BtB: 10 – Complication

04-22-17_1-02-36 AM

Elizabeth approached the stranger standing on her porch smiling at her.

“Hello there, you must be Elizabeth,” he said warmly.  His voice was deep and melodious.

“Call me Liz, and I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage stranger,” Elizabeth returned the smile.

“My name is Greyson.  Greyson Vatore.  I believe you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting my brother and sister, Caleb and Lilith.”

“Oh, yes I have.  Funny they didn’t mention you though.” Elizabeth found herself looking into grey eyes very similar to Caleb’s.  “Why don’t you come in for a while.”

04-22-17_1-04-52 AM

“Not surprising they didn’t mention me,” Greyson said as they entered the house.  “I’m not considered one of the golden children in the family.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Elizabeth asked as she gestured for Greyson to take a seat.

“Let’s say I haven’t been away on vacation,” Greyson said cryptically.  “My mentor suggested I leave Forgotten Hollow for a while.”

“Who was your mentor?” Brooke peeked out from the dining room.

04-22-17_1-08-04 AM

“Count Straud,” Greyson said with his eyes flicking back to Elizabeth.

“Oh, that’s cool!  He’s training Liz,” Brooke said with a smile.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at this handsome stranger.  “He already knows that, don’t you Greyson?”

Greyson laughed but the smile didn’t touch his eyes.  “You are a quick one.  I can see why he likes you.”

Elizabeth turned toward Brooke and snapped.  “Get downstairs and finish your homework!”

“It’s done!”

“Well, do the extra credit then, and if that’s done then go to bed.  You have school in the morning.”

“Fine,” Brooke huffed and made her way down to her room.

“Why are you really here Mr. Vatore?” Elizabeth said formally.  “Surely it’s not just the neighborly welcome wagon because I don’t see a fruit cake.”

04-22-17_1-14-21 AM

“Just sizing up the competition Miss Stafford,” Greyson said just as formally.  “The old Count sees something in you.  Something that he used to see in me.  I came by to see if I could discern what that something was and see if I was in for a fight.”

04-22-17_1-13-23 AM

“Well, I certainly have no intention of fighting you or anyone else for that matter,” Elizabeth said as she got up and held the door.  “Good evening Mr. Vatore.”

Greyson smiled, a very similar smile to Caleb’s.  Elizabeth felt the familiar pull but quickly shut that feeling down.  This was not Caleb.

“Good evening Miss Stafford.” he said as he darted through the open door and across the common area to the Vatore Manor.

04-22-17_1-16-38 AM

Elizabeth didn’t see Greyson again that week.  A few evenings after meeting him, Lilith came by for training.  The sessions were fewer these days because Elizabeth had learned so much.  She only needed the more advanced techniques now and was easily able to teach her coven.

04-22-17_12-51-20 AM

“You’re nearly as skilled as I am with the mesmirization now Liz.”

“I get plenty of practice.  It’s always the one the rest of the house wants me to show them.  I think they feel they are better able to feed outside of Forgotten Hollow with that one.” Elizabeth laughed.  “It always seems to come back to feeding.”

“I’m surprised with your stable they don’t have enough.”

“Well, honestly the stable just isn’t big enough for any more than the humans we have in there.  We have five vampires here with Stanley and Daisy having joined.  With only seven humans we just cannot feed as often as we need and find ourselves relying on those disgusting plasma packs or needing to feed outside of this area.”

04-22-17_12-52-56 AM

Lilith nodded.

“Hey, ummm, why didn’t you or Caleb mention Greyson to me?  What’s that guy’s deal anyway?”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “That’s why Caleb and I weren’t at the stable party.  Greyson arrived home just before we were heading over.  Our brother has been gone for nearly fifty years.  Vladislaus sent him away from Forgotten Hollow so the people might forget.”

04-22-17_12-54-21 AM

“Forget what?”

“Well, it’s a long story and I don’t have time for the whole thing tonight, but suffice to say there is a reason Count Straud has the no feeding in Forgotten Hollow rule now.”

“But he lets my coven feed from the stable.  If it was so bad, why would he have changed his mind?”

04-22-17_12-55-43 AM

“I don’t know honestly, but I suspect it’s because you are of his lineage and he enjoys mentoring one of his line.  He’d made the, I guess you’d say concession, to mentor Greyson because the man does have a lot of promise.  But I never saw Vladislaus as inspired and eager to train someone as he has been since you’ve been here Liz.  He most often stayed in that moldy castle and read his dusty tomes.  We’d see him flying by in bat form occasionally but all in all, it’s been very quiet here in Forgotten Hollow until you arrived.”

04-22-17_12-53-57 AM

Elizabeth looked thoughtfully down the road toward Straud Manor.

The end of that week the final three members of Elizabeth’s coven arrived.  Gwendolyn, Duane and Spencer all settled into the routine.  Elizabeth sat on Gwen’s bed while her friend unpacked..

“I cannot believe you are finally here!” Elizabeth said with a warm smile at her dear friend.

04-22-17_12-01-39 AM

“I know, fucking took long enough, and I’m still not sure that Gabriel didn’t have someone track us.  We’ll know soon enough though if familiar faces begin appearing here.” Gwendolyn finished unpacking and closed the wardrobe door softly.

04-22-17_12-07-02 AM

“I know it took a while Gwen, but now with the stable in place and my power grown the way it has, I’ve been able to teach everyone and we’ll have no trouble fighting anyone that Gabriel might send here looking.”

Gwendolyn nodded thoughtfully.  “Hudson and Daisy of course can help us in a fight.  But you know Duane won’t be any help if it comes to that.  You know his nose is always in one of his tomes.  He’s always trying to develop that cure. What the fuck is that even about anyway?  I know Duane enjoys our life.” Gwendolyn said as she took a seat on the bed.

04-22-17_12-05-03 AM

Elizabeth rolled her eyes.  “You know Duane.  He’s such a gentle soul.  While he enjoys this life, he talked to me at length before we decided to leave that he understands that some may not enjoy the life and may want a way out.  Gabriel would never give him the time or resources to find this cure.  I couldn’t leave him behind.  He and I have been friends for more than a century.  I told him he would have the support he needed here.”

