Blood that Binds

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Overall Rating Warning: This story is about Vampires, that means sensuality, brutality, disregard for human life and even death.  Most of the story will be rated PG.  But some chapters (with warnings at the top) may stretch into M for mature.  All mature chapters will have a summary at the top of the chapter that comes next so you may skip the Mature chapters if you are sensitive to those themes.

Derivative Warning: Elements in this story have been borrowed from many other vampire stories and successful series.  I have borrowed from TrueBlood, Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anne Rice, Twilight, Dracula and many other sources.  This is by no means attempting to claim these ideas as my own.  I consider this an homage to those who have come before me.  If something seems familiar as you read, it probably was borrowed.  Hopefully I do well enough telling the story that you aren’t distracted by those elements that have been derived from another source.

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