BtB: 06 – Accusations!

Elizabeth was in the middle of painting when there was a timid knock at the door.


“Well, hell, I’m never going to get this finished, and the collector wanted it yesterday!”

She crossed the small living space and opened the door.


“Naoki! What a lovely surprise!” she exclaimed at the library assistant.

‘Just great, why the hell is he here this late?’ she thought with annoyance.

“Umm, Liz, yeah.  Can I come in?” Naoki stammered nervously.

“Of course Pet!”

Elizabeth showed him into her home and then turned on him suddenly.  “Wait a minute Naoki! How did you know where I lived?”


“I looked up your address on your library card application,” Naoki said truthfully.

“Oh, resourceful.”

“Yeah, so Liz, I saw you with Mr. Phan the other night at the library.”

“What?” Elizabeth laughed lightly.  “What are you talking about?  That we talked?  That we exchanged phone numbers…”

“I saw you bite him!” he blurted out cutting her off.



Elizabeth looked truly shocked.  ‘Well shit, I guess I wasn’t alone!’ was her first thought.


Then her thoughts jumped immediately to Vladislaus’ words:

‘Very well Miss Stafford.  If the human comes to you and informs you they know of our existence and agrees, with absolutely no coercion from you, to be fed upon. Then, and only then, behind closed doors with curtains drawn will I relax my directive.’

“Naoki, come and sit down,” Elizabeth smiled warmly.  It was terribly difficult not to use her breath to intoxicate him but she must at least attempt to play by the rules.


“Ummm, no thanks,” he said with a slight tremor in his voice.

“Come now, we’re friends you and I!”

“You bit Mr. Phan didn’t you!  You said last week you were looking up Vampire Britanica as a joke!  You are a vampire…” he said the last bit just above a whisper.

Elizabeth hung her head.  “I am.”  She waited to see what he would do next.  Her muscles tensed ready to pursue him if necessary.  “I am sorry you had to see your boss that way Naoki.  Will it help if I tell you that he liked it after a few minutes?  Trust me, he really liked it,” she said wryly.


The young man seemed on the edge of leaving, but curiosity seemed to get the better of him.  “But why did he like it?  He seemed out of it after you left when he finally woke up.”

“Well, let’s just put it this way, when a vampire feeds on a human it’s a very personal connection.  The sharing of life blood like that.  Well…,” Elizabeth said and felt a small amount of embarrassment.


“There also are studies that have said there may be of a bit of a pheromone type property in a vampire’s saliva.  It’s certainly not always the case, but sometimes if the match is perfect … Well, said bluntly, it can be quite erotic if I’m being honest.  Mr. Phan was feeling all of my enjoyment and it made it’s way through the connection to him.  Sometimes humans become addicted to the feeling.  They really enjoy the process.”

“Could I try it?” Naoki asked nervously.  “Well, wait,” he stopped and thought.  “Does it hurt?”


“I’ve heard that it feels like a shot at your doctor at first, but then the serum that I secrete from my saliva numbs the wound and causes the blood to not clot.  That makes it relatively painless.”

“Not to clot?  What?  Like mosquitoes?”

“Well, I’d like to think I’m much prettier than a mosquito, but yes, the anti-coagulant in my saliva…”

“That could turn me on?” Naoki said in a slightly dreamy way.

“You may not get the same affect.  Some humans don’t enjoy the process though I’ve never known anyone to be traumatized by the experience.”

“I think I would like to try now.”

“Are you certain, even knowing you may not have the same experience Alfred had?”


“Yes, I want to try it.  I would like you to be my first Vampire Liz.”

Elizabeth drew the curtains and then swirled into her dark form.

“Woah! Do all vampires look like you?”


“Not all, but this is pretty common.” she said absently, all business now that she was ready to feed.  Her mouth began pooling with saliva in anticipation.  “Now, are you ready?”

Naoki closed his eyes and nodded.

Elizabeth flicked out her fangs and held the man firmly.  “Relax,” she said right before she sank her fangs into his neck.


After she had drank a bit, but not enough to really slow his heart, Elizabeth pulled back.  She felt none of the same feelings she had felt with Alfred and while Naoki had sweet, pleasant, and satisfying blood, there were none of the extreme sensations she had felt previously with the head librarian.

“That wasn’t bad,” Naoki said a bit dreamily.  “I didn’t feel anything particularly romantic though.”  he didn’t bother to hide his disappointment.

Elizabeth nicked her thumb against a fang to draw blood and gently stroked Naoki’s wounds.  “This will stop the bleeding.”  Then she hid her dark form.

“That feels nice.” he said as she finished massaging his neck.

Elizabeth looked carefully at the barely visible scars and nodded as if coming to a decision.  “Naoki, like I said, not every vampire reacts the same way with every human.  Every situation is different.”


“Yeah, I just wish I had felt what Mr. Phan felt.  He seemed so happy when he woke.” he kicked the air in front of him.

“Did he then?” Elizabeth was intrigued.

“Yep, he talked about the beautiful and sexy dream he’d had.”

“Interesting,” Elizabeth mused.  “Naoki, I have a bunch of vampires that will be coming over here to stay with me.  I’m building my own coven.  My goal is to respect humans and make sure we have permission to feed when we are thirsty.”  She paused to see how this was going over.  Naoki looked curious so she continued.  “Would you like to be the first of my house of humans?”

“Can you only drink from humans?” he asked curiously.

“We can drink these awful little plasma packs but human blood is our preferred way to feed.  Also, there may be another vampire in my coven that does for you what I do not.” she said reminding him of the pleasure that could await him.


“I have a small one room house in Willow Creek I rent.  Where would this house be?”

“Right next door to me.  I will pay all of the bills of course and you’ll want for nothing.  You don’t even have to continue working at the library if you don’t wish.”

“Oh no! I love the library.  But yes.  I think I will take you up on that offer Liz, I’m really anxious to learn more about you.”


“You do have to keep this a secret for now though.  Would you mind having some room mates as time goes on?  I want to have more humans eventually.”

“No, I would love to have some roommates.  As long as they are nice of course.” Naoki smiled.


“Excellent.  I’ll have the place made ready for you by this weekend.”

Naoki looked around Elizabeth’s home.  “As long as it’s better than this dump,” Naoki said laughing.


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    • Well…she is “attempting” to follow the rules anyway – haha. And yes, let’s pretend shall we? Liz is a contrite vampire… Yeaaaaahhh riiigght!! Hee hee, glad her ruse made you laugh.

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