04-22-17_12-04-09 AM

“Damn waste of space if you ask me.”

“Well, he’s working on better plasma packs too than these damnable fishy things.” Elizabeth wrinkled her nose.  “If nothing else, having a better tasting alternate food source would be good.  Leave him be Gwen.”

Gwendolyn huffed.  “And what about the kid?”


Gwen nodded.

“Oh, I had you bring him because he’ll be able to attract more humans.  The young women around here will love him.  He’s got that mournful puppy look that women will swoon over I think.”

04-22-17_12-14-54 AM

Gwendolyn laughed a deep throaty laugh.

“You really have thought this through haven’t you?”

04-22-17_12-04-31 AM

“Bet your ass I did,” Elizabeth joined Gwendolyn in the laughter.  It certainly was good to have her friend with her again.  She felt united they were a formidable force.

‘Now if I could just figure out where this new character fits in…‘ Elizabeth thought of Greyson and the complication he represented and scowled.

BtB: 09 – Introductions



BtB: 09 – Introductions

Warning: NSFW Images

Elizabeth spent the next week getting used to having Stanley and Daisy living so close again.

“She’s not really the sharpest,” Elizabeth said softly to Caleb when he stopped by to meet the new folks and monitor their training.

04-13-17_2-38-39 PM

Caleb smiled in that sexy way Elizabeth loved.  She understood now that there wouldn’t ever be anything between them.  Caleb was just too good and Elizabeth couldn’t be with someone who she knew would always be judging her.  She wasn’t going to hide who she was either.

“Well, she doesn’t have to be smart anyway does she?  Isn’t it better for you if she is easily led?  If she’s as strong as you and Hudson have said, she’ll be a good soldier in your coven as it grows.”

“Yes, she’s sweet, like a loyal dog.”

Caleb winced.  “You really can say the worst things sometimes Liz.”

04-13-17_2-41-17 PM

“It’s called honesty my dear.”

“Whatever,” He said changing the subject.  “How about the other guy.  Stanley?”

“Ugh,” Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Yes, Stanley.  He weaseled his way in here by threatening to tell Gabriel our plans.  Gwen, you’ll meet her next week by the way, said better to bring him along and get settled here rather than risk Gabriel trying to stop eight of his coven from leaving.  There may have been pretty severe ramifications depending on how upset he was.”

04-13-17_2-49-01 PM

“Are we under any threat from this Gabriel when he finds out?” Caleb looked sharply.

“Nothing we can’t handle Caleb dear,” Elizabeth stroked his cheek and smiled.

04-13-17_2-47-15 PM

Caleb pushed her hand away and turned.  “When are you planning on starting to turn the humans?”  He said with his opinion written all over his face.

“Christ Caleb!  I’m not a monster.  They will be well aware of what’s going on, hell I have Alfred practically begging me to turn him every time we’re together.  I’m not going to force someone into this life, but if they are right for the coven and want to join, I have full support of Vlad to grow our line.”

04-13-17_2-50-00 PM

“Vladislaus,” Caleb said distinctly. “You’ve actually talked to him then about this?”

“Of course I have, I’m no fool to go against the Grand Master Vampire in this part of the world.”

“Well I guess I cannot change your mind.”

“No, I’m set on this course.”

“Well, I suppose maybe I’ll see you later at the stable,” he said the word as if poisonous.

Elizabeth looked at Caleb’s retreating form and not for the first time regretted what could never be.  “We’re just too different,” she muttered as he left.

04-13-17_2-51-56 PM

“I love a party! It’s so cool Naoki invited us all over to meet the two new house members!” Brooke was talking a mile a minute as the five vampires walked over to the stable.

04-13-17_2-59-55 PM

“It’s a good opportunity too for Daisy and Stanley to get to know them as well,” Elizabeth agreed.

“I hope it’s been long enough for Teagan to be fed from again,” Hudson mused as he looked ahead.

“Hudson, I hope you’re rotating like we talked,” Elizabeth narrowed her eyes.

“Sure, sure Liz, don’t sweat it!” Hudson smiled warmly.

04-13-17_3-00-40 PM

“Eliz….ummm Liz?” Daisy seemed uneasy.  The young woman hadn’t easily adjusted to not calling her Elizabeth as they always had at home.  “How many are here anyway?”

Elizabeth counted on her fingers.  “Naoki and Alfred since the beginning.  Then Teagan, Rene and Kody,” Elizabeth smiled at Brooke and Hudson.  “Those two were invitations by our dynamic duo.  Newest additions are Averie and Hannah.  I think they were library patrons that Naoki and Alfred noticed were always looking at supernatural books and websites.  So seven total.”

“Pretty convenient to have food right next door anyway,” Stanley grunted.

04-13-17_3-04-10 PM

“Well, no feeding tonight,” Elizabeth was stern.

“What?  Awww Dude, Liz, that’s not fair!” Hudson threw his arms up.

“I meant Daisy and Stanley, calm down Hudson.  The stable members need to get a chance to get used to them.

“Oh. ‘kay.”

“Oh, but don’t feed in front of the new people.  Take her somewhere discreet.”  Elizabeth couldn’t help but stress her, but didn’t think Hudson noticed.  Elizabeth could tell Teagan reminded Hudson of Brooke and the older vampire was certain the young man wasn’t following the directive to rotate his feeding partner.  ‘Teagan may have to join our coven sooner than later if it becomes a problem.‘ Elizabeth thought.

04-13-17_3-01-38 PM

“Wuzzup blood suckas!” Rene said with a huge grin as he opened the door.  The music was pulsing and the TV was on.  The entire house glowed with light and seemed alive.

Elizabeth handed Rene a bottle of wine and walked past him.  The others filed in behind her.

04-13-17_3-24-17 PM

One of the newest girls, Averie was dancing and laughing with Kody.  The girl certainly had dance moves.  She was quite pretty too and already flirting with Kody.

