SimSelfs In the City

I’ll move this if it becomes a real thing:

The entryway/Dining Room/Living Room/Kitchen

03-26-17_5-34-32 PM

SDS: Go on in!!  I’ve been inside already – it’s gorgeous!

03-26-17_5-35-16 PM

Froots: What?  That’s an enormous chef…

LL: Lobster Thermidor anyone?

03-26-17_5-35-48 PM

Pix: Oooh, guys come this way!  There is a beachy scene!

Froots whispering to Haids: Ummm did ya see the giant chef on the wall?

03-26-17_5-36-11 PM

Haids: I gotta pee, let’s find the bathroom!

All: Yes! We’re girls, let’s all go together.  (not stereotypical at all)

03-26-17_5-36-54 PM

SimCat: I hope someone knows how to cook up in here.  Pix?  you’re the foodie…you cook?

Watcher: I remember Dreams saying all of Pix skills were maxed?  I could be wrong.

SimCat: Better not be!  I’ll burn the place down.  (seriously did burn something I made the other night in RL!!)

03-26-17_5-37-19 PM


03-26-17_5-38-45 PM

PC: WHAT?  Only one bathroom for SEVEN women?  You’ve got to be kidding!

Pix: At least there is that little wall… *trails off*

03-26-17_5-39-15 PM

SimCat: And dual vanity

Froots: But where are all the outlets?  This hair didn’t get this straight by magic you know!

SDS: Clawfoot tub?  How romantic!

LL: All girls here…

03-26-17_5-40-11 PM

Pix’s Room

Pix: Weee!!  I’m the only one who has my own room.

Watcher: For now…I’m planning on an eight bedroom penthouse very soon…(by soon I mean maybe not ever…)

03-26-17_5-40-53 PM

PC: Not a bad view…I may need to revoke my earlier dibs and call this dibs….

LL: Too late PC…besides, the other side is where all the cardboard boxes get dumped.

PC: Ok then…there better be some Benny action all up in those boxes.

03-26-17_5-41-03 PM

SimCat: What’d I miss?  I was using the loo quick while I was alone…never know when that’ll happen again!

03-26-17_5-41-33 PM

In the Immortal words of Line of the Last’s Watcher: ONWARD!

Living Room/Dining Room again from the other side

03-26-17_5-42-27 PM

Froot & LL’s room

SDS: Nice view!  Oh! There is Pammie and Haids room over there!


03-26-17_5-43-12 PM

Watcher: Shhhh don’t point that out!!

SDS: Oops, sorry!

03-26-17_5-43-26 PM

Froots: Ooh Yay! Nice PC!

03-26-17_5-45-34 PM

LL & Froots together: Books!! OMG score!

03-26-17_5-45-51 PM

Froots: Haids, did you just touch my butt?

Haids reaching for Froot’s hand: Maaaybee!

LL: *steams*

03-26-17_5-51-01 PM

(It really did look lke Haids touched Froot’s butt while they were walking and LL did give a little sideways stank look.  But I tried to *play pause dance* to get eyes open instead of blinking and didn’t capture it quick enough so I recreated it… hee hee)

PC & Haides Room

03-26-17_10-33-14 PM

PC: Now this is MORE like it!!!  Yes, look at that gorgeous view.

Froots: Ooh looky down there *points* I can see the cardboard stacked up!

LL: Don’t get any ideas, my baby puppy isn’t ready for cardboard yet.  That’s the big time!  He needs his first time to be sensitive and candles…

Pix: He’s not Bianca!

03-26-17_10-34-44 PM

(Gratuitous Fan Girl Moment…)

PC: Yep, that’s my boy.  Thanks Watcher.

Watcher: Yep…I like looking at him too.  Anytime PC.

SimCat: So SDS, did you see our room?

SDS: Yep! Right around the corner!

03-26-17_10-33-47 PM

SimCat & SDS Room

03-26-17_10-34-28 PM

SimCat: You weren’t kidding no view huh?

SDS: Nope.

Watcher: Well, like I said – 8 room penthouse coming (probably not).

03-26-17_10-35-09 PM

Living Room (again)

03-26-17_10-36-57 PM

Pix: So I looove my room!

SDS: Yeah, mine’s fine…but I hope SimCat doesn’t snore.

03-26-17_10-37-18 PM

SimCat: And I really hope SDS doesn’t snore.

PC: Oh! I didn’t think about snoring.  Maybe Haids would like this couch.  Feels firm. *bounce, bounce*  *nod*

LL thinking to herself: Hmmm what are they talking about??

03-26-17_10-37-33 PM

Froots: And I was like OMG…they just took my pics down!  It was private and censor fruit!

Haids: I know girl…and it was all for ART pffff  EA…

03-26-17_10-37-43 PM

The End – That’s our first installment.

We’ll see if it goes anywhere.  Thanks for taking a peek at my fun!

I’m seriously considering an 8 BR penthouse (if it’s even possible) and ‘Movin on up…’

I may play this a bit like a challenge though and make us earn our money.  We’ll see.

Bye for now B*tches!


25 thoughts on “SimSelfs In the City

    • HAHA – that’s actually almost completely default furnishings for that apartment. I did do a bit of construction and decor though (had to make a 4 BR out of only 3). Yes…for now – if someone else comes they are hopping in your room!! But for now yes – Queen Pix gets her own room.

      I could redo a bit since that room is larger – and put SDS in with Pix and give SimCat her own room since she has no view.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I feel guilty with a gorgeous view and you and SDS with a closet! Definitely need our own rooms. I don’t like sleeping with earplugs. (Haids looked guilty when we talked about snoring!)

    This was so funny! I can’t wait to see all the antics!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OMG this is hilarious! And that lady in red needs to put on some pants. BLINDING SKIN.

    I love that me and Froots are rooming together, though that hussy Haids better keep her hands off my woman. And everyone loves Pammie, apparently! I can’t blame them. ❤

    I really love that apartment. It's like we're all being kept in reserve there for a Top Model or Bachelor competition. But who would be the bachelor we're all fighting for???

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh my gosh, Cat, this is wonderful! 😀 It was so entertaining to see all of us reacting in our various ways, hahahah! And hey, SimCat and SDS have a cute room! Heck the view, it’s pretty regardless. 🙂

    Sooooo excited to see what happens next! ❤ you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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