Whittaker – House 001 Land Grant Email

A/N: This is the email that Graham sent to the Government Organization and their reply.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am Graham Whittaker and have one of the Oasis Springs Land Grants. I have lived on this property for nearly 20 years now. I have kept up my part of the bargain and even have achieved and exceeded the initial requirements for the house.

The house value is well over 30K Simoleans and is a 3 Bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms.

I’m writing to discuss the clause that allows the Government to change the contract at will. I am extremely unsatisfied with the fact that all of my future heirs will have to continue this contract long after I’m gone. I was young and foolish when I made the agreement. Please don’t hold my son and any of his future children responsible for my mistake.

Can we please reach an agreement. Thank you for considering this,

Graham Whittaker

Mr. Whittaker,

Thank you for your time writing the Government Property Rebuilding Organization. We take your request very seriously. However, as you know, the Land Grants were given free with the expectation that any changes to the contract would be honored. You were given the parcel of land with the expectation that you would help rebuild the towns. We fulfilled our end of the bargain. We even agreed to only change the contract once per generation.

Pray we don’t alter it any further. At the current time, your request for the contract to be changed is denied. The project for rebuilding the towns hadn’t taken off as we had hoped, now it’s up to the current land holders to motivate their children to carry the torch.

Have a pleasant day.

Mrs. C. S. Haner

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