04-13-17_3-31-14 PM

Elizabeth was always on the look out for potential breeding humans too.  She hadn’t made a final decision yet, but was going to talk to Gwen about the male vampires breeding with the humans if the females were interested in becoming mothers.  Elizabeth was not looking forward to having that conversation with Vlad and getting approval.  She decided if she and Gwen made the decision that it would be an organic type thing and she would rather seek forgiveness than permission that could be denied.

“Rene, have Caleb, Lillith and the Count arrived?” Brooke asked as she passed him on her way into the house.

04-13-17_3-34-38 PM

“Naw girl.  I ain’t even sure the Count is coming.  He never texted back!”

“Ha! That’ll be the day when Count Straud actually uses the technology he owns.  No, he may arrive, but it will be a bat flying over head then knocking on your door.”  Hudson laughed and Rene raised his hand for a high five.

04-13-17_3-36-12 PM

“You got that right bro!”

“Oh Rene, this is Daisy Chien and Stanley Kern!” Brooke said offering introductions as Daisy and Stanley stood awkwardly near the door.

“Nice nice!” Rene nodded at Daisy and held his hand out to Stanley.  “Yeah bud, real nice to meet more of Liz’s peeps.”

Stanley shook Rene’s hand awkwardly.

04-13-17_3-40-11 PM

“A’ight!” Rene said to Daisy, “Yo girl, you got some fresh moves?”

“What?” Daisy looked confused.

“Do you dance?”  Rene asked.

“Umm sure, I guess.” Daisy followed Rene over to where Averie and Kody were dancing.

04-13-17_3-45-56 PM

“…and then I told him of course I’m up for anything once.  Twice if I like it!” Averie held her sides laughing.  “I’m just glad I’ll be rooming with Hannah, I’ve known her since we were in high school!”

Kody was doing a typical shuffle two steps left and right with his arms locked at his sides while Averie was looking like a professional dancer around him.

04-13-17_3-47-29 PM

Stanley sat on the couch near a pretty young woman with dark hair.  “I’m Stanley,” he murmured.  “Whatcha watchin?”

“The Magicians, and I’m Hannah,” she waved and smiled warmly.  “I just love Q and Alice, don’t you?”

04-13-17_3-50-13 PM

“What and huh?” Stanley rolled his eyes.  “Never seen it.  Hey you got any plasma fruit around here?  I’m thirsty.”

“Oh! Aren’t we supposed to feed you?” Hannah looked excited at her first opportunity to service one of the vampires.

“Nah, not tonight.  We’re supposed to have this lil’ meet n greet first I guess,” Stanley grunted and sat back.

04-13-17_3-50-38 PM

“Oh,” the girl looked a little disappointed.  “Sure, we have a bowl in the kitchen.  I’ll get you some.”

Stanley grabbed the remote and changed the channel to sports.  “Maybe the bowling tournament is on anyway.”

04-13-17_3-52-44 PM

“Hey T,” Hudson said in a low tone as he brushed Teagan’s cheek with the back of his hand.

“Hey you,” the young woman smiled warmly leaning into his touch.

04-13-17_3-53-59 PM

“Can we visit your room later?” his eyes giving all sorts of signals.

“Why later?” she flirted back.

“Well, I have to make an appearance of meeting the new people here.” Hudson said watching across the room as Brooke fed from Rene.  “Scuse me T,” Hudson said as he brushed by Teagan.

04-13-17_3-56-17 PM

“What the hell Brooke,” Hudson hissed.  “Liz said no feeding in front of the new people tonight.”

“Bro,” Rene said with a calm voice.  “Averie was asking what it looked like and we’re all adults here.  Lil’ Brooke was just demonstratin is all!  Calm down dude!  Ain’t no rules broke!”  Rene laughed and put his hand on Hudson’s shoulder.

04-13-17_3-58-55 PM

Hudson tried to laugh, but it came out forced.  “Yeah. Sure…sorry.  It’s just, …you know.  Liz gets mad when her rules aren’t followed.”

04-13-17_4-00-31 PM

“No harm done handsome,” Averie waved from the couch.  “Hey maybe you’ll be my first in a few days huh?” Averie grinned at Hudson as Teagan walked around the corner.

“Sure sure…” Hudson grabbed Teagan’s hand and led her up the stairs.

04-13-17_4-06-40 PM

04-13-17_4-29-41 PM04-13-17_4-25-22 PM04-13-17_4-31-39 PM04-13-17_5-11-11 PM04-13-17_4-34-10 PM04-13-17_4-53-45 PM04-13-17_4-53-28 PM04-13-17_4-45-55 PM04-13-17_4-34-26 PM04-13-17_4-46-27b PM

As the party was winding down Elizabeth and Brooke were walking outside.

“I’m surprised Caleb didn’t come by tonight.  And Lillith,” Brooke added hastily.

04-13-17_5-49-25 PM

Elizabeth wasn’t paying attention and looked over toward the Vatore mansion.

“He’s not happy with this house or my plans lil’Sister.”

“Oh?  I suppose that makes sense.  He’s good,” Brooke trailed off somewhat romantically.

04-13-17_5-51-10 PM

Elizabeth didn’t miss that look and smiled as they walked slowly back to the house.

“I guess Hudson may stay over.  Stanley and Daisy challenged Kody and Rene to that video game tournament.  So it’s just you and I tonight at home for a while anyway kiddo.  To bad you have school tomorrow we could do make overs or something.”

04-13-17_5-50-39 PM

“Oooh is that Caleb?”  Brooke interrupted as she broke into a trot to greet the man waiting on their porch.

“Maybe…though I’m not sure…” Elizabeth mused as she quickened her pace as well.

04-13-17_6-08-13 PM04-13-17_6-09-46 PM

BtB: 08 – Soon

BtB: 10 – Complication

A/N: Stable Members downloaded from the gallery include:  Thank you all for making your lovely sims available for download!

Averie Purcell  (Jes2G)
Teagan Wilder (jskward)
Rene Aldridge (MunterBacon)
Kody Parish (MunterBacon)
Hannah Silk (MunterBacon – Originally Pure Silk)


BtB: 08 – Soon

Brooke stared at the text book in front of her.  “I’ll never get this!” she moaned.

