Blood that Binds – Coven


Meet the current coven for Blood that Binds – the story will change over time and this coven page will update accordingly.  The following may contain spoilers to the story.

Meet our Matriarch for the Coven Challenge.

Elizabeth Stafford


Elizabeth Stafford was born in 1892 in London, England.  She was born into a long established coven.  Elizabeth’s mother was a lover of the Coven Leader, Gabriel, but he was not the girl’s father.  Gabriel refused parentage and even more importantly lineage to Elizabeth and he always seemed to act as if she were a burden to have in the coven.

The Coven was a strict Patriarchy and Gabriel had been in charge for hundred’s of years.  Occasionally vampires would attempt to vie for  power within the Coven, but Gabriel quickly quashed any bids for power or claims to his reign as Coven Patriarch.  He surrounded himself with sycophants that were loyal, strong fighters and most of all knew their place.

Elizabeth learned from her mother, that a powerful vampire lived in another town far away from Gabriel and apparently Elizabeth was related through blood on her father’s side to this powerful Vampire.  Our story begins with Elizabeth making the long journey from the only home she’s ever known, to travel halfway across the world to meet this unknown Count Vladislaus Straud and convince him to let her take up residency in his town and begin the assent to power for herself.

Elizabeth’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Vampire Family
Genius, Romantic, Evil

Gwendolyn Thorne


Gwendolyn, or Gwen as her closer acquaintances call her was sired in the 1920’s.  Her entire life as a vampire was one of being looked over in Gabriel’s coven.  Gwen’s ambition is to be master of her own coven.  She knows that this will never happen in the current coven with the powerful Gabriel and his sycophant’s in charge.  She sees the opportunity to leave with Elizabeth as a way to get the feel of Forgotten Hollow and either eventually jet off and take some vampires with her to establish her own coven….or maybe fight Elizabeth and simply replace her as the Matriarch.

Gwendolyn’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Master Vampire
Hates Children, Perfectionist, Hot-Headed

Duane Foreman


Duane is the scientist of the group.  He’s trying to find a readily available blood source and also find a cure for vampirism.  Not because he doesn’t want to be a vampire any longer, but he understands that this life may have been thrust upon some and he wants to service his brethren in the coven if they choose to make that change.  In my universe ‘plasma packs’ are going to be few and far between.  He sees humans not necessarily as a food source but definitely as a consumable natural resource.  Duane respects humans, but doesn’t want to be friends with them.  He typically sees humans as cruel, greedy, wasteful and unrefined.  He’s been a vampire a long time but is far to consumed with his research to really vie for any power within the coven.  Duane respects Elizabeth’s knowledge and is eager to be able to pursue this career and this alternate food source.  The previous coven under Gabriel was far too mired in the ‘old ways’ to really give him the time, space and resources to pursue his passion project.

Duane’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Nerd Brain
Bookworm, Genius, Neat

Brooke Hensley


Brooke is a shy teen vampire.  She was recently turned.  She grew up with a very protective human family.  They were religious and she always had chaperones wherever she went.  She was turned by accident and has only been part of Gabriel’s coven for about a year.  Elizabeth has been her mentor and Brooke latched onto her early because the older vampire reminded Brooke of a sister she had in her human life.  Elizabeth appears experienced and worldly to Brooke’s young eyes.  Brooke would follow Elizabeth anywhere and really looks up to her.

Brooke’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Bestselling Author
Gloomy, Bookworm

Hudson Bennett


Hudson is relatively happy in the vampire life, he’s really fond of Brooke and can be a bit jealous when he sees her sharing her attention with others.  When Brooke told him she was going to leave when Elizabeth called, he decided to go with her.  Hudson knows Brooke is just a teen, but he’s in love with her.  He’s just barely over a teen himself (18 in human years) so it’s not TOO weird he’s in love with her. Hudson is an active vampire and still loves sporting events from his time as a human.  He has a pretty significant secret, so along with Brooke wanting to go with Elizabeth to Forgotten Hollow, he wants to get away from anyone within Gabriel’s coven who may know the circumstances of his shame.

Hudson’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Mansion Baron
Active, Bro, Jealous

Daisy Chien


Daisy is somewhat gullible.  She’s a very young vampire.  She was turned as a young adult though, not a teen like Brooke.  Elizabeth wanted her to come along as Daisy has turned into a strong fighter.  She and Hudson train together regularly.  Basically Elizabeth has learned to give Daisy a target and she’s willing to fight for her leader.  She’s like a missile.  She’s strong and has plenty of aptitude.  She’s just not really bright and easily lead astray.

Daisy’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Active, Outgoing, Evil

Spencer Kern


Spencer was a teen in the 1990s.  He was born in the ’80s and was (and still is) a slacker.  He is still a bit emo and likes his ’90s emo bands like the Cure, Depeche Mode, etc.  He doesn’t have a ton of ambition and was one of the final choices that Elizabeth had when deciding to ask people to come with her.  Spencer is young and attractive though, which Elizabeth plans to use his appearance to lure in human females to be part of her plan.

Spencer’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Good Vampire
Lazy, Family Oriented, Vegetarian

Stanley Durant


Stanley is a bit neurotic about Gabriel finding out that they are defecting or finding them once they get to Forgotten Hollow to join Elizabeth’s coven.  He is quite the “rules” guy of the group and will follow Count Straud’s strict rules regarding revealing yourself to humans etc.  Stanley really likes being a vampire so he doesn’t want to be forced out of the coven or put to death.  He was a middle age business man when he was turned and has been a vampire for about 10 years now.  Elizabeth actively dislikes Stanley but she asked him to come along because when Stanley overheard Gwen, Duane and Elizabeth planning the defection, Elizabeth was worried Stanley may tell Gabriel.  Elizabeth doesn’t know that Stanley is terrified of Gabriel because he’s seen him stake people in the sun for what appeared to be no crime at all.  He won’t dissuade Elizabeth’s concerns however because he really does want to leave Gabriel’s coven.

Stanley’s Sims 4 Aspiration and Traits:
Fabulously Wealthy
Mean, Slob, Glutton

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