Chapter 02 – New Places

Dear Mom,

So, remember that two week vacation we took to Windenburg a few years ago?  All the sight seeing, touring and tastings we did while we were here?  Remember that day we visited that haunted mansion and had that picnic?

08-21-16_12-52-46 AM

What an awesome day.  That’s the only picture I have of you now.  I didn’t want to pack more than clothes when Sophie and I left, but I grabbed that picture off my nightstand before leaving so Sophie would never forget what you looked like.

08-21-16_12-52-28 AM

Anyway – it was a good thing we took that trip to Germany back then because if we hadn’t, Sophie and I wouldn’t have had passports.  Having that identification was instrumental in us get flights out of the country without a lot of hassle.

08-26-16_9-44-47 PM08-26-16_9-45-13 PM

So, why did I decide on Windenburg?  Well, for a few reasons actually.  First, having had 3 years of German in school, while not exactly conversational, I understand enough of the language that we can absolutely get by here.  Sophie is young enough that with the German she’s learning in school she’ll be speaking like a native by the time she’s a teen!

Another reason I chose this city, I knew leaving the country was the best way for me and Sophie to stay hidden from any nosy social workers for Child Protective Services that may poke around and try to help our situation.  Also, like I said, I didn’t trust that restraining order on Dad would hold with you gone and there is no way I even want to think of him coming near me or Sophie ever again.  Seems unlikely he’d find us in Germany.

08-26-16_9-11-08 PM08-26-16_9-11-27 PM08-26-16_9-28-38 PM08-26-16_9-20-44 PM08-26-16_9-21-52 PM08-26-16_9-24-15 PM

Also, I feel I have a good handle on Windenburg and where things are.  Because of that time we spent here a few years ago, I knew the way around the town and at least the highlights, tourist attractions, and where some of the shops were located.  I felt that was a good head start to have rather than starting over in a completely unfamiliar town and learning where everything was located.

08-26-16_9-52-24 PM08-26-16_9-53-50 PM08-26-16_9-54-28 PM

Finally, I chose Windenburg because I remembered that overgrown vacant lot where we had our picnic.  It was pretty close to that haunted mansion and while it was a pretty big chance I was taking, I remember one of the locals we talked to saying that people were just afraid to live to close to the mansion.  I was crossing my fingers that being so close to the mansion it may just still be vacant and overgrown.  It was.

After buying our flights, I used that last bit of life insurance money that Sophie and I received from your work to purchase this land.  It was §8,100.  The city of Windenburg owned the land and a city employee handled my real estate paperwork.  She seemed a bit lazy and like she didn’t want to be bothered.  (Or care about doing her job at all really…)

08-26-16_10-00-12 PM

I thought this was a good thing because she didn’t ask any questions either, especially after I slipped her an extra §100 for her to not look too hard at my ID and the birth date.  I think the fact that I was from the United States and all she didn’t really press me for more details.

08-26-16_10-03-26 PM

So after spending §8,200 the land was ours.  I worked to clear a bit of it so Sophie and I could remain hidden from passer’s by but still have a place to call home.

I used the rest of the money when I stopped at the sporting goods store and picked up a tent, two sleeping bags, a lantern and a camp chair.

08-21-16_12-45-59 PM

I also bought a new Llamacorn for Sophie.  She cried when we realized on the airplane that I’d left her old one at home.  I must say the new one gets on my nerves almost as much as the old one did, but it’s a familiar thing and Sophie loves it.  Besides, I have to like it a little bit anyway, she named this one Rose.

08-21-16_12-59-22 PM

tears stain the page and smear the ink at the bottom

Your loving daughter, Victoria

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 02 – New Places

  1. *GASP* Victoria’s father actually punched her in the stomach?? That’s got to hurt! >.< Poor girl. You've did a great job with the screenshots. Windenburg reminds of Europe, so it's a great that you incorporated Victoria's experience in German in this. Say, this sounds like a fun challenge! I shall take on it later as I have 3 challenges going on (Legacy, Drifter, and Wonder Child).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know!! He’s such a low life. I seriously hate that character. I took the Windenburg = Germany idea from CitizenErased14. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping over and reading!
      And the Orphan challenge is so fun! I thank JoieWilder for the concept and rules!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gah her dad is such a jerk! I hope he never finds them although they have a pretty rough start in Germany with their little tent. They picked a nice place though, I have been to Germany a couple of times and the people are very welcoming. Hopefully that is the case in the Sims version too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This was my first time playing in Windenburg so it was interesting for sure ! Thanks for reading. I love that people are enjoying my little Orphans!


  3. Awww!!! Yes Sophie loves her little Llamacorn. Though Victoria feels it’s annoying due to the constant chatter!

    Thank you for reading! It means so much. Also this story is on a short break but it normally updates Weds and Saturday. It returns this Saturday 10/08 and will resume its regular update schedule.


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