cshaneraviChallenge credited to Vihisha on the Sims 4 Forums

Per her statement on the challenge information

The mini challenges in this overall challenge are designed to get you playing in roles that you might normally not play. My aim here is that you experience as much of this game as possible from a variety of angles.

My thoughts on the Drifter challenge, it’s a lot of elements of different challenges thrown together to create one really fun challenge:

  • It’s a legacy challenge of sorts, as you are going to have several generations that come from an original founder.
  • It’s a build challenge, as each new house in the challenge requires a certain monetary amount and number of bedrooms etc.
  • It’s an ISBI (I’m surrounded by Id*ots) challenge as you cannot control any of the other other sims in your family other than your ‘main’ sim for that mini-challenge.
  • And while not exactly an apocalypse  challenge, it has elements of one due to the empty map and extreme meager start (nothing on your empty lot and zero starting funds!)  There are no restrictions though based on aspirations necessarily.

Even with similarities of all those different challenges, you’ll still find it feels and plays differently than other challenges and as we like to say in the Drifter community.  “Once you start Drifting, you’ll not want to play any other way!”

I think my favorite part of the Drifter Challenge is I love the meager start, and every new heir strikes out on their own as a young adult and begins life again in a new location with zero funds!  You have the history of the legacy, but it doesn’t become boring play.

Current Drifter Challenge: