Chapter 01 – A Letter

Dear Mom,

Sophie and I are doing ok.

08-21-16_7-35-54 PM

I’m making sure she gets her homework done every night.  She’s really such a bright little girl.  She’s so much more focused than I was when I was her age.  Her homework is always done in a flash.  I even check it over sometimes thinking that there isn’t any way she could be done that quickly, but the answers are all right, or if it’s not right, it’s just a little correction.  She’s so smart Mom.

08-21-16_1-11-40 PM

I cannot believe it’s already been three months you’ve been gone.  The pain still hits me so hard sometimes I cannot breathe.  I’ll be doing something ordinary and BAM! Like a punch in the gut that you’re not here.  I put on a brave face for Sophie of course, but there are times when I just cannot help it and the sadness presses in and won’t let go.

08-21-16_1-32-03 PM

After you … after… Sophie and I didn’t have anyone.  I was terrified about being separated from her.  With you and Aunt Dee both in the car, we didn’t have any family left.  Of course, Sophie doesn’t understand why we couldn’t contact Dad.  I was actually worried about your restraining order holding now that you …

I was worried about him possibly trying to get to us, but even more, I was worried about our neighbors hearing about the accident and trying to swoop in and help us and as well meaning as they may be, I couldn’t be separated from Sophie, we are the only family each of us has left so I packed us up in the dead of night Mom.  I’m so sorry we weren’t there for the funeral.  I promise though, Sophie and I will return to Willow Creek and visit you and Aunt Dee as soon as I’m an adult and can get legal guardianship of Sophie.  For now, we are hiding and doing the best we can to get by.

08-21-16_12-45-47 PM

I’m trying to make as normal life as I can for Sophie.  She misses you terribly.  I miss you too of course.  I know she understands you’re gone and all we have now is each other, but I feel like that bit of closure is missing for her.  I hope in time she’ll understand why we left in the middle of the night and couldn’t even say goodbye to any friends.

ink is blurry with tear stains but it looks like the letter closes with

I have to end this…Sophie’s hungry.

Your loving daughter, Victoria

08-21-16_1-13-01 PM

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 01 – A Letter

    • Thanks for commenting! Victoria is taking her parenting very seriously and having a traumatic childhood didn’t help matters. But hopefully the girls can make it through! Thanks for the challenge I love it!!

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    • Oh my goodness!!!! CT!! I’m so excited to have you here and reading my little Orphans story! *giddy*

      Thank you so much for the compliment. I was trying to see how little I could say and still drive the point home. I appreciate you stopping by and checking in here with my girls!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is a beautiful, intriguing and appropriately sad start for an interesting challenge! I really liked how naturally you set up the challenge and the characters, and made me feel for the girls right away. I’ll definitely read more! 🙂

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