“What is it?  Maybe I can help?” Elizabeth looked over at Brooke’s homework notes.

03-18-17_3-09-43 PM

“You know, I cannot even remember the last time I did homework!” Caleb laughed.

He’d come by for Elizabeth’s training.  She needed more advanced techniques now that she was also training the younger members of her coven.

03-17-17_11-37-11 AM03-17-17_11-37-56 AM

Caleb, Lilith or Vladislaus himself would come over every evening.  This evening was Caleb’s turn.

Brooke looked up and into Caleb’s gray eyes.  He smiled at her encouragingly and she immediately put her head back down into her book.

“It’s math Liz.” Brooke snapped.

“Oh,” Elizabeth looked a bit nervous and cleared her throat. “Well, let’s hear it then!”

Brooke sighed and slammed the book closed.. “You won’t know how to do it Liz!  They probably didn’t even do this math in the late 1800s!”  Brooke’s eyes were flashing.

Brooke saw Caleb catch Elizabeth’s eye and nod in the direction of the other room.

“Ok then, I see when I’m not needed!” Elizabeth said throwing up her hands.

03-18-17_3-10-59 PM

“I’m going to meditate.  I always feel a bit drained after our training.” She moved gracefully into the living room and glided up the stairs to her bedroom.

“So what’s really going on kiddo?  You’re pretty good at math.  I’ve watched you do these problems before.” Caleb began gently.

Brooke got up and crossed the kitchen angrily.

“I just don’t get it!  I don’t understand anything right now!” she gritted her teeth and leaned forward as if she were barely able to contain her anger and rage.

03-18-17_3-22-09 PM

“How can I help Brooke?” the older vampire stood and walked toward the teen nearly in a single motion and asked soothingly, “what do you need help understanding?  Is it the life?  Is it something with boys?  Is it something at school?  Talk to me kiddo, I want to help!”

03-18-17_3-26-42 PM

Brooke paused.  She looked down at her sneakers and noticed one of the laces was a bit frayed.  Finally she lifted her head and looked at Caleb.  “It’s the life,” Brooke said just above a whisper.  The relief was palpable after she said it.

“Ok, Liz said you’ve been a vampire a little over a year right?”

“Yes,” The girl looked down and frowned.  “Sometimes I dream I’m still human, I’m with my family.  We’re having Sunday brunch.  Mamma made buttermilk pancakes and we’d have a tin can filled with thick maple syrup!  I laugh and tease my younger sister.  I pour the syrup and it’s not golden brown and buttery smelling.  It’s red, and it flows thick and runs over the pancakes!  I wake up with the sheets in a tangle.  I’m hungry, but I don’t want pancakes…I want blood!  Then when I feed, I have these stupid urges.  I want something but I don’t really know what or how to satisfy that, and I… I just don’t know what to do!” the girl finished trying not to whine.

03-18-17_3-27-13 PM

Caleb reached for Brooke’s bicep and connected with the teen. “It takes about a year or so … sometimes a little longer before those dreams start to fade away Brook,” he said softly.    “Did you know I don’t drink human blood?”

03-18-17_3-28-04 PM

“What?  Ever?  I didn’t know that was possible!”

“Ever!” he said defiantly.  “It’s more than possible young one.”  Caleb held Brooke’s chin when she tried to look away.  “It’s how I live my life.  I’ve lived this way for over fifty years.  My last human feeding was so long ago,” Caleb absently wiped the corner of his mouth.  “The urges you speak of are far less when you’re not connected to a human.”

“You mean I wouldn’t have to feel … the way I feel when I feed on a human?” Brooke’s eyes were wide.

03-18-17_3-29-15 PM

Caleb chuckled a little uncomfortably and shook his head.

“You can drink the plasma packs as well as do dark meditation to restore you almost to the point that human blood would.”

“I’m not very good at dark meditation yet,” Brooke confessed.  “I cannot clear my mind very well.  Stuff always pops in.” She didn’t dare say that the older vampire was often one of the thoughts that distracted her meditation.

03-18-17_3-18-57 PM

“The concentration for the dark meditation will come in time Brooke.” Caleb promised.

“Caleb,” Brooke began hesitantly.  “Do you ummm,” the girl paused.

03-18-17_3-25-16 PM

Caleb leaned in toward the girl, “I’m your friend Brooke, you can ask me anything.  I’ll always answer you honestly.”

She closed her eyes and let her breath out in a big gush, “Do you think that I will ever find the love of my life?”

03-18-17_3-30-36 PM

“What!” Caleb’s eyes were big as saucers. “Brooke, darling, you are seventeen years old!  You don’t need to rush anything.  You have plenty of life ahead of you.”

03-18-17_3-30-54 PM

“Sometimes I feel like everyone is so much older and sophisticated,” the girl said with a sigh.  “I just want to catch up!”

“Well, being in love, or sex, or marriage, or any of that stuff Brooke, it can wait until you’re ready.  You’re a beautiful, smart, special girl and you need to be ready in your heart.  Love will come when you’re ready for it to be there.” the vampire smiled softly and held out his arms.

“Thanks Caleb.” the girl stepped willing into a friendly hug.

03-18-17_3-23-13 PM

“Now, get to that math homework young lady.  I know you can do it!

Later that evening, Brooke was at her desk in her bedroom.  Her notebook page didn’t have the required homework on it.

03-24-17_10-40-57 PM

It was now covered in several different ink colors and in several different swirly handwriting styles:


“I’ll be ready soon Caleb.” Brooke looked at the calendar near her desk and marked off another day to her birthday.

03-24-17_10-41-44 PM

BtB: 07 – Not much Longer

BtB: 09 – Introductions

A/N: Credit to Pammiechick for her Jackson Day and Llama Kings posters in Brooke’s room.  I’m so excited our stories exist in the same universe!

BtB: 07 – Not much Longer

“Liz, I’m off to school!” Brooke called up the stairs.

“Ok, learn lots!” Elizabeth called down.  “See you this afternoon!”

