Challenge credited to JoieWilder on the Sims 4 Forums

Per her statement on the Orphan Challenge information

I’ve always loved survival challenges, such as the runaway teen challenge. In my rotational story, the More the Wilder, I actually did one and enjoyed it. However, I also felt it was extremely easy. Part of this was because of the lot I chose. My sim, Marina, had easy access to a park where she could play as a sea monster to raise her fun meter and socialize with the kids. There was a public bathroom where she could relieve her bladder and, if you spammed the interaction, could fully restore her hygiene so I never had to leave her neighborhood at all. I wanted something more difficult. So, I give you the orphan challenge. It’s evolved a lot since I first conceived it with the help of several forum users:@CitizenErased14 @Julyvee94 @Skyfri_Himmel @BabyDollAnne and @Emma-LeeXOXO . This challenge is still in beta because, to my knowledge, I am the only one to have ever completed it, so all feedback is appreciated.

View my Harkins Family in the Orphan Challenge. – Complete 11/12/2016