Challenge credited to Rainydayz179 on the Sims 4 Forums

Per her statement on the challenge information:

This challenge was created based on the hundreds of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels I’ve read. I had thought of doing a vampire legacy but that idea went out the window pretty fast since they’re immortal. I wanted to find a way to do several generations in an immortal family. This is the result.

Visit Rainydayz179’s blog to read the entire list of rules.

My thoughts on the Coven Challenge:

  • It’s a legacy challenge of sorts, as you are going to have several generations and overall coven goals to complete for the challenge including aspirations.  Not every new generation of the coven will come from a single founder though.
  • It’s a story telling vehicle.  There are dramatic elements built right into the rules, like vying for power within the coven and challenging the leader for control of the coven.
  • There will be some deaths.  One of the punishments for challenging the leader but not winning the fight is death by burning in the sun.
  • Your coven will be constantly morphing.  Some vampires will succumb to despair and want to return to a mortal life, some vampires will fall in love with a human and decide to cure their vampirism thus leaving the coven as well.

I am very excited to begin my Coven Challenge with my little family of vampires I have created.  I’m very grateful to Rainydayz179 for creating an alternative to the legacy challenge that we can all use to begin our own immortal legacy type story.

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Current Coven Challenge:

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