03-17-17_11-55-30 AM

“See you later,” Hudson looked at Brooke with a smile and an intensity that made Brooke’s stomach flutter.

“‘kay.  See ya.” the teen smiled shyly and then looked down at her shoes while leaving.  The sun didn’t hurt her yet.  It wasn’t until she became an adult vampire that she had to worry about the sun burning her.  Brooke was glad because the sun was warm and inviting on her pale skin as she walked to the bus stop.

03-17-17_12-01-47 PM

She was going to miss the warmth in a few weeks when she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sun anymore.

Elizabeth bounced down the stairs into the family room in time to see the door closing softly. She noticed Hudson staring out the window as Brooke walked down the sidewalk.

03-17-17_11-59-06 AM

The two youngest of her coven had arrived nearly three weeks ago.  Things had transitioned relatively smoothly and they were preparing for the arrival of two more any day now.

Elizabeth moved to the new sofa, style courtesy of Vladislaus.  She patted the cushion near her and motioned for the young vampire to take a seat near her.

“I’m glad you and Brooke brought all of that extra jewelry Hudson.  Being able to discreetly pawn it has helped out wonders around this place as well as making improvements over at the stable.”

03-17-17_12-03-42 PM

Hudson glanced at Elizabeth and nodded vaguely.  “Yeah, ol’ Gabriel will never miss those things that Brooke and I stole.  I’m pretty sure Stanley and Daisy are bringing even more!” Hudson said with a hearty deep laugh.

03-17-17_12-10-44 PM

“I need to write Gwen again.  She cannot bring anymore of those jewels when she, Duane and Spencer come.  Stanley and Daisy have to bring the last of it.  Gabriel will begin to notice!”

“Relax Liz, I doubt he even knows we’re gone!”

03-17-17_12-05-54 PM

“I hope you’re right about that.  However it’s not going to be too long that he notices eight of his coven have gone!  I can only hope he dislikes me enough to not bother coming looking for us!”

Elizabeth turned from the young man.  “You and Brooke did a great job of helping me clean up this place.  I’m surprised you were even able to repair the bigger of the holes in the walls.”

“YouTube.  You can learn just about anything,” Hudson shrugged.  “This place was a dump when we arrived Liz!”

03-17-17_12-04-24 PM

Elizabeth had the grace to look embarrassed.  “Well, I didn’t have a lot of time to be researching things did I?  What with preparing the house and getting our food supply in place.  I’m just glad my art is really starting to sell and we can continue to make these improvements.”

Hudson held up his hands, “Hey hey now, I wasn’t complaining! I am glad to be here.  I know Brooke is too!”

03-17-17_12-03-58 PM

Elizabeth heard the slightly possessive way the young man said Brooke’s name.

“Oh, I am glad about that new young women and the two young men you and Brooke have gotten to join the stable.  I appreciate you both being discreet about things too.”

“Well, those plasma packs are disgusting,” Hudson wrinkled his nose.  “Anything to help improve our chances of fresh human blood.”

“Yeah, I agree.  I have no clue how these vampires around here do it.  Including my Godfather.  Caleb won’t feed from humans at all.  He exists almost completely on those vile little bags.”

03-17-17_12-04-51 PM

Elizabeth looked over at Hudson and narrowed her brows.  “I’m going to need to start choosing humans to turn to join our coven.  I want them trustworthy though.  I want really good additions.  Start keeping an eye on that ok?”

Hudson nodded without really paying attention.  He had a far away look in his eyes.

03-17-17_12-08-12 PM

“Also, Hudson, I mentioned this to Brooke, but rotate who you feed on at the stable, and don’t let them get too attached to you. Ok?”

“Hmm?” Hudson shook himself a bit.

03-17-17_12-09-15 PM

“I said, I don’t want the humans getting too attached so rotate who you feed on, male and female alike ok?  You know the attachments that can form by frequent feeding.”  She looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, got it Liz.  No problem.” the young man said with his usual deep laugh.

03-17-17_12-10-44 PM

“Good, I’m going to see Naoki at the library I need an inventory of what the Stable needs for my next order.  Ugh, Alfred may be there too.  I need to talk to him soon.  He keeps wanting me to turn him.”  Elizabeth wiped at the corner of her mouth without thought.  Almost as if she had begun salivating just thinking of Alfred.

Hudson didn’t appear to be paying attention again.  Elizabeth sighed and dropped it.  “I’ll be home before Brooke returns from school.  I think Stanley and Daisy are arriving tonight or maybe tomorrow.  We need more humans in the stable.  They seem to need a day or two to recover after a feeding and we don’t want to use them too often.”  She stood up and headed for the front door.  “Hey Hudson?  Maybe look for a job today ok?”

“Hmmm?  Ok Liz.” he waved halfheartedly as she walked out the front door.

03-17-17_12-15-26 PM

After Elizabeth left.  Hudson made his way downstairs to the corridor of bedrooms Elizabeth had made ready for their arrival.

03-17-17_12-18-21 PM03-17-17_12-19-07 PM

He and Brooke had helped her put finishing touches on everything.  Most of the doors were locked, waiting for their new occupants.  All of the rooms would be filled before too much longer.  Two more rooms would probably be filled tonight.

He gravitated to Brooke’s room, opened the door and flicked on the light.

03-17-17_12-20-14 PM

It was a teenager’s space for certain and she’d already put all her favorite posters on the walls as well as decorated in her favorite colors.  He picked up a sweater she’d left laying on the chair near her desk and held the cloth to his nose.

03-17-17_12-28-07 PM

He felt her scent wash over him and felt the saliva pool in his mouth.  She still smelled so good to him.  He felt a firmness in the front of his jeans and tossed the sweater back on the chair.

He spread himself across her bed and buried his face in her pillow.  He stuck his tongue out and touched the tip to her cool cotton pillow case.  His tongue seemed electrified with her scent.  He couldn’t help it, he knew he was obsessed.

