Whittaker: House 002


Meet the Heir for House 002: Jack Whittaker


Initial aspiration was Fabulously Wealthy.

Sims 4 Traits are: Cheerful, Geek, Vegetarian

Jack begins his journey as the continuance of a Government Land Grant.  He feels that a “if you cannot beat them, join them.” attitude will accomplish this.  He sets off to Willow Creek with the idea that he will join the political career and rise within the ranks of the Government.

Jack’s plan is to be in charge, and when he’s in charge, the whole system will change!  He will eventually be able to make policy and end this silly contract that his father mistakenly roped their entire family into 20 years ago when he signed up for the free parcel of land.

Goals for House 002:

  • Marry then move in a service sim (Postman, Pizza Delivery, Restaurant Wait Staff, Gardener etc)
  • Build a house worth a minimum 40K simoleans and has at least 2 BR/1 Bath.
  • Complete the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

Read all of the specific rules for House 002 here.  Vihisha is the incredible creator of this challenge.