriel trying to stop eight of his coven from leaving.  There may have been pretty severe ramifications depending on how upset he was.”

04-13-17_2-49-01 PM

“Are we under any threat from this Gabriel when he finds out?” Caleb looked sharply.

“Nothing we can’t handle Caleb dear,” Elizabeth stroked his cheek and smiled.

04-13-17_2-47-15 PM

Caleb pushed her hand away and turned.  “When are you planning on starting to turn the humans?”  He said with his opinion written all over his face.

“Christ Caleb!  I’m not a monster.  They will be well aware of what’s going on, hell I have Alfred practically begging me to turn him every time we’re together.  I’m not going to force someone into this life, but if they are right for the coven and want to join, I have full support of Vlad to grow our line.”

04-13-17_2-50-00 PM

“Vladislaus,” Caleb said distinctly. “You’ve actually talked to him then about this?”

“Of course I have, I’m no fool to go against the Grand Master Vampire in this part of the world.”

“Well I guess I cannot change your mind.”

“No, I’m set on this course.”

“Well, I suppose maybe I’ll see you later at the stable,” he said the word as if poisonous.

Elizabeth looked at Caleb’s retreating form and not for the first time regretted what could never be.  “We’re just too different,” she muttered as he left.

04-13-17_2-51-56 PM

“I love a party! It’s so cool Naoki invited us all over to meet the two new house members!” Brooke was talking a mile a minute as the five vampires walked over to the stable.

04-13-17_2-59-55 PM

“It’s a good opportunity too for Daisy and Stanley to get to know them as well,” Elizabeth agreed.

“I hope it’s been long enough for Teagan to be fed from again,” Hudson mused as he looked ahead.

“Hudson, I hope you’re rotating like we talked,” Elizabeth narrowed her eyes.

“Sure, sure Liz, don’t sweat it!” Hudson smiled warmly.

04-13-17_3-00-40 PM

“Eliz….ummm Liz?” Daisy seemed uneasy.  The young woman hadn’t easily adjusted to not calling her Elizabeth as they always had at home.  “How many are here anyway?”

Elizabeth counted on her fingers.  “Naoki and Alfred since the beginning.  Then Teagan, Rene and Kody,” Elizabeth smiled at Brooke and Hudson.  “Those two were invitations by our dynamic duo.  Newest additions are Averie and Hannah.  I think they were library patrons that Naoki and Alfred noticed were always looking at supernatural books and websites.  So seven total.”

“Pretty convenient to have food right next door anyway,” Stanley grunted.

04-13-17_3-04-10 PM

“Well, no feeding tonight,” Elizabeth was stern.

“What?  Awww Dude, Liz, that’s not fair!” Hudson threw his arms up.

“I meant Daisy and Stanley, calm down Hudson.  The stable members need to get a chance to get used to them.

“Oh. ‘kay.”

“Oh, but don’t feed in front of the new people.  Take her somewhere discreet.”  Elizabeth couldn’t help but stress her, but didn’t think Hudson noticed.  Elizabeth could tell Teagan reminded Hudson of Brooke and the older vampire was certain the young man wasn’t following the directive to rotate his feeding partner.  ‘Teagan may have to join our coven sooner than later if it becomes a problem.‘ Elizabeth thought.

04-13-17_3-01-38 PM

“Wuzzup blood suckas!” Rene said with a huge grin as he opened the door.  The music was pulsing and the TV was on.  The entire house glowed with light and seemed alive.

Elizabeth handed Rene a bottle of wine and walked past him.  The others filed in behind her.

04-13-17_3-24-17 PM

One of the newest girls, Averie was dancing and laughing with Kody.  The girl certainly had dance moves.  She was quite pretty too and already flirting with Kody.

04-13-17_3-31-14 PM

Elizabeth was always on the look out for potential breeding humans too.  She hadn’t made a final decision yet, but was going to talk to Gwen about the male vampires breeding with the humans if the females were interested in becoming mothers.  Elizabeth was not looking forward to having that conversation with Vlad and getting approval.  She decided if she and Gwen made the decision that it would be an organic type thing and she would rather seek forgiveness than permission that could be denied.

“Rene, have Caleb, Lillith and the Count arrived?” Brooke asked as she passed him on her way into the house.

04-13-17_3-34-38 PM

“Naw girl.  I ain’t even sure the Count is coming.  He never texted back!”

“Ha! That’ll be the day when Count Straud actually uses the technology he owns.  No, he may arrive, but it will be a bat flying over head then knocking on your door.”  Hudson laughed and Rene raised his hand for a high five.

04-13-17_3-36-12 PM

“You got that right bro!”

“Oh Rene, this is Daisy Chien and Stanley Kern!” Brooke said offering introductions as Daisy and Stanley stood awkwardly near the door.

“Nice nice!” Rene nodded at Daisy and held his hand out to Stanley.  “Yeah bud, real nice to meet more of Liz’s peeps.”

Stanley shook Rene’s hand awkwardly.

04-13-17_3-40-11 PM

“A’ight!” Rene said to Daisy, “Yo girl, you got some fresh moves?”

“What?” Daisy looked confused.

“Do you dance?”  Rene asked.

“Umm sure, I guess.” Daisy followed Rene over to where Averie and Kody were dancing.

04-13-17_3-45-56 PM

“…and then I told him of course I’m up for anything once.  Twice if I like it!” Averie held her sides laughing.  “I’m just glad I’ll be rooming with Hannah, I’ve known her since we were in high school!”

Kody was doing a typical shuffle two steps left and right with his arms locked at his sides while Averie was looking like a professional dancer around him.

04-13-17_3-47-29 PM

Stanley sat on the couch near a pretty young woman with dark hair.  “I’m Stanley,” he murmured.  “Whatcha watchin?”

“The Magicians, and I’m Hannah,” she waved and smiled warmly.  “I just love Q and Alice, don’t you?”

04-13-17_3-50-13 PM

“What and huh?” Stanley rolled his eyes.  “Never seen it.  Hey you got any plasma fruit around here?  I’m thirsty.”

“Oh! Aren’t we supposed to feed you?” Hannah looked excited at her first opportunity to service one of the vampires.

“Nah, not tonight.  We’re supposed to have this lil’ meet n greet first I guess,” Stanley grunted and sat back.

04-13-17_3-50-38 PM

“Oh,” the girl looked a little disappointed.  “Sure, we have a bowl in the kitchen.  I’ll get you some.”

Stanley grabbed the remote and changed the channel to sports.  “Maybe the bowling tournament is on anyway.”

04-13-17_3-52-44 PM

“Hey T,” Hudson said in a low tone as he brushed Teagan’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Hey you,” the young woman smiled warmly leaning into his touch.

04-13-17_3-53-59 PM

“Can we visit your room later?” his eyes giving all sorts of signals.

“Why later?” she flirted back.

“Well, I have to make an appearance of meeting the new people here.” Hudson said watching across the room as Brooke fed from Rene.  “Scuse me T,” Hudson said as he brushed by Teagan.

04-13-17_3-56-17 PM

“What the hell Brooke,” Hudson hissed.  “Liz said no feeding in front of the new people tonight.”

“Bro,” Rene said with a calm voice.  “Averie was asking what it looked like and we’re all adults here.  Lil’ Brooke was just demonstratin is all!  Calm down dude!  Ain’t no rules broke!”  Rene laughed and put his hand on Hudson’s shoulder.

04-13-17_3-58-55 PM

Hudson tried to laugh, but it came out forced.  “Yeah. Sure…sorry.  It’s just, …you know.  Liz gets mad when her rules aren’t followed.”

04-13-17_4-00-31 PM

“No harm done handsome,” Averie waved from the couch.  “Hey maybe you’ll be my first in a few days huh?” Averie grinned at Hudson as Teagan walked around the corner.

“Sure sure…” Hudson grabbed Teagan’s hand and led her up the stairs.

04-13-17_4-06-40 PM

04-13-17_4-29-41 PM04-13-17_4-25-22 PM04-13-17_4-31-39 PM04-13-17_5-11-11 PM04-13-17_4-34-10 PM04-13-17_4-53-45 PM04-13-17_4-53-28 PM04-13-17_4-45-55 PM04-13-17_4-34-26 PM04-13-17_4-46-27b PM

As the party was winding down Elizabeth and Brooke were walking outside.

“I’m surprised Caleb didn’t come by tonight.  And Lillith,” Brooke added hastily.

04-13-17_5-49-25 PM

Elizabeth wasn’t paying attention and looked over toward the Vatore mansion.

“He’s not happy with this house or my plans lil’Sister.”

“Oh?  I suppose that makes sense.  He’s good,” Brooke trailed off somewhat romantically.

04-13-17_5-51-10 PM

Elizabeth didn’t miss that look and smiled as they walked slowly back to the house.

“I guess Hudson may stay over.  Stanley and Daisy challenged Kody and Rene to that video game tournament.  So it’s just you and I tonight at home for a while anyway kiddo.  To bad you have school tomorrow we could do make overs or something.”

04-13-17_5-50-39 PM

“Oooh is that Caleb?”  Brooke interrupted as she broke into a trot to greet the man waiting on their porch.

“Maybe…though I’m not sure…” Elizabeth mused as she quickened her pace as well.

04-13-17_6-08-13 PM04-13-17_6-09-46 PM

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A/N: Stable Members downloaded from the gallery include:  Thank you all for making your lovely sims available for download!

Averie Purcell  (Jes2G)
Teagan Wilder (jskward)
Rene Aldridge (MunterBacon)
Kody Parish (MunterBacon)
Hannah Silk (MunterBacon – Originally Pure Silk)



25 thoughts on “BtB: 09 – Introductions

  1. Eee! So much FRESH BLOOD (gigglesnort)…of course we all know what my favourite part was: HUDSON YOU DOG. 🙂
    Oh Caleb…I’m still gunnin’ for CAKE.
    And who is this mystery fellow who appears to be kinda hot??

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  2. Tee hee, I love this Rene. He’s a hoot!
    Daisy Chien…he he he. Looks too much like Daisy Chain XD
    Hudson! Scoundrel lol.
    Hi Averie! She seems quite happy in her new home.
    And…delicious stranger at the door…hello! 😉

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  3. This was an interesting party, to say the least. Hannah is so pretty. Lots of dynamic personalities, I hope we get to see them more over time.

    I wonder how Elizabeth will feel if Caleb ends up with her “little sister”.

    There’s so many great directions this story could go in, I’m excited to see where you take it.

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