03-17-17_12-32-26 PM

He was only a few years older than her though even in vampire years he wasn’t much older than the girl.  It was becoming so hard for him to play it cool with her.  She was so shy and soft, even in her burgeoning vampire strength.  Hudson had enjoyed watching her grow and change these last few weeks since they had joined Elizabeth in Forgotten Hollow.  Brooke had always been so bashful in their old home within Gabriel’s coven.  She had found adjusting to this new life as a vampire so difficult at first.

Hudson had noticed that Brooke had only fed from the humans in the stable a few times since coming here.  He noticed nearly everything about her.  She didn’t seem to have the same reservations as he and Elizabeth did about the plasma packs.

03-17-17_11-42-39 AM

“It’s sorta like a juice box!” Brooke had laughed when Hudson asked her how she could drink the packs.  “I used to take juice boxes every day in my lunch to school!”

03-17-17_11-41-47 AM03-17-17_11-41-35 AM

Hudson just smiled.  He enjoyed seeing Brooke happy.  He had of course seen her a few times after feeding from humans and recognized the same longing for fulfillment after feeding.  He could see the pink stain in her cheeks and the brightness in her eyes.  She wanted something…more.  He knew what her body was craving.  It was always there for him, sometimes even while feeding but the longing increased when he’d finished.

03-17-17_12-37-23 PM

He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he could show Brooke everything and give her what she was craving.

BtB: 06 – Accusations!

BtB: 08 – Soon

BtB: 06 – Accusations!

Elizabeth was in the middle of painting when there was a timid knock at the door.


“Well, hell, I’m never going to get this finished, and the collector wanted it yesterday!”

She crossed the small living space and opened the door.


“Naoki! What a lovely surprise!” she exclaimed at the library assistant.

‘Just great, why the hell is he here this late?’ she thought with annoyance.

“Umm, Liz, yeah.  Can I come in?” Naoki stammered nervously.

“Of course Pet!”

Elizabeth showed him into her home and then turned on him suddenly.  “Wait a minute Naoki! How did you know where I lived?”


“I looked up your address on your library card application,” Naoki said truthfully.

“Oh, resourceful.”

“Yeah, so Liz, I saw you with Mr. Phan the other night at the library.”

“What?” Elizabeth laughed lightly.  “What are you talking about?  That we talked?  That we exchanged phone numbers…”

“I saw you bite him!” he blurted out cutting her off.



Elizabeth looked truly shocked.  ‘Well shit, I guess I wasn’t alone!’ was her first thought.


Then her thoughts jumped immediately to Vladislaus’ words:

‘Very well Miss Stafford.  If the human comes to you and informs you they know of our existence and agrees, with absolutely no coercion from you, to be fed upon. Then, and only then, behind closed doors with curtains drawn will I relax my directive.’

“Naoki, come and sit down,” Elizabeth smiled warmly.  It was terribly difficult not to use her breath to intoxicate him but she must at least attempt to play by the rules.


“Ummm, no thanks,” he said with a slight tremor in his voice.

“Come now, we’re friends you and I!”

“You bit Mr. Phan didn’t you!  You said last week you were looking up Vampire Britanica as a joke!  You are a vampire…” he said the last bit just above a whisper.

Elizabeth hung her head.  “I am.”  She waited to see what he would do next.  Her muscles tensed ready to pursue him if necessary.  “I am sorry you had to see your boss that way Naoki.  Will it help if I tell you that he liked it after a few minutes?  Trust me, he really liked it,” she said wryly.


The young man seemed on the edge of leaving, but curiosity seemed to get the better of him.  “But why did he like it?  He seemed out of it after you left when he finally woke up.”

“Well, let’s just put it this way, when a vampire feeds on a human it’s a very personal connection.  The sharing of life blood like that.  Well…,” Elizabeth said and felt a small amount of embarrassment.


“There also are studies that have said there may be of a bit of a pheromone type property in a vampire’s saliva.  It’s certainly not always the case, but sometimes if the match is perfect … Well, said bluntly, it can be quite erotic if I’m being honest.  Mr. Phan was feeling all of my enjoyment and it made it’s way through the connection to him.  Sometimes humans become addicted to the feeling.  They really enjoy the process.”

“Could I try it?” Naoki asked nervously.  “Well, wait,” he stopped and thought.  “Does it hurt?”


“I’ve heard that it feels like a shot at your doctor at first, but then the serum that I secrete from my saliva numbs the wound and causes the blood to not clot.  That makes it relatively painless.”

“Not to clot?  What?  Like mosquitoes?”

“Well, I’d like to think I’m much prettier than a mosquito, but yes, the anti-coagulant in my saliva…”

“That could turn me on?” Naoki said in a slightly dreamy way.

“You may not get the same affect.  Some humans don’t enjoy the process though I’ve never known anyone to be traumatized by the experience.”

“I think I would like to try now.”

“Are you certain, even knowing you may not have the same experience Alfred had?”


“Yes, I want to try it.  I would like you to be my first Vampire Liz.”

Elizabeth drew the curtains and then swirled into her dark form.

“Woah! Do all vampires look like you?”


“Not all, but this is pretty common.” she said absently, all business now that she was ready to feed.  Her mouth began pooling with saliva in anticipation.  “Now, are you ready?”

Naoki closed his eyes and nodded.

Elizabeth flicked out her fangs and held the man firmly.  “Relax,” she said right before she sank her fangs into his neck.


After she had drank a bit, but not enough to really slow his heart, Elizabeth pulled back.  She felt none of the same feelings she had felt with Alfred and while Naoki had sweet, pleasant, and satisfying blood, there were none of the extreme sensations she had felt previously with the head librarian.

“That wasn’t bad,” Naoki said a bit dreamily.  “I didn’t feel anything particularly romantic though.”  he didn’t bother to hide his disappointment.

Elizabeth nicked her thumb against a fang to draw blood and gently stroked Naoki’s wounds.  “This will stop the bleeding.”  Then she hid her dark form.

“That feels nice.” he said as she finished massaging his neck.

Elizabeth looked carefully at the barely visible scars and nodded as if coming to a decision.  “Naoki, like I said, not every vampire reacts the same way with every human.  Every situation is different.”


“Yeah, I just wish I had felt what Mr. Phan felt.  He seemed so happy when he woke.” he kicked the air in front of him.

“Did he then?” Elizabeth was intrigued.

“Yep, he talked about the beautiful and sexy dream he’d had.”

“Interesting,” Elizabeth mused.  “Naoki, I have a bunch of vampires that will be coming over here to stay with me.  I’m building my own coven.  My goal is to respect humans and make sure we have permission to feed when we are thirsty.”  She paused to see how this was going over.  Naoki looked curious so she continued.  “Would you like to be the first of my house of humans?”

“Can you only drink from humans?” he asked curiously.

“We can drink these awful little plasma packs but human blood is our preferred way to feed.  Also, there may be another vampire in my coven that does for you what I do not.” she said reminding him of the pleasure that could await him.


“I have a small one room house in Willow Creek I rent.  Where would this house be?”

“Right next door to me.  I will pay all of the bills of course and you’ll want for nothing.  You don’t even have to continue working at the library if you don’t wish.”

“Oh no! I love the library.  But yes.  I think I will take you up on that offer Liz, I’m really anxious to learn more about you.”


“You do have to keep this a secret for now though.  Would you mind having some room mates as time goes on?  I want to have more humans eventually.”

“No, I would love to have some roommates.  As long as they are nice of course.” Naoki smiled.


“Excellent.  I’ll have the place made ready for you by this weekend.”

Naoki looked around Elizabeth’s home.  “As long as it’s better than this dump,” Naoki said laughing.


BtB: 05 -Agreements

BtB: 07 – Not much Longer


BtB: 05 -Agreements

“Miss Stafford,” Count Straud said when he arrived for her training a few nights later.

“Hello Vladislaus,” Elizabeth greeted her benefactor and mentor warmly.  She briefly considered air kissing both of his cheeks but decided against the action.  She didn’t think they were quite that friendly yet.


“Caleb informed me of your escapade here in Forgotten Hollow three nights ago.” his deep voice was menacing.  “I thought I made it abundantly clear when you were under my roof that first week that Forgotten Hollow’s humans were strictly forbidden.”

“Oh, yeah, that.” Elizabeth had the grace to look apologetic.

“Yes.  That.  I will not abide any humans being fed upon in this neighborhood.  There is far too great a risk of exposure to our community.”

“What about if they agr…”

“None!” the elder vampire did not raise his voice.  He did not have to.  The command was strict and not to be disobeyed again.

“But Vladislaus, what if the human agrees and I feed behind closed doors and no one sees me?” Elizabeth continued.

Vladislaus sighed deeply.  “You are not going to except None as my final word are you?”

Elizabeth smiled and her eyes glinted mischievously, “I am merely making sure I completely understand the directive and if there are any loop-holes to exploit.”

“Very well Miss Stafford.  If the human comes to you and informs you they know of our existence and agrees, with absolutely no coercion from you, to be fed upon. Then, and only then, behind closed doors with curtains drawn will I relax my directive.”


Elizabeth smiled gleefully.

“Stop smiling.” Vladislaus said dryly.

The smile was instantly gone from Elizabeth’s face.  Vladislaus nodded and continued.

“You understand that means no mind control, no mesmerizing and absolutely no glamour tricks.”

“I understand completely.  Thank you Vladislaus.”  She wasn’t sure how she would get someone to agree without using her breath and beauty.  What Vladislaus called her ‘glamour tricks‘ but she knew she could start on the next step of her plan and had the Count’s blessing.

“You’re welcome.  However, I still want you drinking the plasma packs I sent over.  They are helpful in times of famine and you’ll do yourself well to become accustomed to them.”

Elizabeth wrinkled her nose.  “I will do as you request.”

“Very well.  Let us begin your training.  This, is mesmerize.  You’ve seen this many times now.  I expect you to try this out when you are not in Forgotten Hollow.”  He raised an eyebrow meaningfully.

Elizabeth nodded and felt herself drawn in and enveloped by Vladislaus’ deep and commanding tone, she knew it was his Vampire power as well as the combination of his own ‘glamour tricks‘ working on her and her ability to resist.  These were all little techniques she was learning and beginning to understand.


“Excellent work tonight.” Vladislaus said when they had completed the lessons he wanted her to practice.

“Can we attempt to spar?” Elizabeth asked cautiously.  She wasn’t sure how this request would be perceived.

“Sparring?  With you?” Vladislaus looked thoughtful as he held a finger to his lips then clicked his tongue.  “I think not.”

“Yes, just to learn the idea behind how to fight as a Vampire.  I can only learn so much from the tomes.”

“Well, hmmm you are right about that,” he said thoughtfully.  “It does require practical application.  You are absolutely no match for me at this time, but yes, we can begin the basics.” he transformed into his dark form and Elizabeth was taken aback by how ancient her mentor really was.  Power simply rolled off of him in waves.

“Now, come toward me.  No!  Do not walk, use your Vampire power to fly at me with everything you have!” the Count commanded.

Elizabeth felt her feet leave the earth as she gathered her power around her and rushed toward Vladislaus.


He hesitated just a moment before baring his fangs and flying up to meet her in battle.


She truly was no match for him.  His years of practice, his level of power and all the experience he had made him an undefeatable opponent.  She knelt before him as she would have in Gabriel’s coven.  Her breathing was ragged but she was exhilarated from the attempt.


“None of that Miss Stafford.  You are my progeny.  You are of my lineage.  You are the one I want to teach these things to so you can grow and expand our line.” Vladislaus offered his hand.


“Thank you Vladislaus for the lesson.  I will strive to improve though I doubt I’ll ever surpass you.”

Vladislaus gently placed a hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder.  “All in good time Miss Stafford.  I’ll take my leave.  Caleb will return for training in two nights time.”  Vladislaus chuckled.  “Practice the powers I shared with you tonight until then.  Spar with him at the end of your training with him, see how you fair.”


“I will, and thank you for the lesson tonight.” Elizabeth leaned in and placed a soft kiss on each of Vladislaus’ cheeks.

He put a hand to his cheek and smiled.  “Be well Miss Stafford.”  He dissolved into bat form and flew toward Straud Manor.

“Still not going to call me Liz?” she called out as he  flew away.

BtB: 04 -Within the Rules

BtB: 06 – Accusations!

BtB: 04 -Within the Rules

“You know Liz, Caleb told me about your little indiscretion here in the neighborhood last night.  Vlad isn’t going to like that,” Lilith told her.

‘She sounds as if she genuinely cares if I am able to remain in Forgotten Hollow.’ Elizabeth thought.


“You’re right Lilith,” Elizabeth cast her eyes downward.  “I’ll do better to follow the rules.”

“Good girl!  We’d hate to have ol’ Vlad send you packing.  Besides, I think my brother may have a crush on you!” Lilith winked conspiratorially.

If Elizabeth were human she may have actually blushed.  “Well, the feeling may be returned, at least a little,” Elizabeth caught herself giggling.  ‘What am I 13 and not nearly 130 years old?’

Elizabeth couldn’t help thinking of Lilith’s words when Caleb came over later that night for her training session as he had promised the night before.  Caleb may be interested in her romantically?  Why hadn’t he taken advantage of the situation last night then when she was so obviously wanting to progress.

“Now, this one allows you to befuddle and mesmerize your target, even cause them to see hallucinations.  We’ve worked on this before.” a greenish haze appeared from his hands as he chanted.


“Caleb, do you find me attractive?” Elizabeth said in her silkiest low tone.

“What?” he actually flew back from her a few feet.


“You heard me, do you find me attractive?”

“I’d have to be blind to not think so.”

“So why didn’t you want to come back here to my place last night?  We could have had a little night cap and everything.” Elizabeth pouted a bit.

“Liz, listen.  Humans are people.  I don’t agree with feeding on them at all.  I know Lilith and Vladislaus do, but not me.  I consider myself a vegetarian.  I drink plasma packs or I survive on animals if the thirst becomes too great and I need something richer.”

“So seeing me in a heightened state after feeding actually turned you off?” Elizabeth mused.  That was a new one!

“Yes.” he said quietly.  “Now, let’s continue,”  All business once again.

Later that evening Elizabeth went back in the Willow Creek Library.  It was almost closing time, but she’d used her power of persuasion to get the head librarian to remain open a bit longer for her.  She made up excuses about being far from home and having long work days and no computer at home.  When he was starting to become a bit annoying about closing, she made sure no one was around to see her and she used the mesmerize power on him as Caleb had taught her.



“Why thank you! I’d love a cup of tea!  Tea?  Sounds delightful! Thank you!”

“Dear Gwen,

I’m ready.  I’m getting stronger and more knowledgeable by the day.  The time is approaching that I’ll soon have you all with me.  I realize that you and Duane are my lieutenants, but we cannot trust Stanley to be left alone with Gabriel’s coven too long.  You know I don’t trust Stanley any further than I can throw him, the large lump! 

I really want you and Duane here to help me continue, learn, train, ready the plans, build our food supply and just make ready for the rest, but I need you and Duane to keep a close eye on Stanley.  You two will have to be the last ones now I think.  Send Brooke and Hudson first as planned.  The poor guy will be loathe to be without her, and she probably misses me so just send them first.”  Victoria smiled softly for just a moment while thinking of her little ‘sister’.

“Who’s Gwen?” a voice said over her shoulder.  Victoria’s smile vanished into a thin line and she snapped her head around and saw the librarian peering over her shoulder.  She quickly minimized the email window.

“My friend from back home.  She’s coming to visit soon.”  Elizabeth worked to keep the irritation from her voice.

“Lucky friend,” The librarian looked her up and down dragging his eyes slowly across her breasts.

It took everything Elizabeth had not to roll her eyes.  Instead she invited him to sit next to her on a nearby bench.  “Hey, I’m Liz.  I’d love to know all about you and maybe have a drink sometime,” she smiled seductively.


“Oh that’d be great, I’m Alfred.  Give me your number!” he said as he pulled out his phone.  She gave him her phone number in her low intoxicating voice.

She decided that meeting him wasn’t a total loss and she could probably use him in her plans.  Besides, she was feeling thirsty.  She wasn’t in Forgotten Hollow and there was no one else around.


Alfred was honestly one of the best tasting humans she’d had recently, maybe ever.  She couldn’t get enough.  His thick sweet blood rolled over her tongue and down her throat in waves.  She held him firmly but oh so gently.  She had drank from many humans and knew that it could be a pleasant experience for the person.  Elizabeth felt Alfred’s hands flail against her sides.  He was a kitten struggling with a doberman.

The feeling of his struggle, combined with the sweet intoxication of his blood excited her to the core and she drank even more deeply.  He moaned, the sound was low and sultry in Elizabeth’s ears.  His hands stopped struggling and actually gripped her backside and pulled her more tightly against him.  Alfred was no longer trying to push her away.  She could feel his arousal on the front of her body as they pressed together.


His blood rushed through her system as she felt herself climbing toward a frenzied peak. Too soon she felt his heart slowing and she knew her time was nearly done with him.  It was a struggle for her to push herself away from him, the only thing that enabled her to show restraint and pull her fangs from his neck was the idea that if she drained him, she would never taste his blood again.  As she gently led him to the ground she whispered, “You, Alfred, were truly delicious.  Thanks for that drink.”  She brushed his hair into place with her fingertips and sealed the wounds on his neck.  His cheeks were pale, but there was a silly grin on his face.

Elizabeth’s cheeks by comparison were glowing pink as she walked slowly back to the computer and resumed her email.


“Send Stanley next.  Just have him bring Daisy with him and then you and Duane bring Spencer in a few more weeks.  I’ll be ready for the whole group then.

Gwen my dear friend, I cannot wait to see you soon.  You’re going to love the buffet here.


Elizabeth clicked send on the email as she wiped a small drop of blood from the edge of her mouth and peered over at the librarian lying peacefully on the floor.


BtB: 03 – Taste

BtB: 05 -Agreements